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The huge sphere

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OvomorphMember6 XPMar-10-2012 2:42 AMIn the new photo of the star map room, in the middle of the whole map, there is a huge sphere. Everything looks like it is orbiting it. I cannot think that it is a planet or moon or anything like that. Everything orbiting looks like its own system. At first, I thought that it was a planet, but when looking at the smaller orbiting "moons or planets", they all look to have a center star in themselves. I do realize that space is so big and vast that it is almost inconceivable to think of. I am curious to see what you all have to say about it. What could be so big?
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You have my sympathy

OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 4:04 AMI dont think it's a star room at all, if you look at the "orbit lines" closely they are made up of what look like cards or tablets and have symbols on them. I believe this room might be a library of DNA or even a mixing facility. These tablets could be orbiting around nuclei rather than suns. I know, its all a guess but hayho.


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 5:41 AMApparently it's called the Orrery, from John Spahits. It was on his Twitter account, I don't use twitter but I did see a screengrab from his Twitter account. or·rer·y/ˈôrərē/ Noun: A mechanical model of the solar system, or of just the sun, earth, and moon, used to represent their relative positions and motions.
[url=][img][/img][/url] "Is it dead this time?" "I dunno, poke it with this stick and see."


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 8:42 AMSome child is born under the wrong sign. According to a very influential religious belief, this child will not be successful, this child MUST not be successful. This boy will bring chaos & imbalance to the world (LOL). When the said child actually succeeds in life, possessing good graces & kind disposition, the shaman & his religion will be proven wrong & invalid. That's why they will make sure the child is ridden with negative thoughts, handicapped intellectually, rendered "unsuccessful" by any conspiratorial means & resources available to them so that the prophesy is true, and they can continuously maintain control through said religion. Does the child deserve this? Can he be allowed at least to function in a different system, a less superstitious system?What if the child is not a moron, socially or intellectually, as the shaman predicts. Would they crash the market to prove to the world that the child is a satan?


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 10:16 AMWTF?

Xeno Origins

OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 12:32 PMI think someone needs a nap!!! Engr101, what are you talking about? And what does it have to do with the «Star Room»?


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 12:35 PMSometimes a strange story has a strange habit of coming true


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 5:01 PMSomeone had pointed out in a past post how similar the map room is to the neutrino photo from CERN. It does make you wonder if the graphic representation is galactic or subatomic. I tried(briefly) to find the post with the neutrino pic, but to no avail. Here is the addy for the pic. Again, someone has posted it before, but it does make you think..
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OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 5:20 PMNrlofetmefan - that was my post. The concept of the infinitesimally small (neutrinos) looking a lot like the infinitesimally large (the universe) just spoke very loudly to me... and when you add in the concept of faster that light travel, it makes perfect M-Theory... [url=]Here is the post with the neutrino pic[/url]

The High Priest

OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 5:36 PMOk firstly engr101 needs to stop snacking on the local mushrooms. His acid fueled rant has a rather sinister undercurrent about it.....


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 5:58 PMAre you saying Peter Weyland is the Antichrist Engr101? :-P
[url=][img][/img][/url] "Is it dead this time?" "I dunno, poke it with this stick and see."


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-10-2012 6:22 PM@nephilim. Right! So what the map room is showing us is all 11 dimensions! After looking at the map room pic a bit closer, I realized it was representing low entropy dynamics interacting with 2 and 5 dimensional membranes! It all makes sense now!! Lol jk, I'm a mason by trade, so as you can imagine, m theory is kind of a stretch for my brain.. ;)
ALL generalizations are WRONG!


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-11-2012 9:22 AMLOL Nrlofetmefan - I read the Wiki on M-Theory and still don't get it! If it allows for faster than light travel then I'll buy that...and here we are in 2012 and we are on the edge of understanding that concept...2023 doesn't seem that far off... PS. Somewhere Engr101 had said that his ID had been that post is not the real Engr101...


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-12-2012 3:18 PMWhat if the sphere in the middle is a "Dyson Sphere"?? A theoretical technology that would enable energy to be drawn from a star itself, which would be an almost limitless form of energy. . . This could explain how the SJ's are so advanced (Terraforming worlds, creating life etc)??

MU-TH-R 182

OvomorphMember0 XPMar-12-2012 7:22 PMI'm new to this site, so I'm sorry if this has already been covered elsewhere, but while everybody has been focused on the star map, hasn't anybody noticed the "organic" contents of the platform? If so, is there a current explanation for them? Either the ship has an organic element to it's construction, or they're being stored and "loaded" for another purpose.


OvomorphMember39 XPMar-12-2012 7:26 PMYou talking about [url=]this[/url] maybe?


OvomorphMember0 XPMar-12-2012 8:08 PMMU-TH-R Welcome! The SJ ship is definitely organic. Which means it is an integral part of the SJ's original mission. I am having doubts that we are looking at a [url=]'star map'[/url]. I now believe we are looking at a DNA synthesis machine being controlled by... [img][/img] and that the results of the DNA synthesis will be put in to the pink globules surrounding the 'control egg chair'. Each globule is a specific biological weapon designed for a specific planet... and the organic nature of the ship is all about fulfilling that mission... How's that?
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