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OvomorphMember6 XP02/9/2012When Cain "saw thousands" of eggs in the ship/chamber/whatever, I wonder if only a few were actually "still alive". In the following picture, there is only a blue haze over one section of all the eggs. Maybe the ship was almost out of power or that chamber was the last working one and the rest where dead. Maybe it shows that the ship was there for a long time. What do you all think? Its a slow time, just bringing topics up for discussion. [img][/img]
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OvomorphMember0 XP02/9/2012I would have to say that is a highly logical explination. I have even noticed that only one section of the storage area was lit up, but never thought to think why? Good thinking!!


XenomorphMember1261 XP02/9/2012Hey BBJ, We have beat this horse to oblivion. But hell I'm game for another chat on it. Dimensionally, the egg cavern doesn't fit inside the derelict, and it is also much warmer than the ship by saying its like the tropics. Regards, Rick


OvomorphMember0 XP02/9/2012Not buying into the location of egg chamber in ground, funny this post is up as Im watching alien as Im typing this, :) am at the part where ash just opened the hatch. anyway, in the egg chamber , the boundary layer is to help keep the eggs moist , notice all the moisture droplits when kane is looking at them., and kane walks along a elevated path, that would be used to look at cargo on either side. plus the opening at the far end to the left, could be a extrusion of the derilict at it end tips externally.....or something poured acid,and it ate a perfectly square hole thru the hull to were the creatures dug down into the planetoid,the surface is rock, lava -based so, its hard, but I just cant follow it that way.....


XenomorphMember1261 XP02/9/2012Since you have the video in slow-mo back to just before the egg opens when Kane is checking it out. Look closely. The water drips UP. Not down.

Ripley Clone 8

OvomorphMember0 XP02/9/2012I've always thought the same thing bigbirdjimmy. Considering the fact that the Space Jockey had been dead a long time, you have to think about how long those eggs have been their? How were they able to sustain themselves for so long. Probably do to the environment from which they were in. Its sure a topic to ponder on. you've just been FACEHUGGED! [img][/img]


OvomorphMember6 XP02/9/2012 @Rick-I looked at the thread titles but didn't see anything like this. Sorry I am bringing it up again. If its not the ship and it feels like the tropics, maybe its in a volcanic lava tube or something like that. I really don't know exactly where this would be, but it would have to be engineered by the space jockey because of the "blue seal", and the neatness of the eggs and egg chambers. Also what are the odds that Kane was lowered into the last working egg chamber. Maybe all the chambers work and the blue haze/seal activate its self when detecting motion. Maybe it activates or "wakes up" the eggs? The eggs could be like insects in deserts around the world here on earth. When it rains after years of being dormant and dried out, they hatch and come to life. They, the aliens, are compared to insects all the time. Who knows.


OvomorphMember0 XP02/10/2012@Rick, the water droplets drip up because of the way the scene was filmed (continuity error) in order for the facehug to spring out realistically they had the egg upside down.... I was also mentioned in a post a few days ago the possibility of the Engineers having technology that grows rooms of the Derelict, which could be a possibility of why the egg chamber appears to be below ground level, i.e. after the crash the egg chamber grows into the surface of the planet.......


OvomorphMember0 XP02/10/2012hey guys! newbie,first real post,awesone to find a great forun with awesone fans like urselfs! anyhow,i always thought the egg chanber size to ratio of derelict bit out of sync,but aybe at the tine of production they didnt realise the sheer inpact the filn wud have,with the anticapation for this and size of following of huge fans/connunitys discussing,etc,that the continuity error of the tine wasnt to big an issue,but with canon/nythology,story wot it is now it becone bit of talking point!? just a thought,,apologise but sone of keyboard broke,that y over use of n!!!!


OvomorphMember26 XP02/10/2012Good point jimmy, haven't seen a post on any Alien forum asking about just one of the recesses being laser-covered. Like some here say, maybe the rest of the eggs died off. Or Roger Daltrey wouldn't let the production steal too much of his 'thunder' as well as his 'lightning'.


OvomorphMember0 XP02/10/2012Welcome! (Great name you have there). That scene always bothered me too, unless the egg chamber is not a part of the derelict, but a cavern underneath it! There are numerous other posts about this topic if you care to look through the lists. You will find a plethora of info. and theories from our extremely versed members!


OvomorphMember0 XP02/10/2012@geekatheus... to you... that was meant... yes? (Ash voice)


OvomorphMember0 XP02/10/2012The wife and I just watched ALIEN a couple weeks ago after a looong time. As for the thin blue light over the eggs that Cain just "happens" to land on... Does anyone else get the impression that the rest of the eggs in the egg chamber are dead? Some even looked knocked over to me. And... Cain's in a spacesuit. The job of a spacesuit is to insulate the occupant so they don't freeze to death within seconds in space. How could he tell it was hot?


FacehuggerMember159 XP02/10/2012db... I watched Alien last night and wondered the same thing. Maybe a considerable amount of condensation formed on his face shield as he was lowered into the chamber. I also noticed that the opening to the chamber in the derelict did not look natural/purposeful. Looked more like acid ate away at the derelict and created the opening. [img][/img] And an interesting angle to the shot of Kane walking on the 'platform' above the eggs. [img][/img]


OvomorphMember0 XP02/10/2012Sure does Membrane. And an SJ is certainly not fitting through that hole. So a chestburster bursts out of the SJ in the chair in the end of Prometheus and pukes acid on the floor and disappears into the hole?


OvomorphMember0 XP02/10/2012I really dont get all this talk about protection.... As a kid and even now having seen the film a billion times, I thought the blue lazer was more of an alert and system than anything else. It does not protect the eggs but it does 'react'.. Tripping a securty wire/lazer comes to mind..


FacehuggerMember159 XP02/10/2012db... or maybe the chestburster bursts out, not entirely killing the SJ, and just before the SJ dies, it manages to kill the chestburster in that spot, leaking acid to eat away the floor. Or as that begs the potential question, "how did the SJ kill it if it's 'fused' with the chair?", then maybe someone (or something) else killed the chestburster and either got off the derelict or died (and being an organic being, there is no longer a trace of it after so many years)?


OvomorphMember0 XP02/10/2012@flacnvinyl: from here - [url=][/url] "The laserdisc supplementary features (recently included on the Alien blu ray anthology) states that the mist was a "sort of biological alarm" meant to alert the slumbering facehuggers that potential incubators were in proximity". That's what I thought too. TM5


OvomorphMember0 XP02/12/2012@flacnvinyl....@T-Minus-Five....I've always felt the same way about the laser membrane, that it's meant to awaken the eggs from a kind of hybernation.....and perhaps, within a certain distance, proximity, it detects movement or presence and turns on at that point.

OvomorphMember0 XP02/12/2012So many theories, so little time. The egg chamber IS part of the ship. The vastness fits to the size of human vs ratio. The platform IS part of the ship. The laser, I suspect for effect in the movie(having given no thought to todays discussion) could be explained as a pre-warning. The SJ race had to periodically check the cargo, hence the mist to keep the eggs dormant. Kane broke the seal and awakened the parasite. However I don't know why the egg he kicked when he fell was not the first to open... Thoughts please.


OvomorphMember81 XP02/12/2012In my mind there are two possibilities. 1. The SJ's were not carrying eggs in their ship. The SJ's happened to come across the Silo/Egg chamber on the planetoid, became interested in what they were and basically as in Alien bought one into their ship and the rest is history with an Alien destroying the SJ crew and the last one standing setting off the beacon before giving birth to another Alien. 2. The SJ's had some relationship with the Xeno species and were using them as some kind of weapon or for some other reason, were farming them on the planetoid within the Silo/Egg chamber. The derelict landed to pick up further supplies and something went wrong.... I think we now accept that the derelict does or is capable of flying in an upright possition. This would mean that the floor of what is called the Egg Chamber would actually be in a vertical possition when in flight. This would be strange dont you think. I could be wrong and knowing Ridley probably am, but having seen the trailer I think either of these possibilities are looking likely.....


OvomorphMember0 XP02/12/2012@Brego I like your opinion regarding the docking orientation of the derelict (as seen in PROMETHEUS trailer) & idea that the egg silo existing on the planetoid surface. If the egg silo is part of the ship why isn't there a more direct route to it. Instead, what we have is an opening which look like it's being eroded by some kind of molecular acid. Something has bursted though it. [img][/img]


OvomorphMember0 XP02/13/2012@BellaisanAlien, that is not correct, check behind alien, special effects movies on youtube (don't know the exact link). They filmed the sequence with the egg upside down only before it opened.


OvomorphMember0 XP02/13/2012I wouldn't assume the upward dripping on the egg is a "continuity error." In the Alien comentary track, Scott actually calls our attention to this subtle but creepy effect. From his tone on the coment track, it sounds intentional.


OvomorphMember0 XP02/13/2012Shooting it upside down so the facehugger would have gravity on it's side and "fall" out and then having the effect of the liquid dripping up, doesn't really bother me. It was probably a "happy accident" that Ridley went with as it added an extra creepiness to the scene.


OvomorphMember81 XP02/13/2012Re updide down egg. In a making of special (Alien Quadrilogy) Ridley says re this scene that he simply wanted the egg to look more creepy and Alien so he shot it upside down. There is actually footage of them shooting with Ridley articulating the facehugger inside the prop egg using his hands... I think this scene is very effective.


OvomorphMember0 XP02/14/2012o.k, how about if the SJ has acidic blood, the chestburster pops out and eats it's way through the floor covered in SJ goo.

Bacon Boy

OvomorphMember0 XP02/15/2012Yea i kinda agree with flacnvinyl... If someone like an SJ I guess, touched the laser or go past it like Kane did, it could alert the others so they could go help the person or something .... Just a thought

Bacon Boy

OvomorphMember0 XP02/15/2012Yea I kinda agree... It could be like a warning, telling everyone "hey, someone is in the egg chamber! Help this guy or there will be a freakin alien infestation!" just a thought... I always did think it was some sort of motion detector or something like that.... Like I said, just a thought...
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