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Smoke from the derelict ship

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OvomorphMember6 XP02/3/2012If this has been covered already sorry. I was watching the trailer again and noticed at the :54 second mark in the trailer, there is smoke, dust, or exhaust coming from the bottom left side of the ship near the ground. It is the overhead view of the ship. Because the clip is so quick, its hard to see. I am just wondering if the ship is taking off, landing, or some sort of explosion. The ship does look like it is leaning to one side as well. Does anyone have any theories on this, or has this been talked about already?
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OvomorphMember0 XP02/3/2012....the ship lean....i think it has been discussed.....not widely tho.....cause I think no one cares.....but to be honest....i don't even wanne go into that subject...I tought the ship landed upright and the eventually fell over on LV 426.......but some people seem to think that their is not just one ship ....and also the planet ?..... maybe it is not LV426?,,,,at this point I am beyond caring....does it really change the premise of the story? U know when u come to sites like this to often.......amazingly and rather miraculously....eventually it becomes boring....yet here I am what does that say about me.....? But enough about me....i have no ****ing clue if the ship is landing or taking of....but it looks like it is crash landing IMO...


OvomorphMember6 XP02/3/2012@Juxtapose I know what you mean. We need some new material to talk about. I think people, myself included, are just trying to keep things rolling. Just to keep things going.


OvomorphMember6 XP02/3/2012I can tell when its slow. Your the first person that really cares to post anything on this. Hope we get something soon.


OvomorphMember0 XP02/3/'s sometimes think....omg i am gonna start this new thread and then when i's been covered already....not that your thread is really that out of place or been debated that much....but I think it has been discussed either directly or indirectly....if it was completely old regularly discussed ****......then Rick would have probably closed your thread by'm not helping much with your theory tho........but their is some clever people on patient....they will Be hopefully more helpful than me!


OvomorphMember6 XP02/3/2012No worries. LOL, Just thought I would put it out there. I am sure every single second of the trailer has been dissected and talked about umpteen times lol.


OvomorphMember0 XP02/3/2012@Juxtapose I hear ya brother!! I think of something to say all the time, then search and find its covered. I hate that they are locking posts.. but whatever. I used to be a moderator for back in the day, and we never locked a post (unless it was an argument, or a flame fest). Usually the forum members would mention that it was covered already and provided a link to the covering post, and the conversation would end there. And if a topic was placed in the wrong section we "the mods" kindly just moved it to the right section, and no one would complain or really even notice. @bigbirdjimmy I am sorry to not really have contributed either here. But I will try to add to it. My guess is that it is right before the scene of the ship falling, and we are starting to see the dust and dirt moving beneath as the ship starts to slowly tip before the big fall. Hope that contributes in some small way :)


OvomorphMember39 XP02/3/2012


OvomorphMember0 XP02/6/2012Back to the initial question, I think it's a cloud of dust kicked up when the ship hits and rolls along the ground.
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