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This is more for Snorky, but anyone is welcome to jump in if they wish. Ok, I have a theory about some things that don't add up from Alien through to Alien3. Corporate Knowledge of the Derelict Signal and possibly the payload is almost a given anymore. Then take in the aspect of Prometheus coming out and how in the hell do you tie in all the Alien Franchise with the movie; the answer is corporate knowledge. Alien - Aliens What doesn't add up, no corp knowledge in Alien? Not a chance: Ash sends corporate the information he was gathering from the facehugger and the xeno. When Special Order 937 comes in and he's put in survey mode to only watch and report what happens. So the Corporation knows about LV-426 and sends in the shake and bake colony in Aliens but the coordinates are smoked with the Nostromo Aliens What doesn't add up here. 1. Bishop: 40 Minutes to crawl down there, 1 hour to patch in and align the antenna, and 50 minutes flight time. Thats 2.5 hours, not a chance, you'll see why. At this time Bishop has already gathered all of the data from his biopsy's of face huggers, and I am sure there were bodies in the morgue that he was examining. 2. Burke: Ok right before the full on assault Burke, where is Burke? I don't think Burke dumped the hugger flasks I will exaplain in detail once I get to Aliens 2.5. We all know he covered it up by shutting off the screen for the camera. Now during the full on assault by the xeno's of operations Burke hauls tail through the corridor and then locks the door and starts heading out like he's going somewhere, hmm...... Now on to Aliens 2.5 The corporation had full blown knowledge of the xeno during the entire movie series Alien - Alien 3, but could never get a live specimen. I think they had a ship tailing the Nostromo to record and analyze what happened once the Nostromo returned from the surface with an infected crew member. Then why wouldn't the company also have a secondary science vessel already in orbit or arriving shortly after the Sulaco? Its there Multi-million dollar atmosphere processor and a multi-million dollar prize for the bio-weapons division, then to send a lowly henchman like Burke, c'mon really? Burke sent them to look for the ship and that was probably to get his cut of some crazy amount of money from one of his superiors. I think there was a science team at Hadley's hope that was in contact with Burke and Bishop this explains the amount of time it takes for Bishop to get the drop ship, why he disappeared with the ship, and why Burke was runnign like he had somewhere to go when the xeno's came. Alot of the idiosyncrancies make sense when you look at it from the perspective that the corporation knew everything from day one. Regards, Rick

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Rick thats really really deep, I love the alien story line, but wow, you gave me some gap fillers here, making me wana buy the paperback and see if theres more in the book then the screen has to offer........the only problem I have with some is that, theres never any communication to any other spacecraft in either movie,both the Nostromo and the sulaco, are on there own due to the long ass trip which puts the crews into hypersleep. I wana believe that these movies follow nothing ever done, let it break new ground,and thats what they did.These fans and I love this site to catch up on this really F00Kn cool sci fi story....Thanks to you and your staff......thumbs up!


Chum, No see thats where if there is a science ship tailing the Nostromo and Special Order 937 makes perfect sense otherwise how would the corporation know about the fullblown Xeno prior and order Ash to protect it and making all other considerations secondary; crew expendable. Think about all the "collating" Ash was doing with MUTHUR. Also if there is a science team (vessel or on the ground or both) at Hadley's Hope then that makes a science team or even some androids raiding the derelict for eggs and planting them in the sub flooring of the Sulaco for continuity and we all know the corporation is evil enough to do it. I don't think anyone buys the Queen planting two eggs on the Sulaco as she was empty handed when exiting the elevator to the platform. Everyone figured the company knew but never knew to what extent anyone one person knew. I bet they had full frontal knowledge of what was going on. A lie that big doesn't need to be hidden, because it's to large to be believed. Regards, Rick


Oh and to add to this. They cover up the Nostromo/Xeno by moving the Narciscuss off course causing her to float all the way through the core systems to the other side and by some dumb luck a deep space salvage crew find it. Ripley was a pilot you would think she would know how to set simple coordinates prior to going into hypersleep, right?


Those are some great plot fillers @Rick and it does give more depth to Aliens, but then again that's the problems I have with Alien 3. It's like each time a sequel was made Fox went and tweaked the logic of what had been established in the prior installment. There was no way the Queen could have laid an egg on the Sulaco! And Bishop certainly didn't plant an egg on the Sulaco, so when did this egg get on there?! Ash I think knew from the beginning since he was placed on the Nostromo right as they left Thedus. He just didn't know when they would intercept the signal, but he knew it was coming the moment after they were awaken from hypersleep and Dallas said Muthur had a "for your eyes only" message. The company certainly set up the shake and bake colony in order for them to be infested , but did they actually think they would be able to corral and in turn make use of dozens of xenos?! Maybe, maybe not, and that's one issue I have with Aliens. As it seemed in ALIEN that both Ash and the company felt confident that the xeno was a nearly indestructible organism, what were their contingency plans for dealing with a mini army of xenos?!


GF, Good timing, I was about to crash. Ok, not so much plot fillers but tie-ins. Lets address these. Eggs on the Sulaco for Alien 3. Easy Fix with a side story going back to Aliens(aka Aliens 2.5). You answered your own question. Company set-up Hadleys Hope to get Infested. Now ask and understand why that decision was made. To study the xeno and gather specimens, plain and simple. It's right in your face but its too big to be believed. Definitely not all but a stray that wanders every now n again. So what do they need to study the xeno's a science team and some formidable defenses or better yet be completely invisible to the xenos. I know they had wireless back in the 80's and you know they had cameras everywhere on the colony. Why couldn't they just montior via camera and see exactly what is going on, which would make them invisible but still be present to see whats going on. (Back to Big Brother Days) I agree with you about Ash being the last second replacement. This is a given that the company knew about the signal. But I really feel Ash was updating the company on the fly in order to get Special Order 937 I don't think it was already just sitting there in the system waiting for Ash. There was also some speculation that Ash had interacted with the xeno as well he kept disappearing throughout the movie. Also when they were approaching the derelict why would Ash really need to go back to the console? Jsust some ideas. Regards, Rick


You know, How do we NOT know that the company isn't ran by skinjobs, throughtout the Alien Franchise. It was discussed in A:R that there was an Android rebellion. Bishop tried to get Riplye to come to teh ship to have the Queen removed. That could be another corporate tie in and give some insight to the companies continuous lack of empathy for human kind throughout the franchise. The androids just don't care. Regards, Rick


Hello, I am following this great site/forum (congratulatoins, for me the best information source on Prometheus on the web!) for quite some time now - now I finally registered. First post, yea! Sorry I, am not a native speaker so forgive me when I am writing mistakes here. I belong to the group that is waiting literally since 30 yrs. now to see another decent movie in the Alien Universe, I do not like anything done after Alien 3. My first viewing af Alien changed my life... This thread here is interesting. I like to add another thought that is keeping me thinking since a long time. For me it has always been clear that the company in Alien always knew that the species they wanted to have an example from is extremely dangerous. Why they know about it doesn't matter, probably Prometheus will give some answers. BUT: Why in the world should Weyland decide on sending a crew to the planet that is so unqualified to reach the mission goals? Ok, one could say Ash should have directed the Nostromo back to earth and the crew only served as a little snack for the creature during the long journey. But why not taking some money and employ some merceneries who can really do the job (or at least have bigger chances) ? Even if the entrie crew except Ash (and Jones, of course - a cat always finds a way of surviving) would have been killed - Ash is not really enough to deal with this creature. And he seems to be aware of that. Even if Weland had a need to hide this mission from the public, a more qualified, better equiped and instructed crew could have also be camouflaged as a regular ship/mission. So I like the way of thinking, that the Nostromo wasn't alone out there. Another ship, another crew may have lurked in the dark behind tghe Nostromo to finish the job but Ripley really screwed it up for them. So in the debriefing the Weyland managemenet decided to built a plant on that planet in order to be able to call the military for help in if something goes wrong, which sooner or late be the case... Just thinking... Regards, Aquila


Okay Rick, here goes... Regards another ship following the Nostromo. One simple question, why bother with the Nostromo. Why not just use the crew of that ship to gather a specimen and freeze it for transport back to Earth. IMO Alien - A company executive picks the Nostromo to be used to gather an Alien specimen from LV-426. Company replaces the science officer with the Ash Synthetic at Thedus. Nostromo leaves Thedus whereupon MU-TH-UR is ordered to make a course change. Passing LV-426 MU-TH-UR picks up SJ signal and awakens the crew. Contract Clause means they must investigate. Ash collates with MU-TH-UR and receives special order 937. All of Ash's actions from 'wake up' prove he was carrying out SO 937. Companies intention was to gather and harness the specimen aboard the Nostromo at the expense of the crew, with Ash being the observer/keeper of the creature. But Ripley fought back and screwed up their plans. The company thought the Nostromo would be enough, but didn't count on Ripleys desire for survival. IMO Aliens - Ripley drifts through space (Lambert was the navigator, Ripley was just a Warrant Officer). Hadleys Hope established with the intention of become hosts. Ripley found, and starts to make a stink. They use her info and transmit the co-ordinates to the colony, colony becomes hive of Aliens. Send in a rookie group of marines (lt. Gorman, Hudson etc.) under the pretense of eradication with Ripley as an advisor - Real plan send Ripley under the idea of eradication to her death with a bunch of green marines. Burke tries to extort the company so he is sent there under the pretense of gathering specimens, unaware he has been sent with the worst marines in history (cool characters but not effective in the slightest). Again Ripleys knack for survival undoes their plans. she not only escapes with the droid, a marine and a survivor, the hive is nuked. Ripley 2 - Company - 0 The company thought the hive would deal with Ripley and Co and leave them with a hive to study and examine. But Ripley screwed them again. Regards another ship following the Sulaco and planting the eggs on board. One simple question, why not just take them eggs home to earth to be studied, why waste them on the crew of the sulaco, they could have just nuked the sulaco. How the eggs got there, I don't know, I don't think anyone does (even Walter Hill who came up with the idea, go figure). but another ship doesn't make sense. If you watch Alien 3, and take note of the company emergency rescue sub-story and you realise all they cared about was gathering a specimen by any means necessary, the last thing they would do is waste such specimens. IMO Regards Snorkelbottom


I disagree completely about Bishop...He had to "Remote Pilot" the ship once he got the satelite up and running again and in an unstable envvironment at that, and not fly it himself until the end of that journey. I say he calculated it all pretty damn perfectly !!! Just my take though! I pretty much agree wiht everything else there.


To me the company was much more blind that what we think ... the start of Aliens is a good explaination ... 1) the company dont even belive Ripley ..its repeated many times that was a personal order from burke to send them to retrive the derelict . 2) if they knew they could have sent their men to rescue a specimen ..not the special marines that is SHOWN that are indipendent from a Company rappresentative (burke) 3) only from the end of Aliens the company is aware of everything , that explain the end of alien3 ( and there they arrive with their troops ..not marines ) 4) If the company was really aware that ripley destroyed their plans WHY they did sent back her along the marines in aliens ?? they are masochistic ??? 5) the many errors and beaviour that ash have ...he seems to not know what to do ... its all a surprise for him too 6) many things are merely to start another movie ( the colony on lv426 to make aliens happen .. the eggs aboard to make Alien 3 start ...) 7) why they didnt eliminate ripley then ? they were so ready to destroy a colony , to sacrifice the nostromo crew and they keep alive one that destroyed their plans ? no way So to me the company become really "evil" at the end of Alien 3 aliens is Burke the evil ..the others are dumb .... in Alien there is simply a radio message picked up by the company and they reroute the nostromo there ...putting ash there to be sure that the order 937 is fullfilled ..but BEWARE "crew expandable" dont mean " crew must die" ..its a "just in case .."


Why is it impossible for the queen to have laid the eggs on the sulaco??? Why do we need another ship to explain the two eggs? If the company wanted to kill Ripley, why not run her over with a car and make it look like an accident? Or better still, jail her for gross negligence and destruction of company assets. Ash was not in real time contact with company chiefs, otherwise so could Dallas. No the distances were just too great. And a secret ship just doesn't make sense because it creates redundancy. These are some rich and creative ideas but a little too conspiratorial and far-fetched as plot points, for my liking anyway. Just my opinion folks.


Ok, seems I have a few people to respond to here. Snorky, Alien: I have a really simple answer. Plausible Deniability and Simple Economics. Why waste an expensive ship and an expensive crew when the Nostromo is a dated tugboat with a ragtag group (Per script details). I don't think they were expecting Ripley to self destruct the ship. Her getting stuck in hypersleep for so long could be any number of things, bad navigation, bad course corrections, spacial anomaly, etc. Aliens: I have to disagree with you on the lack of experience. Hicks, Vasquez, her boyfriend, Frost, and Apone had first hand experience with the way Hicks came right out and asked if it was another bug hunt. This is a total give away that the government albeit with a lot of corporate influence was looking for "bugs" or xeno's. Gorman was the only real total noob on the mission. This was part of the corporate plot. Sparky, I'm not arguing him piloting the ship. That we all know he did. What I'm arguing is the 2.5 hours. How do it take an hour to crawl 140 meters? That's only 420 feet. He patched in and aligned the antenna in less than 5 minutes. I don't recall the ship taking 50 minutes to land with a regular pilot and Bishop is an android so I am sure his reflexes are a lot better. Frantz, That is the thing they knew everything it goes back to Plausible Deniability. There is no way you can go in front of the Interstellar Commerce Commission and your Insurance company in Aliens and say yeah we sent them there to get a specimen and we sent an Android in to protect it. Man the ramifications would be endless. Why do you think Burke debriefed her and acted like he was on her side? She even said they threw her to the wolves when Burke and Gorman came to meet her. To answer your question about Ripley. A Bad Penny always returns, misery loves company, blind dumb luck? This seems to be the theme behind Ripley always having the Xeno's in her life. Thus the company always having a bad penny in Ripley because she always pops up and returns. That part is all blind dumb luck but the company knowing what is up is calculating. Starbeast, When the queen stowed away on the drop ship she was empty handed, no eggs nothing. Watch in slow motion that part of the film. She tore herself off the the slug part of her body that was filled with the eggs so she stopped making them at that point so how else did the eggs get there? Like I mentioned to Frantz, I don't think the company wanted to kill her I think they just wanted to shut her up and discredit her. The story of the xeno's is far to "grand" to believe although in the movie its true. Just like the company conspiracy is far to grand to believe but I would be willing to bet that's how it ties together. Now on to what you mention about redundancy. A large company always has redundancy it builds in consistency. Example; I work for a metal stamping company. We have multiple presses, incase one breaks down we have a back up, we have multiple engineers in case one quits we have a back up. Large corporations on something as big as this will always build redundancy into a plan and then execute it and then if they need to modify it they can on the fly. I'm going to steal a line from Contact. Why build one when you can build two for twice the price? Also everyone loves a good conspiracy story. Especially with corporate despotism and government tie ins. Regards, Rick


Aquila, I over looked your post. I apologize. I believe I answered your question in my response to one of the others. I think it is simply Plausible Deniability. Regards, Rick


Rick, Thanks for your reply. Plausible Deniability: agree. Simple Economics: Hm. It's not good economical thinking to use an unqualified crew with questionable success chances for this task. Calculating it properly means to spent a little more for mercenaries as crew (ship being the same cost) as to reduce the chance of failure and the need to finance another attempt. So either the company totally underestimated the challenge of the mission or made it sure to succeed by having another ship behind the Nostromo to finish the task. And then Ripley unexpectedly beat the Xeno. Damn! ;-) Regards, Aquila


I still think the queen could birth eggs without those appendages... But even if we accept the above theory, it still doesn't explain why the colonists (and all company presence for that matter) had been on the planet for 30 years and not disturbed the Derelict. So either the company is just incompetent or they didn't know. As an aside, the planetoid is only 1200 km IIRC across so how they missed the Derelict consistently for 30 years is a plot hole, I mean wouldn't satellites have mapped the entire surface and spotted the Derelict. But that's another thread.


You see the thing is we are all aware of the conspiracy regards the company wanting to get hold of a Xenomorph specimen, its the underlining sub-story to the entire franchise. But the thing is IMO there is a second conspiracy underlining the first... 1. Why send the Nostromo, and not a science R&D vessel. 2. Why set up Hadleys Hope, and not send a science R&D vessel. 3. Why send the Sulaco, and not a science R&D vessel. 4. Why send a science R&D vessel to Fiorina 161. I have always suspected there is another conspiracy regarding LV-426, that somehow, in someway Weyland-Yutani is prohibited from directly acquiring specimens from the derelict using conventional means, thus they resort to shadowy, underhand means. Only once there was a specimen beyond that system did WY send a science R&D vessel. That is the question that needs answering for me, who or what is not allowing WY to directly acquire xenomorph specimens in a controlled fashion, and more importantly why the prohibition.


[quote]That is the question that needs answering for me, who or what is not allowing WY to directly acquire xenomorph specimens in a controlled fashion, and more importantly why the prohibition.[/quote] Exactly, Snorkelbottom - this would answer my question, too! Cheers, Aquila


Snorks, Thats the whole thing. I say there was one the in each of the movies as a hidden side plot. How else could a science team and a droid be at Fiorina in a couple of days when takes a LONG time to get to Hadley's (Z-R) and Fiorina is right next door? Remember 85 said they'd be here there in a few hours and they were getting responses back from network really really fast. Thats part of the reason I say they had an R&D team at LV-426 to monitor the colony and tail the Sulaco back. Regards, Rick


I get you really feel for this idea Rick but I dont buy it... Why tail the Nostromo/Sulaco, why not just remove them from the equation and send the R&D vessel to LV-426, upon Ripley being found, to gather a shed load of eggs. IMO the R&D vessel in alien 3 arrived quickly because they sent an up to date vessel able to get there quickly as opposed to an old tugboat or aging military vessel.


You guys are all hitting on the core question that is central to ALL the films including Prometheus, which is: How did the company know of the existence of the xenomorph? That is the single most important question that Scott has to answer, and if he doesn't the entire franchise falls apart. It is obvious from the Special Order that the company KNEW the creature was on LV-426, and they knew what the creature could do. Scott must make that bridge or connection from Promethus to Alien. My theory from the beginning of Alien: The Company selects what basically amounts to 6 misfits to run the Nostromo, a commercial vessel that as Parker says this is not in his line of work. Look at your 6 crew members. A captain who is very weak and just wants to go home, he has his moments of authority but really is not strong. A first officer who is to eager to do everything, it is suggested in Aliens from his record that he was a drug user. He leaps without thinking. A navigator who is useless, I love Lambert, but she is useless. Then two misfit engineers. one of which over reacts and is very impulsive and the other who is a couple of IQ points shy of Jonsey. Then you have the only stable crew member who can think clearly..Ripley. Add to that a robot with his own agenda and the company has what it needs to pull this off. Think about it, individually they are a mess...put them together and its a disaster. I honestly do not believe there ever was a signal from the ship. I believe that from Prometheus the company will find out about the creature. Then the derlict is found on LV-426, the same looking derlict from the trailer. Mother fakes a radio signal to the crew, wakes them up and they go investigate. Interesting how after Ripley discovers that it could be a warning, we never hear of the radio signal again. While on the surface of LV-426, Ash does his calculations, all of that data is transmitted back to earth. The company sets up the false colony on Hadley's Hope for a breeding ground for the xenomorphs and you have Aliens. What no one ever brought up was, how far away was the colony from the derlict? How far away was the "outer ring" as the employee said. We all assumed that the ship was destroyed with the colony, but as Bishop said the blast radius of 30 miles may not have been enough to destroy the derlict. Anyway the company knew all along what was going on, Scott needs to let us know, how the company knew it.


well i think the signal was sent by the remaining survivour of prometheus that could be david or shaw before they are destroyed in a chest bursting sequence inside the jockey suit or possibly the blue guy we assume is the engineer/or affected crew member.


Ok....there's so much to address here, it's hard to know where to start so I think I'll come at it sideways and hope it sticks.... We're reading way too far into all of this...there's nothing wrong with exercising a little imagination, but we're allowing it to run away with us here.... Snorky asked a question that I think answers, in itself, the conspiratorial mess we're all so curious about....and to your original idea @Rick, I'm sorry, but I can't buy it because it's way too involved and it creates far too many holes to fill itsel;f....back to Snorky; here's what he or she posted: "That is the question that needs answering for me, who or what is not allowing WY to directly acquire xenomorph specimens in a controlled fashion, and more importantly why the prohibition?" Now I'll answer Snorky's question with Rick's own words: "There is no way you can go in front of the Interstellar Commerce Commission and your Insurance company in Aliens and say yeah we sent them there to get a specimen and we sent an Android in to protect it. Man the ramifications would be endless." This is all a bit simpler than we're making it out to be. 1 - The Interstellar Commerce Commission's rules and regulations would force the company to approach aquiring any thing like the xeno in a less than straight forward manner. Its Customs regulations would prohibit the trafficing of a hostile organism like that. Having the tug Nostromo investigate rather than an R&D vessel would allow them the chance to "bring back lifeform", as the order suggests, under the radar; smuggled by Ash. Sending an R&D vessel complicates things for the Company with the ICC. Besides, the Nostromo is on its return journey to Earth. Why send a ghost vessel to go all the way out and back with the Nostromo or have it wait for them there at Zeta II Reticuli? They could just land and investigate themselves anyway. And what about the Nostromo is cheap or expendable? That massive vessel, plus the 20,000,000 tons of payload that could be lost? 2 - Whatever happens in 'Prometheus', the Company knows something is out there. Whatever that something is, they're not exactly sure where it is or they would have sent another ship to investigate in the years between 'Prometheus' and 'Alien'. 10 months from Zeta II Reticuli to Earth is a short enough period to warrant something happening between films IF THEY KNEW the exact follows that they don't know an exact location, but it's possible they know a general location or quadrant of space in which the events of 'Prometheus' take place. 3 - Why insert the corporate spy Ash at the last second?....very curious....In 'Aliens', Burke states that "we always have a synthetic on board". It's possible that the insertion of Ash is a covert, company wide roll out of this policy and without the knowledge of its crews; synthetics on every ship to protect company interests, whatever they may be. Also, having a general knowledge of where to look would justify the placement of Ash with the understanding that were any contact made with a '"signal" or evidence of an exact location, Ash would be in a position to act. This also suggests that the clause in the contract, forcing them to investigate "any signals of possible intelligent origin", exists with the Company's assumption that they will eventually be in a position to "hear or pick up" something, a signal...anything at all. 4 - If they did know exactly where to look, then the colonists of Hadley's Hope would have been sent to investigate a Hell of a lot sooner than 30 years in a terraforming project. And if they knew exactly where to look, it certainly doesn't make sense that it would have happened right after Ripley's discovered, right after she gives her depostion and is swept under the rug. It follows that Burke is aware of the corporate secret of "Special Order 937", and now that he knows exactly where to look, thanks to Ripley, he has the colonists look at that particular grid referrence, because he sees $ signs. And also, why would they set up a colony, that massive atmospheric processor and the whole rest of the place just to have it be a rat maze for the infestation of xenos? It's illogical and financially irresponsible. Besides, Burke freaks out when they suggest nuking the site, and not just because of the "new species", but because of the "substantial dollar value" of that piece of machinery; which is the first point he leads with in his objection. 5 - Bishop as spy doesn't track either. If it did, he never would have come back for Ripley and the rest of them once he had the drop ship. He has in his memory, plenty of information about what happened and what he examined in the lab; and knowing that the place is going to blow, there's no reason to go back for anyone, especially the one person in the universe Hell bent on wiping out the xenos that has the balls to stand up to the Company. As to the time alotment he gives himself to bring down the drop ship...Let's see you crawl 140 yards in a pipe that size in under an hour....the 5 minutes to link up?....It's called movie magic or in this case, elapsed time? the 2.5 hours as whole only happens in less than half an hour screen time. It's a pointless nit-pick to suggest he's shaving time on his estimation for sinister reasons. And outside of all of that...with everything he does and everything he says, betrayal is totally out of character for Bishop in this film and would be the greatest covert portrayal in cinema, if it were true. 6 - The marines are not Company agents themselves. They're there as a response by ICC to the loss of communication with the colony having occured chronologically with Ripley's rescue and warning about the xeno. Let's not forget, her deposition is not solely in front of Company have Company suits, of course, but also ICC agents, insurance reps. and reps. from the Colonial Administration. In light of the timing, they sent marines in to check it out. The Company would be beyond stupid to send a second vessel behind the Sulaco, a government vessel on joint goverment/company/ICC mission. ------------ At the end of the day, if the Company knew exactly where to look, all of the details you refer to, then 'Alien' and, to a much greater extent, 'Aliens' would be so full of plot holes that I think it would be depressingly diffuclt to salvage either in any respectable, reasonable way. All suspension of disbelief in terms plot viability is gone...they would both come off as ridiculous stories.


Also....with such an involved comapny you've laid out here...why would they ever invite Ripley to come along? That makes absolutely no sense....AT ALL.


@ craigamore - as usual everything that you say makes sense bar one thing, didn't Burke say that Weyland-Yutani had 'influence' throughout the 'board' such as seats on the ICC, funding the USCMC, co-funding the ESCA and their 'shake and bake' colonies across 300 surveyed worlds with their own manufactured atmosphere processors. Surely they have done this, not only for the power and influence it allows, but also to allow unseen passage of any required specimens they manage to obtain. I find it difficult to believe that WY would be part of the mechanism that prevents them from attaining their goal. P.S. I is a he my friend


True Snorky....but even with that influence, I get the sense that there's still enough governmental control in place to prevent trafficing of something like that easy....either way, some official customs barrier has to be in place for these plot points to make know?


And thanks Snorky...glad to know I make sense to someone other than myself....


Craig, I think we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. You did bring up some good points though. I think the company would micromanage this from the top down and would be that deeply involved. I've had a little bit of time to mull over some information. 1. Communication: Takes 2 wks. (1wk to and 1 wk back LV-426 to Earth Round trip 57 years post Alien) 2. Ash replaced 4 days prior to Nostromo leaving Thedus 3. Since the xeno smoked the crew in 24hrs. (per Ripley in Aliens) 4. SO 937 had to have been a. already in place based on significant knowledge from prometheus and about the xeno b. tailing ship to give Ash orders (why else collate with MUTHUR?) Number 4 pretty much clinches this for me. The company knew from beginning to end. If the Special Order was already there then the company had to have known about the alien and what was aboard the derelict and thus needs to be hands on. If the SO came in during Ash's study and transmission of information to Network (or Corp) then there would be no way for Ash to receive information since everything on the Nostromo took place inside 24hours if there wasn't a ship tailing to transmit orders back to him from someone that was in charge. Its one or the other, but the bottom line is they knew and were hands on. On the conspiracy and corp knowledge would tie all the alien franchise together which is what I thought Ridley was planning on doing with the prequel. The corporation is the only common element that will be present through all of the movies. Ripley isn't born yet, xeno's aren't present in prometheus (not as we know them anyways), Droids ARE present that could be a tie into Bladerunner since I recall someone saying Ridley wants to tie those universes together. Could be xeno DNA that helps reprogram the age barrier with the replicants. (That's just a possible theory, not real conjecture). Anyways just some half inebriated thinking outloud. Regards, Rick


MemberOvomorphApr-23-2012 8:10 PM
special order 937 is a prime number


MemberOvomorphApr-25-2012 6:10 PM
GREAT discussion...whoever linked this, tyvm...really good ideas and fun reading in here.


MemberPraetorianApr-04-2017 3:28 PM

EXCELLENT analysis of the gaps and such!! I've been loosely pondering some of those points for a long time, but never with the incisiveness you did!

Also, I doubt W-Y is the only Corporation/Interest that wants to get ahold of a Xeno, if the Bioweapons market is that hot, there'll be more than a few players.





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This website provides the latest information, news, rumors and scoops on the Alien: Romulus movie and Alien TV series for FX! Get the latest news on the Alien prequels, sequels, spin-offs and more. Alien movie, game and TV series news is provided and maintained by fans of the Alien film franchise. This site is not affiliated with 20th Century Studios, FX, Hulu, Disney or any of their respective owners.

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