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ALIEN on FILM4 in UK 11PM GMT tonight

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OvomorphMember1 XP01/28/2012For anybody in the UK, let's synchronously watch ALIEN tonight on FILM4 at 11PM GMT. It's on after PREDATOR! Sorry to my brethren worldwide!
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OvomorphMember1 XP01/28/2012You've got 25 minutes to grab some popcorn and a soda.


OvomorphMember1 XP01/28/2012Sorry, I could have just set my status to this instead of creating a thread. My bad.


OvomorphMember0 XP01/29/2012I found it by accident surfing for something to watch!!!! Bonus! They still don't spend enough time searching the derelict for my liking!!! then again does it beg the question,Has humanity has encountered a lot of alien culture in that future to dismiss it out of hand? Then again I think Ridley likes to maintain a certain pace to his movies and not get too bogged down in details!!!


OvomorphMember1 XP01/29/2012wheresbasky?, yeah for the first time, I was watching it from an over-zealous analytical point of view (due to all the intricate discussions on here), and unfortunately, similar questions were running through my head. 1. Would you not survey the entire perimeter of the Derelict before you decide to embark inside? Perhaps report back to the Lander since radio contact broke down and develop a new plan given the new information. 2. "Oh look, it's a space jockey with hole in it's chest, anyway look at that hole in the ground, it's much more interesting". Of course, I'm paraphrasing but essentially that's what happened, not enough awe and thunder around discovery of the space jockey itself. But you're probably right, Ridley needed to keep the pace. 3. As previously debated on this forum, the eggs chamber is VAST. I mean huge! There is a shot of Kane descending and you can see the background going on and on and round the corner - which means it can't be inside the Derelict (unless it's like a TARDIS). But this contradicts Ridley's assertions that the Derelict "was a bomber" carrying the eggs. The scene actually supports the idea that it was actually a chamber beneath the Derelict, as many on this forum have proposed. 4. As you say wherebasky?, casual and lax security and attention to biohazard while attending to Kane in the infirmary. I mean fair enough, it's a towing rig, not an operating theatre, but there seems to be no concern that the facehugger may detach and attack another person. Ripley enters casually to talk to Ash while Kane and the facehugger rest behind them! 5. I will allow the fact that quarantine policy was undermined because it was part of the plot but surely you might send a second expedition to conclude their investigation and even get info on how to help Kane. But again, this would affect plot line. But hey, I don't think I could have improved on Ridley's version. I'm just nit-picking with my new-found analytical brain. Lol. I got to say, I love the egg chamber, it is immense and I wish (as it indeed looks) not on the Derelict itself but underground in a cavernous Alien world. But Ridley has already stated the eggs are onboard the Derelict. Oh well. EDIT: Getting to the point, all this could be explained away with the assumption that discovery of new alien species is a common thing and therefore there is a sense of apathy and lack of wonder around discovery of new aliens.


OvomorphMember0 XP01/29/2012Just spent ages typing out some guff about colonial marine encountering Xeno's and the lack of awe at the derelict and the way we used to take movies at face value and I don't know where it went??? I'm not doing it again!!!


OvomorphMember0 XP01/29/2012Hi, I always wondered that too. The egg chamber is far too large to be part of the derelict and I though that it had been there many hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years and that whatever had burst out of the sj had gone on to create that huge chamber under the derelict. I always had the feeling there was perhaps something else living in there but we just didnt get to see it. Probably flawed, but just my opinion.


OvomorphMember0 XP01/29/2012Trouble is!! in the olden days you could free wheel a bit more with your story line,as we would readily accept what we saw on the screen as long as the plot moved along at the right pace for the movie and would want to know what happens next!! as the alien was the story and not the derelict. no internet either, you would spend a couple of pints down the pub with a few like minded mates,discussing the minutia of a movie and maybe bring up the issues raised here then forget about it after closing time!!! I think Ridley has realised that It's time to to tell the derelicts story as he May have mentioned in interview that there is a story to tell!! also might be fed up of fans hounding him to tell the tale!! The internet makes it impossible to leave gaping holes in your story line these days as people like us are ready to jump on it!!! we have become to savvy to just enjoy the magic any more!!!


OvomorphMember0 XP01/29/2012ok, so after wathcing ALIEN last night, afew thoughts popped into mind like many have done to all of us it seems... in accordance with prometheus. One qustion i thought of, and i wouldnt mind having answered was (and i know it may have been raised before): Did the company already know of the aliens, since Ash had a hidden agenda and mission, which you find out towards the end, about the "new lifeform" and the planet itself, i couldnt help thinking it was hinted that the company knew of it (Which prometheus may try and explain). Or is it common practice to have any recently discovered new life forms brought back to be analysed?


OvomorphMember0 XP01/29/2012There seems to be a theme within Alien and Aliens with the company at the center of it, Dallas mentions that his regular science officer was replaced two days before departing for earth by Ash. also in Aliens the marines regular commanding officer was replaced by a less experienced commander before they shipped out!!! Here's the thing though the company must have surveyed LV 429 for terraforming and then totally missed the derelict!!! or did they have an ulterior motive to terraform and kept the colonist in the dark? I think they have been aware of the alien,probably as a result of events in prometheus movie?? we can but wait in eager anticipation!!!


OvomorphMember1 XP01/29/2012EDIT: sorry for my irritatingly long posts... @indexia, no that's a great plot theory in itself: perhaps it was a queen alien that departed the chest of the space jockey and then proceeded to create the chamber and lay eggs. The only real hole is that it seems a lot of work for one individual. But Ridley doesn't take kindly to the queen notion. So maybe all those eggs are cocoons of the indigenous alien population of the planetoid. Who knows, but either way, I think we agree the egg chamber should be separate to the Derelict itself. Actually, I just thought: what if the egg chamber is indeed separate but it is basically a cargo loading bay used to load up the Derelict. This would satisfy Ridley's assertion that the Derelict was a bomber and our desire for the egg chamber to be detached from the Derelict. @wherebasky? @humanityFTW, having just refreshed our memory, we know Dallas tells Ripley that Ash was a replacement 2 days before leaving Thedus for Earth. Suggesting that the company did indeed know about something. In fact, the confidential message for science officer eyes-only was "bring back organism". So, assuming Ash wasn't in radio contact with the Company (because the distance doesn't allow realtime communication) they must have known about some organism before Alien even happened. But then why did they wait for these truckers to 'drive past' so-to-speak - why not send a special team? Completely agree wheresbasky?, in Aliens, they're on LV-426 for "30 years" and strangely they haven't surveyed a planetoid 1200 mi/km wide/round (forgot already). Satellite surveyors like on Mars were not around at the time of the film's inception, but it's a sci-fi film for crying out loud. Sounds like a plot hole to me. HumanityFTW, surely they would have detected the warning signal when they returned to LV-426? Whether they returned in search of the Prometheus or for unrelated terraforming reasons. Just doesn't make sense for the Derelict not to be refound well before Ripley was refound. This is probably why Ridley has distanced himself and Prometheus from everything that followed Alien. So really we should completely ignore Aliens, Alien 3, Alien: Resurection, and if you hadn't anyway, AvP and AvP:R.
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