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Ok so what is up with Guy Pierce in Prometheus?

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OvomorphMember0 XP01/13/2012So does anybody know what is going on with the role Guy Pierce has in Prometheus? It just seems like there is a big mystery behind his role. Any ideas?
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OvomorphMember72 XP01/14/2012it does look a bit like Guy is the Screaming guy in the Trailer. It would be strange if Guy would have a small part in the Movie, i thought since Memento and Coffee and Cigarettes he has earned to have a proper Role


OvomorphMember0 XP01/14/2012i don't know how large or important his role will be, but i hope it's a brief one, and his character dies a horrible and painful death i HATE Guy Pierce.


OvomorphMember0 XP01/14/2012Guy is not all that popular. He was sailing a decent ship for a bit but bad movies led to what seems a lesser demand for him. His role in The Road was very small, albeit pivotal. Hate is a very strong word.


OvomorphMember0 XP01/14/2012i think Guy Pearce is by far the best actor of the bunch with Fassbender ...hes quite a rising star in holliwood and in this year he will do alot of movies . He had a big chance in his careeer after LA Confidential and PRiscilla but he decided to move to LA and remained in Australian near his Wife , his sister with big problems and his beloved cats . He did not run into very successful movies ,even if his acting was always excellent , like in Ravenous , Montecristo , Houdini , The Time Machine , first snow ...and in the cult movies Memento and The Proposition But luck changed in this last years and he did become a rising star with acclaiment interpretations ( even if sometimes brief ) in Animal Kindom , the king Speach , the hurt locker , mildred pearce , the traitor , dont be afrai of dark ... hes finally getting the recognition he deserve and this year he will be in almost 4 mainstream movies like Prometheus , The wettest country , jack irish and MS:One this is the only image in which we think we are sure to see him [img][/img]


OvomorphMember0 XP01/14/2012I read somewhere that Guy Pearce has been filming Prometheus mainly in 'heavy prosthetics', so I guess he mutates at some stage. If some of the leaks are true looks like nearly all of them do, but possibly jusy the Males?? I wander if that is just a coincidence??


OvomorphMember0 XP01/16/2012Cant understand the hate for guy pierce he's a very good actor and very underrated . Everything i have seen him in has been quality or highly entertaining .


OvomorphMember0 XPJun-15-2012 12:37 PMI think its kinda like the same concept with bishop weyland, they wanna get him preped up for a prequel, or sequel. In ALIEN he is a fairly young synthetic, and in AVP he is a grumpy old man. Becos end of the day they are zagillionaires n it makes sense for their company to built synthetic out of them, or even so tht for the film producer to cast his character to appear again n again Additional thought, in the film vickers quoted "every king has his reign and then he dies". I think we're gonna b seeing alot Guy aka Weyland doin alot of dirty stuff to get his hands on this bioweapon! Yoo hooo a sequel is on its way!!!
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