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New Theron Comment is a "Doozie".

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On December 23rd, 9 days ago, "TotalFilm" interviewed Charleze Theron and asked her a very interesting question noone had asked her yet regarding Prometheus... TotalFilm: Are Xenomorphs bursting through chests in Prometheus? Her interesting reply...?... Theron: “Maybe! I mean if you’re a Ridley Scott fan and you love the genre, then you’re going to be happy. You’re going to be very, very happy.”
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Xenomorph 54

That's a really good new... I never thought that prometheus was was so connected to Alien...
Have you heard of phoenix asteroids? They glow in every color of the rainbow...they travel endlessly through space...

Ghost Solitare

I'm going to be happy anyway. I've been wanting to revisit this genre for years now. No not AVP, Ridley's universe. His vision is unblemished by the franchise's need to amp up the military action to the point where it becomes Rambo VS Xenomoph ACID BLOOD PT IX

Ghost Solitare

and WTF I saw all those damn ads on the thread from this morning. Wow what happened?


Me too "Ghost", Great point and I hope you had a pleasant new Years eve. I noticed it this morning, Looks to me like spammer hit the site and tried to highjack some traffic by blasting it with adds for his own interests. Pretty sure BugHunter should have a back end app that allows him to delete them all as spam...and depending how good it is he may be able to do it all in one stroke with what is commonly known as a "batch command", I am sure in a few hours or days it'll all be gone. Best Regards man Missed ya!

Micro changes in air density

I got the impression also from early on that Theron was a plastic. But having seen the trailer no way


in another site they put it a bit in a different way ( but for us makes alot of difference ) ---On whether there’ll be anything in Prometheus to compare to the original’s chest-bursting scene, she cryptically said, “Maybe! I mean if you’re a Ridley Scott fan and you love the genre, then you’re going to be happy. You’re going to be very, very happy.”--- so is not about a chestbusting scene but something of the same visual impact


gotcha makes perfect sense. Tx Frantz P.S. it also sounded similar to comments attributed to her from the comic-con interviews But I checked and the question was asked of her 9 days ago by "TotalFilm".


I remember that one of the very first gossips about the film were about the SJ doing some abomination to humans, like, trying to mate two males. In some scenes of the trailler, we see Rapace in some strange scenes like she´s being impregnated against her will, or giving birth to something. I think that´s what Theron must be alluding to.


to be honest ive never read something about the mating of two males :)) ... the only font is Scott speaking about "perverse things" the "gods" do and i think he was referring to DNA manipulation ... even with the giger influence ( while painting murals ) i find the two male thing a bit ...impossible . Im sure there will be some shocking horror but will be a surprise :p


i have Frantz and will try to dig it up for you..."I'll b back" !


Here's the alien harvest script, for those who want to read it: http://dl.dropbox.com


Scott never said anything about it but it was in a fake plot spoiler/script


Miser is is some really usefull stuff... [b] Weyland Yutani Xenomorph Report (LV-665 Specific)[/b] [b]Genetics & Genetic Makeup of Hives X and R[/b] Much work has gone into studying the genetics of the xenomorphs of LV-665, to determine from which species they first gave rise to. Working with xenomorph DNA is difficult, due to its acidic nature, but thanks to increased funding, we were able to examine the creatures' blood. We took samples from the two prominent hives on this planet, the "X" Hive and the "R" Hive. There are many subsidary hives, but these two appear to be the most dominant. From what we know about xenomorph genetics, the DNA sequences of a newborn xenomorph are half determined by the queen's genetics, and half determined by the genetics of the host. This allows for the xenomorphs to assimilate desired genetic traits from other species into its gene pool, for example, the strength of the yautja or dragon, and the intelligence or quick reasoning of a human. The X Hive specimens are black in colour, and stand a little taller than most humans. Their tails tend to be longer than the entire body's height. We obtained a DNA sample from specimen X-194, a male drone. Its host was an adult male human. We know that half of this specimen's DNA will reflect its host; it is the other half we are trying to determine. Based on Weyland Yutani database entries on various alien lifeforms, we were able to determine the geneology of the descendent queens of the X Hive. Using the DNA sample, we can tell that the current queen was born of a human. Tracing the DNA of X-194, we learned that the previous queen was also born of a human host. However, from this point on, human hosts are not evident in the DNA strand. We determined that, aside from the two youngest queens, the DNA shows that Tigoness genetic codes are most prominent, with a small amount of unknown DNA code that we believe came from the original host body for the first queen. The assimilated Tigoness DNA accounts for the longer tails present in this strain. The R Hive specimens are a crimson red colour, and are also slightly taller than humans, but with tails of normal length. Our DNA sample for this strain came from a female drone, specimen R-512. The DNA of this strain is almost entirely Tigoness in nature, although there is a small amount of dragon DNA, which would account for these xenomorph's strange colouring. However, the tail length in the R hive is confusing; because of the long line of Tigoness hosts for the queens, they should have longer tails as well, but they do not. It is believed, then, that the dragon DNA may have influenced genes relating to tail length in this hive. [b]Xenomorph Physical Makeup[/b] The xenomorph, no matter which host it impregnates, has relatively similar features. All xenomorphs possess the inner tongue jaws, a barbed tail, elongated skull, and metallic-looking teeth, and are devoid of eyes. Most xenomorphs are pure black in colour, but variations have been found, depending on the host, and in mutations. The reason for the xenomorph's elongated skull is to aid in sensory perception of its enviroment, due to its lack of eyes. The organs of the senses are located within the skull, with the exception of taste and smell. Along the skull there are multiple receptors that take in senses, the most prominent being the photoreceptors, which tell the creature whether light is present or absent in its enviroment, and it will act accordingly. The xenomorph also secretes pheromones used for communication along the sides of its skull. Because there is no visible ear, scientists believe that xenomorphs may have auditory receptors along the skull as well. Xenomorphs are quite sensitive to touch. They have very few taste receptors inside the mouth, and it is believed the only flavour they can taste is salt. The sense of smell is extremely acute in the xenomorph. Although it does not require oxygen to live, the xenomorph will often inhale deeply to detect scents more acurately. The sense of smell extends beyond that of basic scent detections in xenomorphs. We believe that they can smell, or even visibly see, levels of pheromones given off by other creatures and other xenomorphs. This highly advanced level of smell would give the xenomorph the ability to sense the emotions of other creatures depending on the levels of certain pheromones excreted, such as fear, anger, or apprehension. Xenomorphs have no eyes, or any type of visual organs, so they "see" using a system of echolocation similar to bats or dolphins. The xenomorph emits an electromagnetic pulse that echoes back to it off of objects, thus giving the creature a sense of distance. Because the creatures do not use light as their method of "seeing", they cannot differentiate colours, nor can they see through transparent or opaque objects (such as glass). Interestingly enough, it has been observed that xenomorphs continue to emit regular electromagnetic pulses even when sleeping, or in a hibernated state, so the xenomorph is still aware of its surroundings. The xenomorph can still detect varying levels of light, however. Highly sensitive photoreceptors along a xenomorph's head can detect light, and are used mainly to help the xenomorph remain hidden in areas with the least amount of light as possible. Because the xenomorph is a silicon-based lifeform rather than a carbon-based lifeform, its makeup is quite different than that of any creature on Earth. It is believed that its silicon make-up could contribute to the extraordinary strength of a xenomorph's exoskeleton. The chitinous carapace resembles the resin the xenomorphs excrete in construction of a hive. The exoskeleton is thicker, and thus stronger, in certain places, such as across the ribcage and along the top of the skull, and is thinner around the joints, to contribute to mobility. All xenomorphs possess a tail, as it is vital to the capturing and subduing of potential hosts. The tail is lined with several muscles, causing many xenobiologists to believe it may even be prehensile, although xenomorphs have never been observed using it in such a fasion. The tip of the tail is comprised almost entirely of carapace, forming the sharp, almost bladelike point. The toxic venom used to subdue hosts does not come from the barb of the tail, but rather from the base of the barb. The venom is secreted out and coats the edges of the xenomorph's tail. This is an amazing evolutionary adaption, as the xenomorph does not require to "inject" the venom in any way, only to slash with its tail. The venom has been found to be the most potent in drones, less potent in praetorians, and even less in queens. [b]Reproduction and Sexual Habits of Xenomorphs[/b] One of the most confusing aspects of the xenomorph is its gender. Obviously, the queen is female, although it is believed that she is parthenogenic, not requiring a male to mate with in order to produce eggs. It had long been assumed, then, that the rest of the Hive's xenomorphs would be sterile males, as the presence of another female in the Hive would create tension between the queen and her female drones and praetorians. Others have suggested that the xenomorphs are asexual, but this theory has recently been disproved. We now know that a xenomorph's gender is determined by its host. One of the first aspects determined in a growth embryo is in fact gender. As the embryo feeds off the host's DNA, it translates the sex chromosomes into its own DNA (in the case of humans, X and Y). We believe that a xenomorph's gender has only a slight impact on its behaviours, such as male drones may be more likely to forage for hosts for the Hive, while female drones are more likely to remain in the Hive and tend to the Queen and eggs. However, the neccessity for gender confuses many xenobiologists. It is known that a queen xenomorph usually lays one or more queen eggs early on in its life, and they are placed in a remote location in the Hive, so as to assure the longevity of the Hive should the queen die suddenly or be killed by another creature. However, if all of the queen eggs should also become destroyed, then the survivors of the Hive have the ability to convert a host into an egg. It is believed that one drone can produce a drone egg, and two or more can produce a praetorian egg. In turn, one praetorian can produce a drone or praetorian egg, and two or more can produce a queen egg. The flaw in this theory questions as to why drones and praetorians do not always produce their own eggs. If they were capable of doing so, it would eliminate the need for a queen. The most commonly accepted theory is that the queen xenomorph excretes a particular pheromone that supresses the drones' and praetorians' desire (and perhaps even ability) to create eggs. In the absence of a queen and her pheromone, then, the desire becomes active. The fact that it takes at least two praetorians to produce a viable queen egg is also a topic of interest to xenobiologists. Xenomorphs are completely capable of copulating, although it has never before been observed. If such an act does occur, it occurs deep within the xenomorph Hive. If the creatures do indeed mate, it is not for reproductive purposes, as the queen fulfills that need for the entire Hive. It is now understood that every creature has a desire to propagate its own DNA, so this must be true within the xenomorph Hive. In the creation of a queen's egg, then, it has been suggested that the two praetorians must mate in order for this to happen. The mating itself would not produce the queen egg, but the action may stimulate the xenomorphs into creating an egg containing a queen facehugger. This idea has been recently supported, as similar actions have been observed in parthenogenic lizards on earth, which do not require mating to reproduce, but copulation is performed to stimulate the female to release an already fertilized egg. This system of creating eggs is fascinating, in that an entire Hive can arise from merely one drone. Of course they mate! Xenomorphs are extremely social creatures, and their need to be part of something greater extends beyond the Hive. These creatures are capable of feeling anger, fear, spite... but did you ever stop to wonder if they could feel love? I think it's part of an ingrained biological correlate. After all, the entire Hive was created from hosts that reproduce sexually. Perhaps if they impregnated asexual creatures, it would be different. I'd advise bringing an echinoderm from earth, as there don't seem to be any viable asexual host organisms on this planet... Anyways, mating to reproduce is so ingrained in the xenomorph's hosts, perhaps its just an instinctual thing that they feel they must do in order to perserve themselves as a species. Edit: Your little specimen has indirectly told me more about this subject... Male and female xenomorphs are quite different in terms of their sexual drives. The males are the ones who will seek out a female to mate with. The females never do this, with the exception of the lust created while the queen is mating. The queen mates occasionally with a male. Her eggs are already fertilized, so it is for a psychological reason that they do this. The males of the Hive compete as to whom will get to mate with her. They fight over rights to mate with her, but it is never to the death. It's almost always a praetorian, just because it can overpower any drones. When a male mates with the queen, it drives the entire Hive to mate, most likely because of the sexual energy psychically transmitted throughout the Hive by the queen. It seems that the females are most affected by this, as it is they who seek out the males when the queen is mating. They usually will mate with any male at this time. The ratio of males to females is approximately 1:1, but during these couplings no xenomorph is left out, so two males may share one female, or two females share one male. Mating outside this event is not uncommon either, although in this case, it will be the male who approaches the female with this desire. Some males come to favor a certain female. This becomes obvious when the male grows jealous of another male that wants to mate with his female. The males will fight, and the victor mates with the female. Females don't seem to show much preference as to whom they mate with, although in some occasions they have. I now believe that mating is how the xenomorphs compensate for their individual inabilities. For example, males willingly mate with other praetorian or drone females usually because they have been unable to earn the privledge of mating with the queen. Females mate because they feel inadequate in that they cannot reproduce as the queen does. Do they do it for love? Perhaps.. Another noteworthy fact: females do not usually reject a male's advances. To them, mating is just as natural as eating or hunting for hosts, so there is no reason to supress the urge. Also, xenomorphs prefer to find a rather secluded place to mate, whether in the Hive or out of it, but usually inside the Hive. If other xenomorphs come across two that are mating, they ignore them. [b]Xenomorph Language[/b] Thanks to the splicing of xenomorph DNA with human DNA, much progress has been made in understanding the complex language of the xenomorph. Because of the structure of their tongues, xenomorphs are only capable of speaking a few rudimentary letters, the most obvious being "s" and "h", alth Ok, don't try explaining this. Ever again... Their language consists of an alphabet of some forty different letters. However, the letters are so similar, often when they hiss, we can't even tell the differentiations. They also use pheromones in speech sometimes, to make a point. They are even capable of speaking psychically through the Hive mind. Don't let this fool you, though. This is about the most rudimentary language you'll find. It's overwhelmingly simple, and I'm surprised you couldn't understand it much sooner. The xenos often have a word that will have many different meanings. A good example of this is the word s'khis (pronounced the same phonetically). It's a word they use to describe almost any type of weapon, and the closest translation I can get is that it means "death". Another common word is kssss, which actually means the drone caste. Interestingly enough, they consider the word insulting.. particularily when it is used to describe a praetorian or even a queen, but also any other non-xenomorph. The harder words are the xenomorph's names.. yes, they do have names, in which every creature in the Hive knows a xenomorph's name when it is born. Anyways, queens and praetorians are always pronounced with a very slight pause, which makes me believe that (when writing them in English), you need to put an apostrophe in the name. Drones don't have that. J'lartha is the direct translation of your smart praetorian, x386, and it's pronounced Slhaaa. Also, the word for "queen" is synonymous with the name of the current queen of the Hive. Oh yeah, and they don't have a word for "I". They just say their name in place of I. [b]Xenomorph Psychology[/b] Unfortunately, it is impossible for any of our xenobiologists to understand how a xenomorph might think, aside from its basic instinctual drives. Ruth Winfield, however, has been compiling data on xenomorph psychology that will be published when it is complete. ----------------- BONUS FEATURE [b]HOW TO SURVIVE A XENOMORPH CLOSE ENCOUNTER[/b] simple advice for you: run like hell. It probably won't be enough but at least you can try. I mean, they can run much faster than humans. And sometimes they do some sort of crazy running on the walls and ceiling. They might even come up through the floor too. Not being seen is the next best thing, but those monsters have an exceptional sense of smell, so you'll probably die anyway. You might try to beat it to death, but this will fail in all but making it more angry, maybe even spill some acid blood all over you (Delicious!). Your best bet is to hope Sigourney Weaver comes to save your ass, and that she comes within the next second or two. Shoot it, if can manage to put 329 shotgun shells into the thing, it might die, though you will be dead before you can get the second shot. You can also start praying because Jesus loves everyone (except you). Since a Xenomorph is an evolved form of Grue, You can find a Eurg and put it on the Xenomorph, but this will cause the whole universe to asplode, but at least you killed a xenomorph and a Eurg. Xenomoprhs will run scared from the most repulsive thing in the universe -Adam Duritz from Counting Crows! April Fools! They ate him too (Delicious). But really, you're screwed. Take out a lightsaber or some other sword and cut it in half. it will not be able to eat you but will still get others to eat you. Commit suicide and blow yourself up with it. It might work. They may also eat the pieces leftover. Find a Predator right quick, and maybe, just maybe, if you don't get his knickers in a bunch, he'll let you hide behind him. You could try calling Chuck Norris, Jesus, 52 guys named Jill, some guy that thinks he's that cat thing from Final Fantasy, Bruce Willis, and a monkey or two. However, Chuck Norris has been known to divide Bruce Willis by zero on occasion, and so following this suggestion could cause the universe to asplode. That is, if any of them even care enough about your pansy ass to stop partying and come save you. Following the above suggestion may get you killed. We recommend burying your head in the sand. The above suggestion may get you killed too, especially if your ass is prettier than your face, in which case a Facehugger may decide to facerape your buttocks instead. As such, we recommend painting a likeness of Hillarious Cliton on your ass to prevent any potential incidents of ass-hugging. Use an ArMat M41A 10mm Caseless Pulse Rifle with over-under 30mm grenade launcher.


I did read the alien resurrection script many weeks before the movie was out and was quite enjoyable to read ....that harvest script got me bored after 10 pages i hope is really a fake from Spahis because its terrible .


Frantz, "Alien Harvest" was probably a fan-fic, although it certainly fooled pretty much everyone. As someone on IMDB pointed out, if you take a look at scripts which it's confirmed were written by Spaihts, (Shadow 19 and Passengers), there are subtle differences in the prose which imply that Harvest was a fake. Fortunately! ;)


Frantz. 6 weeks ago, John Spaihts himself, the real one confirmed definitvely that he DID NOT write "Alien Harvest", someone with an agenda did, he also suggested more than likely a failed and disgruntled screen writer who wrote it.


WOW!! So I figured out the best way to cure my insomnia and that is reading this John Spaits Alien Harvest script. I am sorry to sound like an elitist but this is pretty lame! If this is tied to Prometheus hopefully Ridley and some of colleagues can modify this story......well more like give it a facelift. I mean with Sci Fi I am very very open minded but this just screams " lets just slop something together for the Space Jockey and make some money this summer!" Spartacus that post about the report LV 665 was pretty cool! I am sure that the Alien Harvest script is not the finished product for Prometheus. I know this movie is gonna be awesome. My issue is that why don't these people ever look into what Dark horse comic has put out and work with that actual story? Those comics are so good!


I wouldn't read too much into contradictions between Theron and Scott. It sounded like Scott was explicitly referring to the big creature in the original Alien when he ruled out the Xenomorph returning. But the creature itself was based on the idea that it assumes the form of the host and its inpregnator (something Scott mentioned happens in nature). Theron is likely suggesting the process is the same (ie. yay chestbursters) but I think it's going to be something very different popping out this time...


My biggest issue with the Alien: Harvest script is the complete disregard to the English language throughout. I could not get more than a few pages in before I had it with the typos, incorrect spelling and horrible grammatical errors. I knew right from the outset that this was not written by a professional scriptwriter.

red hood

MemberOvomorph01/7/2012 Prometheus has Cocooned man - so your probably getting some type of creature.


MemberOvomorphJul-22-2017 6:34 PM

This is so funny, Jon Spaihts was so tight lipped about his script and someone releases a parody and even the fans run to defend it. I wonder who the clown was who claimed it was Jon's.

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