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Mysterious Shadow: significant or a lot of bother over nothing?

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OvomorphMember1 XP12/30/2011[img][/img] Is it just me or do the rest of you see also that in the "road" clip (above), the top-left-hand side is artificially darkened? I appreciate that the whole thing is probably CGI anyway, but this darker patch seems unnatural. Could it be deliberate editing to hide something (as far as the trailer is concerned)? Or could it in fact be the shadow cast by a larger airborne ship? Maybe that's what the group of vehicles are retreating from (assuming they are retreating at all).
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OvomorphMember0 XP12/30/2011Hmm that is interesting. I suppose its conceivable that they might be fleeing from something. And we can just see the shadow. OR Is it the sandstorm? They're running back to the hangar, they get near and we see this happen: [img][/img] Then this: [img][/img]


OvomorphMember0 XP12/30/2011i think they are returning with some injuried people ..thats why they are fast ...imo the sandstorm is the explosion of the temple ,,, and it happen after they have returned ( shaw is probably carryng a bag with "something " inside )


OvomorphMember0 XP12/30/2011The archeologist is more than likely picking up the Head we saw on board on the table.


OvomorphMember1 XP12/30/2011Interesting, yes sandstorm is a possibility. I guess the "hanger" and the ship is probably the same thing. While racing in to beat the sandstorm (whose shadow it is we presume), perhaps Shaw's package fell off so she jumped out to retrieve it, but it was too late and the sandstorm caught her. Just speculation I know but seems to add up.


OvomorphMember0 XP12/30/2011Indeed, it seems to be a logical explanation. Its amazing how much we are actually able to piece together from what little we have seen so far!


OvomorphMember13 XP12/30/2011Ya, you would think they must have taken sometime to equate the impact of what they disclosed, image per image upon your mind () : |
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