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Let the community know what you think of Prometheus, what are your thoughts? What are your concerns? WHat are you looking forward to? What would you like to see in the film? Post your opinions and thoughts here.
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MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 7:55 AM
As a rule I don't like prequels and sequels. They all too often lead to feelings of anger and dismay. But I thought if anyone is going to do it right it would be Ridley Scott. Alien was his baby and there's no way he'd make a mess of it. Well now I feel its time for a public appeal. Will somebody please make a decent ORIGINAL sci-fi movie. PLEASE!


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 8:36 AM
Heh Even authors, really masters of what they create, can mess up HUGE with their creations. See Arthur C. Clarke with 2001 (a masterpiece) and its sequels, finally killing the whole series (2001 included!) with that dreadful and mistique killing 3001. Clarke simply destroyed the whole 2001 original plot and ideas with 3001, utterly killing and ignoring his own masterpiece, so yes, Scott could kill the story for good...easily


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 11:07 PM
So Shaw is looking for answers? No... at the end of the movie Shaw is not looking for answers anymore. She has a different agenda. It goes like this: the engineers engineer biological weapons to use against their enemies - see the Alien which is a very efficient killing machine; but it's only a mindless killer bent on killing anything that is alive and moves. The other engineers, the monk type, are at war with the space jockeys. Or it is possible that both factions could be warring other space species as well. In any case they are serious about developing an efficient weapon of mass destruction. So, the Monks also engineer biological weapons to fight their war. A smart weapon this time. They engineer us, the next generation of weapons of planetary destruction. No wonder the space jockeys want to obliterate us before we mature and become fully functional. The engineer that David woke up, acted quickly, without hesitation. He recognized the severity of the situation immediately, killed all humans, took off in his ship without wasting one second, to go to destroy Earth and complete his mission. For him time was of the essence. Maybe he was not fully aware that he had been asleep for two thousand years during which we had became the weapon that he so much feared. In the end he came to kill Shaw as well; for he regarded her as a threat. By deciphering the Monk’s message in the caves and developing space travel we were ready by now. Shaw had just become fully functional and by losing her man, the “weapon” in her got activated. Shaw at the end of the movie is flying off in the alien ship, loaded with alien goo warheads, to go to the alien home planet to look for "answers"???!!! No more; this time she wants payback. She intends to deploy the cargo and wipe out the engineer’s planet and their entire civilization. The Monks created a smart weapon. After all we've been practicing war for our entire existence as a species. War is what we do best. We’ve been programmed for it. As I see it, the engineers don’t stand a chance. Yes people. We are worse than the Aliens.


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 11:07 PM


MemberOvomorphSep-25-2012 11:28 PM
OK The original xeno design is not a mindless weapon, but a very specific weapon, targeting big, sentient beings (Jonesy was plainly ignored many times) showing it was primed to look for higher life forms, and smart enough to protect itself and find the best way to prey. Smart bioweapon, and clever enough to fulfill its function very well. Shaw going with only one ship against a culture a billion years old to whipe them out? Only if she was already mad and acting without any logic thoughts left. She really wanted to know what happened, and probably would know she could die in the process as they already showed a killing intent, at least 2000 years ago. As for the engineers or whoever she will meet...those weapons on that ship could be as useless against them as rocks against a tank. What happened on a distant outpost might not repeat itself again, especially on the heart of their civilization, which is spreading through the Galaxy for over a billion years by the reasoning of the movie...


MemberOvomorphSep-26-2012 8:57 AM
I would like more details on the earlier interaction between engineers and humans.

Lee Wilson

MemberOvomorphSep-26-2012 12:56 PM
I just find the biological weapon idea so TIRED. How unoriginal. That is such an easy answer to grab onto. We dont understand it, so it must be a WEAPON. I really hope it turns out if we have a sequel to be something more. Ever scifi movie does a "weapon'. Boring.


MemberOvomorphSep-26-2012 1:25 PM
Humm... Actually since the story was created (and no mistake here, Ridley Scott himself said it) it is a bio-weapon going off on that derelict ship while being transported, so on this matter there should not be any doubts. The only other thing they might present is the template from where they got the design, but thet is that. The above affitmation is strange to the concept because what would be boring or tiring would be a real Space Monster killing out a trully advanced civilization/representatives of such civilization. Monster Movies are a concept from the 40's and 50's and that was booring and unimaginative, whereas the concept of an advanced civilization geared towards biotech creating something like what we saw on Alien is the Real Deal in science fiction and a well laid concept BEFORE Aliens and that DNA mutating idea which was not present before... Monster Movies are just that, with a few exceptions, and a very tired and spent genre, whereas science fiction well done is something worth watching. Anyway Prometheus just reafirms what the xenos are (bio-weapons) and the only doubt left is if they have the original template as something they worship (I hope this is not the route taken) or if they are the real makers of that given bio-weapon. Lets see, as I really hope they leave this xeno thing behind completely and focus on the alien civilization and their history. These bugs are just a tool they used, and might even be a minor tool at that, now a footnote on their generals lists of war tools. I never was a fan of the bug to begin with, being always really interested on the Space Jockey, and the sequels appaled me because a really good concept derailed to a Monster Movie, and a weird one at that...


MemberOvomorphOct-03-2012 3:07 PM
Being one of the more RARE breed of poster in this forum (I saw A79 in the theater in 79) I must say, there is a much larger than normal challenge in making a sequel or prequel that can satisfy two completely separate generations of fan. Take Tron & Tron Legacy for example... it is rare that a TRUE sequel or prequel is made for a cross generation fan base. But unlike Tron, where there was only one original movie with which to create lore, the Alien franchise has many. Not withstanding, considering who produced Prometheus, I personally felt a necessary prerequisite was paramount to forming an opinion of Prometheus. I completely (and temporarily) disavowed myself from any other Alien movie than A79. Doing this allowed me to avoid some of the pitfalls mentioned in these threads. Prometheus IMHO stands as an exciting new introduction to a very old and admired film. I find it completely fascinating that Ridley has turned us away from the sci-fi thriller of "what's out there?" , and toward a raw anti-science human question of "why are we here?" From our presence in the universe to our purpose in the universe, Scott is a brilliant genius. To get caught up in tiny particulars (especially those gleaned from something other than A79) is to miss the proverbial point. To me... Prometheus is a breath of greasy dark air and I can't wait to see where it leads!


MemberOvomorphOct-12-2012 6:01 PM
Yay!! My first post!! I have to say I'm a big Prometheus fan obviously and I love how it refers to the Alien series but goes off and does it's own thing!!!! I've been watching the 4 disc collectors Blu-ray all week and I came away even further impressed with how this film was made and where it's going!!
Did I.Q.s just drop sharply while I was away??


MemberOvomorphOct-17-2012 4:04 PM
Have just watched the "Collectors 4 disc edition (minus the "3D")". The animated "Prologue" actually explains that the planet where the seeding took place is earth or more specifically "the Isle Of Skye". Why? Check out the early sequence before the "blessing" of the sacrificial Engineer as depicted on the "Special Features" disc. In the middle distance are two monolithic rock like structures that are pretty close to those depicted in the second "act" of the film (the discovery of the cave painting on Skye). I was unsure as to the actual planetary body but am now convinced it was an early earth. Some "bloopers" not mentioned elsewhere: In the pyramid during an early scene, there appears to be "folding chair" propped up against the cavern wall. Not alien and not belonging to our crew, unless one means the production unit! Shortly afterwards David is using an extendable ladder to scale a wall revealing a control panel. No suggestion that that piece of equipment was carried in by our trusty crew! I am disappointed that actual David/Engineer dialogue was not included in the final cut. No explanation as yet how the small 4 legged creature growing in Shaw, survived the cryogenic and decontamination procedures post removal thence morphing into the many tentacled pre "Deacon" creature.


MemberOvomorphOct-24-2012 8:57 AM
total different idea here to most but,, i think the engineers are a servant race to the predators, the ship at the start is an early predator ship & they used the engineer to seed a new world to hunt. the engineers in return are secretly making a more advanced type of alien to destroy the predators & to become the masters themselves. but this goes wrong for them & predators take control of the aliens as we see they keep eggs & stuff on their ship in avp1. Also maybe the engineers want to also destroy humanity because 1. they were forced to create us 2. in avp1 we see the predators not only hunting us but also teaching humans how to build etc etc & in return we worship them as gods, engineers are jealous of this & want to be gods. just a different spin on things, as we know it is all tied together

Indy John

MemberOvomorphOct-24-2012 10:22 AM
All you say may be worthwhile in the joining the Alien/Predator...but all of this happenned after Ridley moved on to other non Alien projects.. In my mind none of the Predator.storylines are needed to tell the story seemingly started by the movie Prometheus. Making the Prometheus to Alien connection is more of a storyline I would follow(also I would exclude any Blade Runner..connection) Yes it will be interesting,to see where all of this going ...but I want to know NOW what will happen to David/Shaw..not 2-5 years from now.. Now where is my time travel machine to attend the premier of 'Paradise'!!
Be choicelessly aware as you move through life

Indy John

MemberOvomorphOct-26-2012 4:23 PM
The where you mentiuon will indeed be of interest. How much vision will Ridley Scott have after creating worlds on the sceen for several years... Does he have the desire to keep creating a 'new world'..or rely on his past and somehow tie in Blade Runner...with the Alien World..(forget the Predator)?? My hope he contiues using all availible energy to create a new work(the Engineers; home/story) then part 3 can blend the Alien/BladeRunner/Promethers stories together I mention Blade Runner because of the Robot/Android/Replicant..thread seems somewhat together..and I think it could be interesting..
Be choicelessly aware as you move through life

Steward Leslie

MemberOvomorphOct-29-2012 8:51 PM
Prometheus is the first and currently closest film to depict events i dream. The storyline was well placed and at a pace that I enjoyed. If this is the bar to be set for future sci-fi than a new category must be created. "for there is no other too compare when one/s maker is adorned with a living stone suit of armor." PFC LESLIE.


MemberOvomorphOct-30-2012 7:59 AM
1) The space jockey drinking DNA transformer (black goo) was on Earth, and with his sacrifice he gave initial boost to start life on Earth, then a human race was borned, and this can explain 100% DNA comparison (however, not whole DNA string is compared, only some important parts) (Think about his sacrifice, he knew he will die, would he sacrifice for purpose of killing creatures borned from hir sacrifice?) 2) I believe he drinked that DNA transformer for purpose I mentioned above, and as we can see ship taking off from Earth, I also believe that this "Prometheus" jockey was part of group which wanted to create life on Earth (and other planets also). 3) The same group was visiting Earth multiple times and left the information about the base on LV 233 in pictures (star maps) on different parts on Earth. Why ? - I think they saw that human race does have potential, and hopefully will visit their base in future, (to meet the creators). (That requires to find and understand clues (maps) they left - and - humans must develop technically to visit their base (invent spaceship, hypersleep etc). 4) Main question is - why they wanted humans to visit LV 233? (after what we saw that jockey started to killing humans with anger) - one of answer is - there were at least 2 factions of jockeys, lets name them: creators - which were creating intelligent life destroyers - the one which wants to rule universe I also believe, that the LV-233 station was base of creators, (thats why they wanted to be visited by humans) However, they were attacked by destroyers (they do not like the idea that there are other - technically evolved races (humans), which used another kind of (modified) DNA transformer2 (there were 2 kind of black goo's - first one - which "Prometheus" drunk on Earth, and second one which modifies any DNA to hostile creature (as we saw in movie) both of them had different effect), the creators were killed (piles of dead bodies) by creatures created with this DNA transformer2. The destroyer also infected, or modified (probably all) DNA transformer2 to create hostile creatures (new worms etc). Creatures later on died (by age or hunger ;-) ). One of destroyers (there could be just this one) programs ship to travel to Earth as he planned to erase human kind with DNA Transformer2, but something bad happens and he stays in hypersleep. 5) When humans awake the destroyer jockey, he recognized that creators experiment went successful and he started to eradicate humans asap :D, also he wants to get to Earth and use DNA transformer2 to eradicate human race completely. Derelict on LV 426 story thats just my opinion It could be a creator, which was infected by hostile creature (after attack on their base on LV 233, he fled from LV 233,and after he recognized (the pain or whatever symptoms) that something bad happened to him, started to transmite warning signal and lands on LV 426, from his body alien queen emerges and lays eggs which were found by Nostromo crew. Queen later on died from hunger or age ;-D again, (nothing to eat on LV 426 right ? :D) The differences between alien species - could be explained that they are based on hosts (as the alien in alien3 (dog/cow) was different from standard - human born aliens

James Weyland

MemberOvomorphOct-30-2012 10:11 AM
Great Movie about the Transhuman change that is being engineered here on this Planet. How many Peter Weylands are here now looking for a way to extend their own Lives ? We should already have the Space Ships and Colonies so that we could Survive if, Man was destroyed on Earth.


MemberOvomorphOct-30-2012 10:12 PM
i found prometheous ausommmmmmm


MemberOvomorphOct-30-2012 10:32 PM
aliens are in its own plant are so scary.fighter team is fight breavly with ship is awesome in this movie

Indy John

MemberOvomorphNov-09-2012 7:01 AM
"..destroyers - the one which wants to rule universe.. It makes sense in some cases that if there is a Good Creator,,there must be a Destoyer of the creations,,sort of like if you believe in God,,there must be a devil.. But if there was a Destroyer set of Engineers I just think they would agree to be buried in Juggernaut,,for untold years to see,if maybe, humans developed some sort of stellar travel back to this moon. I don't think that the Destroyers as yoiu call them would have any patience for ruling the Universe in such a manner. They would more likely gather together and start kicking Creator's a&% across the solar systems.
Be choicelessly aware as you move through life


MemberOvomorphNov-20-2012 10:07 AM
Sociological form Hello everyone, we are students in sociology and media, could you help us by filling this short form about Prometheus media campaign? Thaks a lot!


MemberOvomorphNov-30-2012 11:25 AM
i would like to say the end of the film is really confusing it doesnt really clear up the origin of alien at all its just about there dna really and this movie is not a prequel to predator either only to the aliens films,and since the predator already put aliens on earth how did the engineers get the dna? i think for prometheus to work as a film to have to totally forget that predator exists as part of the alien films completely, well i could be wrong i not claiming to know everything about it but i think they have to bring predator back into the story if they make a second and clear things up,i only thought maybe the engineers and predators had a war like thousands of years ago or something? maybe the engineers created the alien as a biological weapon? who knows, whats does everyone else think?


MemberOvomorphDec-02-2012 8:06 AM
@Jonny5 Whilst many participants of this forum appreciate the Predator movies for what they are (good old entertaining sic-fi), most consider their involvement in the Alien universe to be an aberration, and something to be brushed under the carpet, with a discreet ah-hem. Prometheus doesn't explain everything, but it certainly does explain what the alien spaceships were about, and the kind of beast that they found dead in the chair in [i]Alien[/i]. We can look forward to further revelations in the follow-up movie. Personally, I am very very VERY glad that there are still questions, and the scope of the Alien universe has expanded enormously.
The most terrifying fact about the universe is not that it is hostile but that it is indifferent

Indy John

MemberOvomorphDec-05-2012 6:13 AM
I am OK with Prometheus in the Alien Universe.but feel we can get along withn the Predator in this stroryline. I sort of knew about the Alien connection but never expected for our movie to tie up storylines to exactly match the 'Alien' threads. After the movie the closing Deacon scene sort of brought home the Alien connection. It just didn't dominate the avtual viewing of the movie. This site sort of amplified the connection to Alien and the expectation of other sequels. I have seen the orioginal Alien and Predator movies and enjoyed them both. The pairing od the teo just seemed sort of grab for money: Two separate movies cobbled together for a money grab I did watch about 1/2 of an AVP movie and coudn't finish the film, Not becauae of the stroyline which seemed quite lame but the low production values that gave it a cheaper movie-of-week presetation.
Be choicelessly aware as you move through life


MemberOvomorphJun-24-2013 5:40 PM
Did I say that? Boring!!! OK I refuse to give up! We've come this far. We must go on! We have to go on!! Because I'm f*cked up, I am fixated on the Engineer's bridge. Retro: David goes on a solo expedition. He finds the Bridge. No Captain Kirk, but there is a console. No buttons are lit. He presses a few. 1 begins to flicker. David presses it and the chair withdraws from the console. David sits. The chair remains withdrawn. Immediately, a light appears across the bridge and ancient images of Engineers enter the bridge. I'll stop here. I'll continue if there is some interest in this line of thought. I believe this bridge scene is pivotal. No one is present but David and by the smile on his face he is absorbing info that pleases him greatly. That fact, if true, is important. It means something.
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