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The Rogue King Alien - Enemy of the Queen and Her Hive!
Scified2020-08-27 18:44:07
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Prime 1 Studio have unveiled some phenomenal photos of their new comic inspired Rogue Alien Diorama! Part of their Premium Masterline Aliens series, this latest creation comes with a swappable left hand (one with damaged Xenomorph and one without) and pairs with Prime 1's Queen Alien Diorama as well.

The Xenomorphs are an endoparisitoid extraterrestrial species with no higher goals than the propagation and self-preservation of their species. The Rogue Alien, also known as the King Alien is a Xenomorph-Human hybrid genetically engineered during Project Chimera. It is no ordinary Xenomorph however, it in fact has a passionate hatred for them. The Rogue was created as a control mechanism to counter the powerful Queen Alien, one that could be controlled by man.

The Rogue Alien is an extremely hostile creature. While somewhat tame to humans depending on their threat level, it has no control over its blinding rage to kill other Xenomorphs. The Rogue Alien is depicted here on a base inspired by a ship overrun by Xenomorphs. Furious, the Rogue charges off killing everything in its path to get to the Queen Alien. Notice its aggressive stance, both mouths open in a full roar. The Exclusive version even features the slaughtered body of a Xenomorph in it’s left hand, displaying its barbarity and ferocity.

The Rogue Alien Diorama is currently available for pre-order, with order shipping between November 2021 and Feb 2022.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-08-27 18:44:07


MemberPraetorianAug-28-2020 1:01 AM

Okay, I'm liking this new addition to the mythos. :D


MemberDeaconAug-28-2020 5:28 AM

Its Very Comic Book/Video Game!

Its kind of Neat..... maybe some of the Extras could do with Trimming Off and it would look better ;)

I think the PLOT about making a Hybrid to Control seems Interesting, i dont see much Human Hybridization here but then i Guess it looks better than the New Born LOL

But its Interesting to see that Mankind has managed to Control a Xenomorph.... but in Good Old Alien Fashion i think we can Guarantee this things GETS out of CONTROL... and maybe it makes the Queen his *****!  And we get a New Colony thats more of a Threat ;)


MemberPraetorianAug-28-2020 9:46 AM


Good point! Anytime you add a new dynamic into even a tiny ecosystem or biological cycle, you'll get all kinds of variables leading eventually to wholly unexpected changes.

With something like this, fun to watch and study--from orbit. lol

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