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Slot Machine Aliens: Fascinating New Game by NetEnt
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In 1986, the movie "Aliens" was released in cinemas - a continuation of the story about terrible alien monsters and astronauts who fought with them. Subsequently, this movie became a cult. James Cameron again chose Sigourney Weaver to play the lead role, and she did her job brilliantly.

NetEnt decided to amuse the passionate fans of this masterpiece and together with 20th Century Fox released the Aliens slot machine, which you can find at the real money online casino or try its free demo version with no money risks. 

Technical Characteristics of the Game Netent

The slot received five reels and fifteen constantly active lines from the developers. There is no setting for the number of lines participating in the drawing. The screen features three rows of icons, special symbols, additional multipliers, several bonus rounds with unique features, etc.

The user independently configures the nominal value of the game credit. The size of the bet is 15–150 in-game coins per spin. Prize combinations are formed according to the standard principle: on one of the active lines, three identical icons should be lined up in one row. The countdown starts from the leftmost reel. The maximum multiplier is × 1000. All combinations obtained within the framework of a successful spin are summed up.

The Aliens slot machine uses the main characters of the original film as symbols. Of all the known game elements with special functions, only Wild is represented in the video slot. It replaces the missing icons but does not bring any winnings by itself.

Bonus Rounds in the Game Aliens

The main game mode is called The Search - this is the first level. The icons that form the prize lines are duplicated on a special scale that can be seen at the top of the playing field. A number of multipliers can also be seen here. Wild symbols do not appear there.

After filling the scale, the next level is activated - The Encounter. Now players need to fight monsters. Hordes of xenomorphs attack the gambler in waves. After the user fights off another attack, the Ammo Reel appears on the screen - a horizontal drum that plays cartridges and more powerful weapons.

Successful completion of the second stage opens the way to the third round - The Hive. Now the gambler has to fight with the real boss, in the best traditions of old computer games. The player does not influence the outcome of this battle while remaining an observer. More detailed information about all stages and nuances can be found in the reference section inside the slot machine.

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