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Sideshow Collectibles unveil epic Alien King statue for Alien Day!
Scified2016-04-26 12:43:19
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Sideshow Collectibles have teamed up with Legacy Effects to bring an Alien King to life, in the form of a remarkable collectible statue! Conceptualized to rival that of the Alien Queen, the Alien King features accentuated spinal details, a ferocious looking demeanor and an arsenal of deadly claws and teeth. The Xenomorph King also features an elongated head crest, like the Queen, but is somewhat wider in design compared to the more slender, feminine styling of the Alien Queen. Size wise, the Alien King looks about on par with its Queen counterpart, with additional Xenomorphs added to the statue to help give perspective to its sheer size.

This being a Sideshow collectible is bound to cost fans a pretty penny to own, although no price point has yet been set. Sideshow have released an exciting introduction video (below) where they explain the process by which they designed the Xenomorph King as well as show snap shots of the creature's concept art and finished product. Check it out:

I've taken the liberty to add over 12 screenshots from this video to our Alien Images Gallery here on Scified. Feel free to check them out in HD!

You can visit Sideshow's official website to receive e-mail updates on the Alien King statue, specifically when it will be available for pre-order.

Happy Alien Day!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-04-26 12:43:19

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XenomorphMember1330 XPApr-26-2016 1:09 PM

Awesome! That is really cool. When is the PO!


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-26-2016 2:49 PM

i like the design i think its a bit too much as far as the crown carapace, i think it needed something more toned down compared to the Queen than More extreme...

But i guess they are trying to show that the King is higher and more dominant in Hierarchy than a Queen.

However i disagree with the need for a King i dont see the point at all.... The Xenomorph i felt was aiming to be the Perfection Organism or as close as far as Survival....

Thus a Organism that has NO SEX and is Asexual i feel fits the bill better, a Organism that starts off from those Eggs, and that when Eggs can not detect Pheromone or something else that a established next/hive would produce... this determines the Face Huger to be a Drone which goes out to Procreate via Capture and Morphing of a Host into a Egg that would then Carry a Royal Face Huger for the Queen.

Once a Queen is Born it can then when its a Adult create a Hive and Eggs... (maybe it needs some process to do this, but i rather it be Genetic Material from a Host than a Seed from a King).

Once a Hive i established then the Hive or/and Queen give off Pheromones or something else that effects the Eggs to Face Huger to implant Warrior Cast to Protect the Hive,  maybe there can be a Worker Class that can work tending to the Eggs... i.e Secreting the Substances needed to build the Hive and to in case Hosts inside and place Eggs near the Hosts..

Pheromones or something else can be altered at will by a Queen to produce more drones... maybe we dont need workers because Drones and Warriors can perform those tasks..

But when their is no Queen or if a Egg is taken away, or maybe Face Huger away from being near a Queen/Hive the default process is to produce a Drone to then go out and Produce a Queen.

To me this is a more perfect survival procreation than the need to have a King...



The First Child

OvomorphMember15 XPApr-26-2016 3:14 PM

I can completely understand your argument BigDave. The King alien is probably not as high in the hierarchy, or could be simply be a variation of a queen titled King alien. It may produce more like the pred alien from avp requiem than the queen. The king alien could also be what happens when a queen fully evolves, like the alien mother in Female War. A councilor or guide that links all the queens in various worlds together. This may explain its elongated carapace. More brain power, more power. 


DeaconMember10416 XPApr-26-2016 3:27 PM

Who knows maybe a King could fit, if they go the route of the Origins of the Xenomorph as being not a creature created by the Engineers... but they played some party in the Xeno... so if there was a Organism that was the Progenitor it would be fine to have it as a Organism the Engineers reverse Engineered... a king as the Progenitor could work... but i would have it less Xeno looking if that was the case....

A King could fit in just as with Ants and Termites, and determines which Xeno a Egg Produces depending if the king fertilize them or not.

I would however prefer the more Bee route than Ant/Termite with one difference.... the Drones do not mate with a Queen...  as in Bees... the Drones instead Morph  a Host to lead to a Queen... this to me is more perfect survival and Alien and also adds a fear factor to it. 

A Person being Morphed into a Royal Egg!



DeaconMember10416 XPApr-26-2016 3:29 PM

Noticed this creature is also very tall.... like 30 ft and so maybe nearly twice the size of a Queen...... Maybe a Tyrant is better phrase than a King.

Necronom 4

NeomorphMember1566 XPMay-12-2016 4:14 AM

Not diggin' it sorry


NeomorphMember1984 XPJul-05-2016 1:44 PM

I find it to be a bit much, I liked some of the stuff in their concept drawings though, it definitely was radical in the idea. But why is there a king to a queen if the queen reproduces by itself?


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