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Showing Aliens In The Modern Films And Cartoons
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For years, Hollywood has been churning out films and cartoons about aliens, and they seem to be getting more popular every year. It's no secret that extraterrestrial life exists - at least, that's what the movies would have us believe. Why are we so fascinated by these creatures? Some people say that it's because of our innate desire to explore the unknown. 

Others claim that we see aliens as a way to express our fears and anxieties about the world around us. No matter the reason, one thing is sure: aliens are here to stay. This blog post will look at some of the most recent films and cartoons about aliens and talk about why they have become so popular.

How are aliens portrayed in old films?

Some of the film's earliest examples of alien life come from science fiction. In the early days of cinema, aliens were often portrayed as monstrous creatures, intent on destroying everything in their path. This was likely because most people knew very little about outer space and what might be lurking there.

For example, in a movie called "Forbidden Planet," released in 1956, the aliens are depicted as a giant, furry creatures that live underground. They are shown to be very aggressive and dangerous, and they kill most of the humans in the film.

In another movie called "The War of the Worlds", which was released in 1953, the aliens are again shown to be aggressive and destructive. They come to Earth in large, mechanical ships and begin attacking human cities. They are only defeated when a group of humans manages to infect them with a virus.

As you can observe, in these early films, aliens were often shown as being very different from humans - both in appearance and behavior. Aliens were also portrayed as quite dangerous, and it was often up to the humans to defeat them.

Film-making courses also tackle how aliens can provide excitement, thrill, and fun to viewers. Students taking classes related to filmmaking can get free proposal essay examples to be used for their skits and papers. These examples can help them get ideas on how to create an alien character that is not only unique but also believable. Incorporating aliens in movies can be a great way to get the audience's attention. However, it is essential to make sure that the concept of aliens is not overused. Sometimes, it’s not recommended to make it the focus of the entire film.

How have aliens been portrayed in more recent films?

In the film "E.T.," which was released in 1982, the aliens are shown to be negligible, gentle creatures that want to get home. However, in more recent years, aliens have been depicted in a much different light. They are often shown as being friendly, or at least not overtly hostile. They have no interest in harming humans and even help a young boy named Elliott overcome his fear of bullies.

In another film called "District Nine," which was released in 2009, the aliens are again shown to be gentle creatures. They are forced to live in a slum-like area called District Nine and are constantly mistreated by humans. However, they eventually form a close bond with a human named Wikus, who helps them get back to their home planet.

As you can see, aliens have been portrayed in a much more positive light. This is likely because our understanding of outer space has increased, and we no longer see aliens as such a threat. We now assume that there are many different types of aliens, and not all of them are dangerous.

How are aliens portrayed in cartoons?

In the show "Rick and Morty," which is currently airing on Adult Swim, the main character Rick is an alcoholic scientist who often brings his grandson Morty on adventures to other planets. On these adventures, they meet all sorts of different aliens, most of whom are friendly. Aliens are also popular in cartoons.

In another show called "Alienators: Evolution Continues," which aired on the ABC Family Channel in the early 2000s, a team of scientists is tasked with hunting down and capturing aliens that have landed on Earth. The aliens in this show are also primarily friendly, and they often help the humans defeat the more dangerous ones.

The modern depiction of aliens in cartoons is quite different from how they were portrayed in early films. In comics, aliens are often shown to be just like humans, except for their physical appearance. They are also far less dangerous and more likely to help humans than hurt them.

Why are aliens so prevalent in modern films and cartoons?

There are some reasons why aliens are so prevalent in modern films and cartoons. First, they allow us to explore different cultures and worlds without leaving our own. They also allow us a chance to see ourselves from a different perspective, as we can create images in our mind of what it would be like to see an alien for the first time.

Aliens provide a sense of excitement and adventure, as they are often shown to be involved in thrilling plots. And finally, they allow us to explore the unknown, which can be both scary and fascinating at the same time.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, aliens are a popular topic in modern films and cartoons. They allow us to explore different worlds and give us a chance to see ourselves from a different perspective. They also provide a sense of excitement and adventure, as they are often involved in thrilling plots.

Modern films portray aliens in a better light than early films, as our understanding of outer space has improved a lot. Cartoons also show aliens in a more positive light, as they are often depicted as just like humans except for their physical appearance.

Lastly, the audience will be the final judge for these films and cartoons. If they continue to be popular, then it is likely that aliens will continue to be a mainstay in both movies and comics for years to come.

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