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Rumor: Alien serial show in development?
Scified2018-10-12 12:37:00
Written by Gavin19,809 Reads12 Comments2018-10-12 12:37:00

There have been concerns that since Disney acquired 21st Century Fox, that the latter studios' dedication to its r-rated properties would be sidelined to adhere to Disney's family-friendly oriented approach to its productions. This is despite that Marvel Studios, Disney's largest subsidiary studio has produced content that is not in line with Disney's somewhat parental policies, such as with their small screen serials Daredevil, and The Punisher, the latter of which has been noted by critics for its depiction of adult-themed content such as sexual relations, torture and violence.

With Disney due to release their own streaming service, Disney Play in 2019, gathering content for which was the companies primary drive behind acquiring 21st Century Fox, it seems somewhat strange that citing an unnamed and unverifiable source YouTuber, Mr. H Reviews has recently claimed that a serial show set within the Alien universe, one of Fox's most prolific r-rated properties, is in development and has allegedly found its home with an unnamed streaming service. There is the possibility that the streaming service in question may be an adult-oriented subsidiary of Disney Play itself, but if there are no plans for such then one would expect an Alien serial show, if one is in development, to appear on Netflix, considering the streaming services previous and aforementioned collaborations with Marvel Studios.

Although we strongly advise our community of Alien fans to take this rumor with a good measure of salt until there is an official confirmation or denial from Fox themselves, the possibility that Fox could be developing an additional chapter to the Alien franchise for the small screen is tantalizing, while raising some interesting questions, the leading question of which would be the franchises future on the big screen. The last known confirmed reports about Alien's big screen future came from an interview with Fox's chairman and CEO Stacey Snider in Variety, back in September 2017, when she suggested that the studio remained confident that Ridley Scott would return with at least one more prequel movie once he and his creative team had found the right narrative direction, while also acknowledging that Alien: Covenant's critical and commercial performance was less than ideal.

"It was a Disappointment, but I trust Ridley (Scott) and Emma (Watts) to know the right story when they find it. When universes are as rich as Alien, they can stay in a too familiar groove - in which case you're in trouble - but they can also find a planet or a storyline or a villain that also lives in that universe that can be groundbreaking."

Some have taken Snider's statement (above) to suggest that Scott's previously reported direction for his third Alien prequel, in which the character of David (Michael Fassbender) would be further explored amidst themes of AI at the cost of a diminished inclusion of the franchises primary antagonist - the Alien (as mentioned in the director's appearance in the Empire Film Podcast in October 2017), may not be in line with Fox's plans for the franchises immediate and long-term future. The possible development of a small screen Alien serial would seem to further suggest that Fox may be growing unhappy with the narrative direction Scott has taken with the Alien prequels, both of which have divided the fanbase while receiving negative critique for their convoluted narratives, inconsistent internal logic, editing, pacing, and characterizations.

If an Alien serial is in development the obvious question from the fans would be towards its direction. Considering the almost universal detraction towards Alien: Resurrection it is highly unlikely that Fox would develop an addition to the Alien franchise, on either the big or small screen that would be associated with the events depicted therein. Therefore, with Prometheus set in 2093 and Alien 3 set in 2179, the narrative and creative team of an Alien serial would have 87 years of unexplored history within which to play with, giving us a few possibilities as to what direction a possible Alien serial could take...

Hadleys Hope

Although explored in comic books and novels, the infestation of the Hadley's Hope Atmosphere Processing Colony on Acheron LV-426 has only ever been glimpsed at in a few additional scenes added to the special edition of James Cameron's 1986 sequel Aliens. A live action serial chronicling the fall of Hadley's Hope could answer some narrative inconsistencies Aliens created, such as why the colonists never discovered the derelict Juggernaut despite having occupied the moon for twenty years, and whether or not the Weyland-Yutani Corporation established the colony in the hope of subjugating the colonists to acquire the Alien.

The Engineers

In the closing moments of Prometheus, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) transmitted a message warning anyone away from LV-223. However, following the transmission David sent to the Weyland-Yutani Corporation in the Alien: Covenant short Advent, it is possible that the notoriously morally ambivalent corporation would follow in the androids footsteps likely investigating LV-223 and/or Planet 4 (from Alien: Covenant) and uncovering the truth about the Engineers and the deadly black pathogen. Such a serial could allow Fox to retcon the more divisive elements of the Alien prequels while continuing to explore the narrative they have added to the mythology of the franchise.

The Company

The Weyland-Yutani Corporation has been depicted as one of the most unscrupulous and deviant conglomerates in popular fiction alongside contemporaries such as the Umbrella Corporation (Resident Evil), Union Aerospace Corporation (Doom), and Delos Incorporated (Westworld). Referred to as "The Company" by its employees, Weyland-Yutani appears to have investments and influence within most of the non-corporate bodies that populate the fictional future setting of the Alien franchise, including the Colonial Marines, Extrasolar Colonization Administration, and the Interstellar Commerce Commission, while practicing a morally inept attitude towards its employees. A corporately themed serial set within the offices of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, while not strictly Alien themed could be used to expand the notoriety and dark motives of the corporation, while not directly impacting the big screen Alien movies.


Of course, if Fox is developing a small screen addition to the Alien franchise it may not be one of the three we have postulated above, however, we feel these are the three most likely possibilities given the gaps within the timelines of the first three movies and their two prequels. Again, we remind our community of Alien fans that this is not "news", but an unconfirmed and unsubstantiated rumor. Our speculations as to what direction such a serial could take are just that: mere speculation, and as such we'd be interested in hearing your own theories about what direction you believe a possible Alien serial could take.

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MemberTrilobiteOct-12-2018 10:08 PM

We have talked about the Alien series being a streaming series for some time and it is nice to hear it mentioned outside this forum more than once- Raised by Wolves comes to mind.

However, it would be nice to hear something more solid than someone claiming to have a reliable source who might know something and basically engaging in conjecture- this is aimed at the first embedded video and not the OP author. 

At any rate, streaming episodic content could be outstanding!

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterOct-13-2018 2:02 AM

I just hope that I can get the show without buying a streaming service just to watch it.  If it ain't on regular T.V., it might not do well for the franchise.  A lot of people do have Netflix or even another streaming service, but I bet you many more people have cable.  Where I live, the cable company BY FAR has the faster internet.  They do have a lot of TV channels too; they also have great deals on their TV channel packages from time to time.

I could get into a TV show set in the Alien universe as long as it's on regular TV as I mentioned.


MemberChestbursterOct-13-2018 2:11 AM

This can be interesting with another Colony (not Hadley's Hope) on more beautifully and strange planet with dark secrets underground.

Also it will have Engineers themes including.


But i don't think that theme of Company/AI something else will be interesting. To heal a franchise, they need create classic story.


MemberPraetorianOct-13-2018 4:42 AM

I'm all for an ALIEN tv series and I agree with Leto, I would rather see another colony getting attack by Xenomorphs than focus on Hadley's Hope; because it would have prequel syndrome, we all know these characters are all going to die save for Next... until Alien 3 kills her off.


MemberPraetorianOct-13-2018 4:49 AM



MemberPraetorianOct-13-2018 4:50 AM

I mean Newt


MemberOvomorphOct-13-2018 3:34 PM

The comment about the streaming service is important and I hope fox is listening.  I might sign up if the show was interesting but I don't it.  There are too many services right now and I'm not even signed up for the one hosting the new Star Trek series.  


For me the AI idea is a non-starter.  IF they can write into it the Engineers, the alien and humans into something new and interesting you'd have a winner.  I think the Engineers are fertile ground to be explored, meaning a species that dislikes humans or any other species it has created and decides to uncreate.


MemberDeaconOct-13-2018 6:35 PM

First i will add that maybe this information could be about the "Raised by Wolves" TV Series?  If weeks/months ago some of the details about this was released.... a Sci-Fi by RS that follows a Colony of Children having to be raised by Androids.. you could be forgiven for thinking its set in the ALIEN universe.

"When universes are as rich as Alien, they can stay in a too familiar groove - in which case you're in trouble - but they can also find a planet or a storyline or a villain that also lives in that universe that can be groundbreaking."

This seems to add up with the comments RS had made after Alien Covenant and its back-lash.... comments about the next stage in the Story would be more about AI, comments about how RS felt he was ahead of the CURVE with Prometheus.

The Problem is for all the ideas about Gods/Creation all the Philosophy that Prometheus showed and is kind of embedded in Alien Covenant too, that when you look at the other Back Ground Plot (apart from Xenomorphs and Ripley) in Alien Resurrection we can see those Prometheus Themes were at play in Alien Resurrection if you looked beyond Xenomorphs and Ripley

But the Problem we have is any ALIEN Universe Movie would be expected to introduce Xenomorphs.. at very least... Fans would in General want Xenomorphs more than AI, than Engineers, than the Company...  some may even want Ripley tie-ins?

But then its HOW do we introduce the Xenomorph, when it had been overdone.... diluted with the AVP movies, maybe more so with Alien Covenant...  Especially for a TV Series!

I think we can look to the WALKING DEAD for inspiration/evidence that there is only so much running away from Zombies and getting infected by Zombies before it gets STALE! the Same could apply with replacing Zombies with Xenomorphs..   It was the Plot Twists... the Struggle of the Characters that would make a TV Series like WALKING DEAD manage to spew out season after season, where the Struggle of Characters and Reveal that its the Humans vs Humans that is the biggest threat is something that carried the Franchise. But even WALKING DEAD is running out of Steam and Ideas...

This point is kind of similar to HOW we have Ridley Scott feel the reveal that the Xenomorph was a Result of Mankind trying to play God by creating LIFE in our Own Image and then Stupid enough to take this Superior being along for the Ride to meet our own Makers.... leaving David free to exploit the Engineers Secrets to create the Xenomorph.

This Hubris is something Echoed by the Engineers, its something we see had impacted even the Synthetics with their Creation of the AUTONS....  

But its hard for Fans to accept other aspects of the ALIEN Franchise, apart from the Xenomorph.  Which indeed it has to play a Role or at least a Variant of it...   The WALKING DEAD does go back and bring in Zombies over and over but they are reduced to a less role and NOT constantly forced in our Faces.

We could have 3-4 more ALIEN movies or a Series or TWO of the ALIEN Franchise, but if these Movies/TV Series Feature the Xenomorph as much as the ORIGINAL Franchise (Alien ==> Alien Resurrection)  the Danger is we will OVERCOOK the Xenomorph where it becomes Un-scary and Insignificant or just overdone so we get sick of it.

"too familiar groove - in which case you're in trouble"

Seems like they realize that you cant go repeating the same kind of Alien Tropes .... Humans Discover Eggs... Xenomorphs unleashed.... reveal the Company or some one else had taken those Humans there to deliberately obtain the Xenomorph.


Sometimes we also have to ASK.... should some things be left to REST?  I will take the ASH vs Evil Dead TV Series..  The Movies where Great the First TWO that is before the 3rd was well a bit of a let down (sound familiar?)

It was left in the DARK for many years... then we get a TV Series and at first it was kinda COOL, kinda Nostalgic then they had to introduce a few NEW things to expand on the Mythos... and well it then started to get STALE!

To the point that in HINDSIGHT it may have put a damper on what was viewed as a Good Movie Series.


MemberDeaconOct-13-2018 6:57 PM

The Franchise does not have to be Restricted to the Xenomorph, especially when it is just a Bio-Weapon that was Re-Engineered and Evolved by a Android.

We have....

*Peter Weyland... his History and what else had he been doing apart from Pursuit of Immortality and Creating a Android in his own image.

*The Weyland Company... what else have they been up to and done apart from create our not so Beloved David and constantly pursue the Folly that is the Xenomorph?

*The Yutani Company... again what else are they up to, what conflicts/rivalry have they with Weyland Industries and HOW did the Merger Come About.

*The impact of AI and Rivalry to obtain/create the Perfect AI Machine.... HOW many Failures before Perfection... what IMPACT is the Pursuit of a AI so Advanced it develops Emotions.

*The Engineers... do we see more of their History but we need Human Characters, so do we see Engineers in our Ancient Past?  do we go to another World where the Engineers interact with another group of Humans Far Far away.

*The Marines... do we explore some of their Adventures, what other Conflicts have they been involved in... will we see some Arcturian Poontang and what is a previous BUG HUNT.

All of these dont touch upon the Xenomorph, the events of Prometheus to Alien Covenant where those Events had led to the Creation of the Xenomorph and the potential return of some VERY Angry Engineers..... which could CONFLICT with the original Movies as far as in-continuity.

If we go for anything related to the ALIEN Franchise and Xenomorph then what are the Options?

*Investigate LV-223.... what becomes of this place by the time of ALIEN but then maybe this would have been covered in the next 1-2 installments of the Prequels.

*A mission to Planet 4 and what happens to this place.. again just as above maybe this would be covered/concluded by the next 1-2 installments of the Prequels.

*Visit Origae-6 after the events of the Prequels... but again maybe there is NOTHING left once the next 1-2 installments of the Prequels had concluded.

Which then brings us to other options...

*Show what happened on Hadleys Hope the events from when/just before the Jorden's Discover the Derelict until when only NEWT is the last Survivor and the company looses contact with Hadleys Hope.   But this could be a bit of a Alien Covenant, meets Alien 3 meets Aliens.  or a AVPR on Hadleys Hope minus Predators.

*Go back to the Derelict after the events of ALIEN or prior, but this could again bring us to another Alien, Alien Covenant etc etc.

*Explore some other place where Xenomorphs are.  which could be again like the other Franchise Movies... or even Alien Isolation... there is still SCOPE that this could be worth exploring but then its a case of HOW does this NOT conflict with the Alien Franchise and WHY the company pursues the Xenomorph via the Derelict and then Ripley.

*A Continuation of the events after Alien Resurrection. This is maybe the most interesting avenue to explore... that does not have to be about Ripley or the Xenomorph in much detail and could indeed bring about the Cult that the Autons have, the struggle/conflict on Earth...  Not only between Humanity, but also AI which is not limited to just the Weyland-Yutani Synthetics, but also the Autons... all struggling for Domination of the Earth.

What role would obtaining any remnants of Xenomorph DNA have... and WHAT if the Engineers Return!


MemberTrilobiteOct-13-2018 7:10 PM

I Moon Girl I cut cable about a decade ago. Unless it has changed, I would not want to watch a show interrupted by commercials espousing the virtues of Hot Pockets or Pop Tarts. I would wager Raised by Wolves or an Alien based series would be on a streaming channel.


MemberNeomorphOct-16-2018 7:24 AM

Mr H Reviews? Sure he seems to be an alien fan but I would prefer a more official source like Fox, Disney, or something like that.

I would maybe watch it if it is on TV, I don’t have cable.

Having WY or the Engineers being more involved could be interesting. As far as another colony or whatever, Hadley’s Hope was maybe not the first one of the last so yeah that could work. The human experience is the most important thing, here is where the prequels have failed.

I agree that Walking Dead made the Zombie thing right, it focused on the human characters and how they were trying to survive. The show wasn't about the Zombies, they could as well have had it after a natural disaster and you could have the same thing there, namely how humans try to survive under cir***stances that are not how they usually live.

"This point is kind of similar to HOW we have Ridley Scott feel the reveal that the Xenomorph was a Result of Mankind trying to play God…"

Which I do not like since it brings the Xeno too close to the humans. I would like it to be from another planet or made by maybe the Engineers on another planet or something similar. Having it supposedly made by David was a mistake, interesting themes are not enough.

There are other things in the franchise except for the Xeno, the thing is to get the human characters right. If they get that right then I am ready for many different things WY, Weyland company before it became WY, Engineers, other planets, and so on.


MemberTrilobiteOct-16-2018 10:08 PM


But its hard for Fans to accept other aspects of the ALIEN Franchise, apart from the Xenomorph.  Which indeed it has to play a Role or at least a Variant of it... 

Agree. Also, your posts seem a longer way of what I had suggested before for streaming shows in the Alien Universe. Since there are different aspects that attract different fans, it could be interesting to have one show exploring the Engineers; another exploring the Xenomorph; another exploring WY- you get the idea. OR- the concepts could be explored but maybe outside the Alien Universe itself sort of like Raised by Wolves. At any rate, the approach could bring some good sci fi to the table.

It would also be interesting to see a mish mash of everything Alien presented in different ways ala Black Mirror or Twilight Zone.

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