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Ridley Scott explains why Prometheus 2 is now called Alien: Paradise Lost!
Scified2015-09-25 09:06:57
Written by Chris7,646 Reads3 Comments2015-09-25 09:06:57

Following yesterday's report, announcing the title of Prometheus 2 as being Alien: Paradise Lost, director Ridley Scott was questioned again by HeyUGuys at The Martian premiere last night about why the new film would be titled such. Responding quite openly, Scott revealed that the title for Prometheus 2 having been changed to Alien: Paradise Lost reflects the film's plot direction - being that it will explore the origins of the Xenomorph by saying: "Well, because we’re heading back to why and how and when the beast was invented, we’ll go back into the back door of the very first Alien that I did thirty years ago."

Prometheus acted to pose many questions and expand the Alien universe in multiple directions, which it did. During production, when Damon Lindelof was brought on to re-touch the script by Jon Spaihts (originally titled Alien: Engineers), he and Scott planned for two major avenues the franchise would take. The first of which would focus on the Engineers and Mankind's origins (and ends), while the other half of the sequels would focus on finally explaining what happened prior to the Nostromo touching down on LV-426. Going by Scott's statements as of recent, it would seem the focus Alien: Paradise Lost will be more geared towards the latter of the two directions.

Watch the interview below:

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MemberPraetorianSep-25-2015 9:22 AM

This is great....fantastic....awesome...I...AM..SO...HAPPY!!!!!!


MemberDeaconSep-26-2015 7:24 PM

Im not so pleased with this News it contradicts what we have heard over the last few years...  and that is a movie that would be trying to steer away from Alien....  has Ridley been feeding us Red Herring all along?

Have Fox caved in and decided yes a movie more like Spaights draft is what fans wanted to go and see rather than Lindeloffs?

I for one am Confused to be honest..... last week Ridley was hinting that the movie would focus on the Engineers Homeworld and that towards the end of this movie we would see Seeds of why these Engineers had the Xeno Related Biology.... opens the Doors for a 3rd movie to futher make such links....

Fingers crossed that is still the plan and Ridleys latest comments are that they aim to connect the dots to Alien by the time he has finished with this Project of movies, that seemed he was last week and 2 weeks ago touching upon these Engineers and who ever is above them are involved in a whole Massive Bold Plot...

And not just a Spoon Fed Xeno/Alien explanation!


MemberDeaconSep-26-2015 7:26 PM

However he also added the Paradise Lost theme was to tie losely to the John Milton Poem etc...

Which talks about the Fall of Satan from favour of God after a Rebelion, and then how Satan then sets out to corrupt Mankind to futher upset God....  Where Rebelion and use of Forbiden Fruit and Knowledge features heavy.

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