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Original Prometheus Movie Alien Concept Design Could Resurrect for Alien: Covenant
Scified2016-02-20 07:59:40
Written by Chris12,645 Reads10 Comments2016-02-20 07:59:40

Prometheus did not feature any Xenomorphs, but the original script for the film, Alien: Engineers by Jon Spaihts featured plenty. In fact, there was going to be a climactic scene where the Pressure Suit Engineer fights a number of Xenomorphs in the Engineer Temple after amy members of the Prometheus crew were impregnated. You can read a run down of everything the Alien: Engineers script featured, here. Originally Prometheus was intended to act as a prequel to Ridley Scott's 1979 Alien but after script revisions the plot direction took a broader turn and instead worked to ask more questions and open more doors - leaving a lot of room for expansion of the franchise down the road. Below is one of many concept pieces for the Xenomorph to-have-been-featured from when Prometheus was in production.

Also, it's important to note that months ago, we recevied some exclusive info regarding the new monsters to be present in the Prometheus sequel. This of course was before John Logan came on board to add rewrites, but if the creatures themselves weren't re-written, it's very likely that we could see a total of two new Xenomorph-like beings in Alien: Covenant, one of which sporting transluscent skin - an abandoned concept from the first Alien, as well as the dreaded Ultramorph - a Space Jockey / Engineer born mega-Alien if you will - also something that was intended for the original Prometheus story.

Thanks to AvPGalaxy on Twitter for the image

When comparing statements made by Ridley Scott as well as what our own internal sources have claimed, we likely will not get to see the "classic" Xenomorph in Alien: Covenant, but variations of the creature instead. If our sources were correct, the Aliens present in Alien: Covenant will be created from a new event - contributed to, in part by the stranded David 8 android from the first film. How this comes to be - we don't know, but it's certainly fun to speculate the possibilities. If you have an idea or wish to share your thoughts, let us know in the comments section or in the Alien: Covenant forums!

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Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphFeb-20-2016 9:01 AM

Oh they better do that,I would also love to see xenomorph ancestors as well as other xenomorphs like beluga-xenomorph.

I just got my prometheus blu ray 3 disc collectors edition last month and on making the film some guy said about the room where they developed story,concept arts etc:

"Although it was supposed to be a highly secretive room with warning signs on the door and "Do not enter unless authorized" people came and went very freely,and ideas changed as people came and went and encountered the latest thinking.And there was an open forum for discussion.That was,I think,very healthy and fertile."

So all those informations shared by anonymous people many months ago to scified (that claimed they are working on the project) could be true.But since John Logan was brought in to overhaul the script I suppose he added the xenomorphs into the story and Ridley mentioned months after that "An egg,chestburster and then the big boy" he didn't mentioned the classic xeno.


AdminEngineerFeb-20-2016 9:21 AM

Exactly - he never specifically mentioned the classic Xeno being a part of the story. Instead he did say that they would be re-introducing the Facehugger and Chestburster. This doesn't mean they'll be the exact same as the ones featured in the quadrilogy, they could be earlier / alternate "versions" of the organisms.

I like to think of the Alien as a virus - an organism capable of adapting and modifying its own DNA structure to target a specific life form. With this relation in mind, I would imagine the Facehuggers / Chestbursters / Xenos we see in Covenant will not look completely identical to those in Alien and so on, but similar enough that we see the relationship and maybe even witness the process by which they evolve into the Xenos we're used to.


MemberNeomorphFeb-20-2016 12:13 PM

I wouldn't mind seeing new monsters. We have already seen it in many movies so this could be interesting. Just because we won't see the classic Xeno doesn't mean that we won't see something that reminds us about it after all the Deacon reminded us about it. I think that it could be cool if the Engineers made other monsters also that are not really Xeno like but we will see. The picture here looks good.

[AvPG]Corporal Hicks

MemberOvomorphFeb-20-2016 5:15 PM

Thanks for the mention, Chris! We'd appreciate it if you'd refer to us by the full site name though - AvPGalaxy and a link back like we always do when we refer to Scified. Thanks :)


AdminEngineerFeb-20-2016 8:09 PM

Hey Hicks, Certainly! The image is linked to the tweet you guys shared the image from, but I'll add it to the text as well. 


MemberDeaconFeb-22-2016 3:38 PM

Well there seems to be a change of Plan with the Sequel... Originally we heard they would be stepping away from Alien movie and Xenomorph... then we had them saying they would be trying to introduce a fresher form.....

Then we have Alien Covenant.... which is sugesting the 4 Stages... Egg, Face Hugger, Chest Buster and Big Guy.....  i am kind of being drawn by the comments that the Movie has had a Change of Direction to give us more clues to the Xenomorph and to be a more Alieny movie....  maybe Fox are thinking that the Xenomorph is what SELLS the Franchise... as well as Ripley.

So i think we would see Traditional Egg and Face Huger... maybe it can be Mildly different but i am not sure we can expect a Drastic Change.... so if we look at the difference between the 1979 Big Chap and the Alien Resurection, where they have a similar look but are SLIGHTLY different.

Maybe they would show us a New Egg, Face Huger etc design but that is similar and where we can make more of a connection.... i do hope they try something New and Fresh and not just give us the Original... of if they do.... then i want to see in the next movie something different... or suptle clues and concentrate on the Engineers.

Any New Design could be based on a Newer Event Creature..... or it could be from the Past!

We really cant be too sure what Ridley means by his comments... he did say they are going to re-introduce the Xenomorph... and i know he is a fan of the Original Design so i would assume we shall be seeing the Big Chap from 1979 getting a Modern Make Over... now that Technology is there to pull off better effects and practical designs.... we can now make much better Men in Monster Suits than in 1978... and with CGI this can be used to add shine and cover some details on the Action Suit Man in a Suit Monsters.... much like how the Engineers had added after effects sparkle added.

I do hope for some new designs.... and one thing we cant rule out is.... when Ridley said we shall see the 4 Stages of the Xenomorph... well he said the Monster/Beast.....  He does not have to mean as far as within the Time Frame of Covenant..... we could be shown such things as a Flash Back Scene...

He did say we would be shown How the Beast was created.... and im on the side of the fence that sees the Xenomorph as in the same Organism on the Derelict as something known to the Engineers for thousands of years.

This would allow Covenant to introduce something more fresher...


MemberDeaconFeb-22-2016 3:51 PM

Another thing to remember is the Alien Franchise has a Habit of re-using unused concepts and ideas from Previous Franchise Movies..... these include all the Alien Movies, as far as what was in some of he drafts that never made it, what scenes may have been planned but cut.... scenes that were cut and concept and designs that where never used..... and we can include Star Beast in that...

For Example.... Prometheus Borrowed and Evolved the idea of Star Beasts Urns... the Urns in Star Beas where Leathery and had tops that was effected when touched and they tops disolved away to then allow for the release of the Parasite inside.....

They took the Urn Idea and used them as the storage for the Black Goo, in which the Tops of those Urns also got affected and disolved or so it looked some how to allow the Goo to seap out.

Then we come to the Organism inside the Leathery Urns in Star Beast.... a Otcopoid Face Huger... well Shaws C-Section certainly fits that bill the Trilobite when it was first removed was like a Squid and so very Octopoid.

And so yes it would not suprise me if we see unused concepts, scenes and designs that was never used in previous movies... that could make it into the next movie.... 

These could be designs as far as Xenomorph related Organisms....  we could see them go for ideas they had wanted and tried at first in Alien with the Translucent Xenomorph that they never liked the final look of it due to limitations of Special Effects at the time..... so they could re-introduce a more Translucent Xenomorph and some of the concepts for other movies in the Franchise that were never used which included Spaigts Alien Engineers showed more Translucent Organisms.... some of Prometheus unused concepts which included some Fifieilds also had this partialy see through look to them.

And so yes they could use designs they never used from any part of Prometheus Concept Work including ones designed for Spaights draft.... but we cant rule out other ideas or concepts that were never used in any of the Movies... include Alien 3 and Alien Resurection etc.

But it does not have to be limited to using designs.... but Plot Points can be re-used... such as the New Borns Death Scene was Originally intended for at first a normal Human onboard the USM Auriga this was then changed to a higher ranked officer... and then finally the Death Scene for the New Born but they was all based off a unused idea for Alien.... which was that Lambert was to be sucked out of a hole on the Nostramo caused by a wounded Xenomorph... well by Acid Burn.



MemberDeaconFeb-22-2016 4:07 PM

Talking about unused ideas.... and sorry for going off Topic...

Ridley wants to Top the Chest Buster Scene.... sorry but how? we have seen it done over and over, and the only way it was special in the first one... was because it was New and Different and also the Cast did not 100% know what was going to happen not as far as details and the blood splatter and so the reaction was a true real shock and suprise re-action especially by Lambert...

How can Ridley Top this...?  Only ways are.

1) If it happened to a Character we cared about..... imagine if Alien 3 Ripleys Chest Buster happened half way through the movie?  i am sure our connection with her would make that scene more dramatic.... if it was full on like Kanes.... but how can they engage us in a Character within the Span of a movie unless it happens at the end?   Unless it happens to Shaw... but we would have to see her on screen for sometime to care about her as much..... Never mind caring about New Characters for a Chest Buster Scene to be affective.

2) Multiple Chest Busters... yes imagine if they are sitting down having a social time out, and then 2-3 of them start to Chest Bust..... but then we kind of saw this with Alien Resurection i.e more than one at a time and how would more than one get infected?  (but we have to assume we are going to see a few Xenos however).

3) More Gore.... yes a more Horrific Scene... like Spaights Holloway where the more Octopoid Chest Buster started to burst out of his body in different parts.. each Tentacle breaking through the skin... then a complete tearing of him from the inside out.... lots of Blood this would be Brutal...

Especially due to it happening within a Sex Scene....

4) Another Shock Value.... the Host... for me i have always felt uncomfortable with animals and especially Dogs suffering or depicted as such..... why the 1982 Thing is still the only movie that can make me feel uncomfortable and its only the Dog Thing Scene...... its why the Fly 2 Dog also makes me feel uneasy.... and why the Alien 3 Dog Chest Buster Scene still effects me a bit.... while the others including Kane dont even make me bat a eyelid....

For me... seeing Dogs suffer is the Shock Moment for me.... 

So how can Ridley do that with a Chest Buster...... A CHILD? Yes imagine if there was a new Alien 3 where Newt did not Die... but she was the one that gave birth to a Chest Buster and in a gruesome way.. that surely would Top the Original in many peoples eyes....  but i cant see them do that...


While on the subject of re-using unused ideas......

I think a similar scene to Holloway Love Scene from Spaights draft could give Ridley that Chest Buster Scene that Tops Alien...... it would have to be a Scene with Character they are trying to engage us with so maybe Daniels... has a love interest.... they are a Colony Ship and the purpose is to start new Home on a New World... and well Collonize it which would include Pro-creation...

If Daniels Love interest is Face Hugged maybe at the Hands of David, and they have no re-collection like Holloway in Spaights Draft..... so the crew of the Covenant are not aware of whats happened... not  like in Alien when they knew to a degree.

Imagine Daniels and Love interest getting it on.... then WHAM..... Chest Buster Scene....

I think this would be a Logical way to go... it would be a shocking way to re-introduce the Chest Buster.. and it would also have a effects on Daniels... this could be the Scene that breaks Daniels and sets her on the path to become that Hard.. Ripley type Character.... kind of the same way they had Holloways death and C-Section effect Shaw in Prometheus..


MemberNeomorphFeb-23-2016 9:05 AM



I hope that they will not show the traditional Xeno but something different. Look at dogs for example they have different looks, sizes and colors. What if the Xeno is similar in that way? There can be smaller ones, bigger ones, Xenos that are far away ancestors, and so on. Hopefully they won’t only go for the traditional one but rather have many variations although not too many (3-4 might be enough). I have never understood what the Big Chap is, is that the original Xeno from 1979? They had different types in Alien Resurrection I think that was interesting but that is not why the movie lacked because that was depending on other things.


Yes they should try something different as far as monsters go. I think that there is a possibility to make new monsters that still resemble it in a way. The Engineers were supposed to have a role in this and I think that the Engineers could have done more monsters rather than just the Xeno, it opens up for different possibilities which could be very interesting if they do it right.


You write about subtle clues, well if you mean that it would be like Prometheus then I disagree. I think that it should be more Alien-y than that which doesn’t mean that it should be like a second version of Alien or Aliens. Prometheus had subtle clues and look where that got us.


I think that the Squid alien was cool, some might not have liked it but I did. Sure they can use old models (I don’t mind that they use them) but they got to make it look good and some sort of modern. Since English isn’t my first language I got to ask what translucent is, is that that for example if you put light at the skin with a lamp then you can see things of the body that is under the skin? That could be cool and different.


As far as topping the chest busting scene I am not sure if that can be topped like that. What if a huge Xeno Puts its hand over a human skull and crushes it with one hand? That could be different even though it wouldn’t be chest busting. It would be cool if the Aliens would kill people in ways that we haven’t seen before especially if we see new versions of the Xenos. Here is a situation that they need to use their imagination but I think that it could work. For example the monsters could have a tail like a knife that they can split people in half with.


The idea of tentacles that are coming out of the body seems interesting. If they are looking for gore they could maybe look at how it is done in Zombie movies. You can get inspiration from various things.

[AvPG]Corporal Hicks

MemberOvomorphFeb-23-2016 9:37 AM

Thanks, Chris. Appreciated.

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