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New Xenomorph Alien: Covenant concept art by MPC hits the web!
Scified2017-06-02 18:08:12
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A host of new Xenomorph concept artwork from Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant have found their way online! Below are a couple Xenomorph concepts created by the concept art team at MPC for Alien: Covenant. The design for the Alien in Covenant was that of a more organic and less biomechanical aesthetic, compared to the one featured in Scott's 1979 original. However, both beats are equally as savage when it comes to how they treat their prey...

Xenomorph Concept by MPC

Xenomorph Concept by MPC

You can view more of MPC's Alien: Covenant concept artwork over on Collider! We are also in the process of updating our own image galleries, so be sure to check back soon for a host of additional Alien: Covenant artwork and images!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-06-02 18:08:12


MemberPraetorianJun-02-2017 6:22 PM

Looks really good, and captures the essence of the first movie very well!!


AdminEngineerJun-02-2017 6:24 PM

Agreed, would've loved to see a scene like that first image played out in the film - our glimpses of the Xeno doing any real damage was cut short.


MemberPraetorianJun-02-2017 6:33 PM

I've heard, yes. I just visited Collider, looed through the rest of the works, and these people have a solid feel for ALIEN, it's too bad their Concepts weren't really used.

A scene like the above, done with proper time and a still-horribly-alive victim would have worked. From all I'm reading, in the film all the creature-scenes sound very rushed, almost 'afterthought' in a way, they didn't seem to want to give the creatures time to 'play' with the camera and viewers.


MemberChestbursterJun-02-2017 7:09 PM

Just noticed. Isn't that tail a bit over the top? ;)

cabin flutist yacob wagner

MemberOvomorphJun-02-2017 8:43 PM

Hi there, reader here since Alien Covenant release.

I was just wondering, where did the 'why A:C flopped' article go? Because I for my part am one of those Alien fans, that indeed does hope it will not go down as a flop and genuinely enjoyed the movie.



MemberChestbursterJun-02-2017 9:24 PM

Looks like Alien is going for a Shin Godzilla tail. I love it.


MemberFacehuggerJun-03-2017 1:31 AM

The first image is amazing. I can see a possibility of Alien Isolation  sequel game with a design like this. 


ModeratorPraetorianJun-03-2017 1:47 AM

Those Xeno bum-cheeks are freaking me out. Can't un-see it


MemberPraetorianJun-03-2017 2:15 AM

That extended-length tail gives me some cool ideas... :D


MemberChestbursterJun-03-2017 6:24 AM


Be my xeno lover.... lmao 


MemberDeaconJun-03-2017 7:11 AM

That would have been a Gruesome death scene, but apparently there are more extended and brutal death scenes shot...

I am guessing they had to try and get the movie cut to 2 hours but also a Cert 15 UK (what ever international equivalent is) and so scenes like in this concept work would have had to make the movie pushed to a Cert 18 which closes it off to more potential viewers.

I just hope FOX does not go the route of Bring in Ripley and lower to a Cert 12 (US PG13) kind of Movie for the next one.


MemberChestbursterJun-03-2017 9:22 AM

Slight differences aside, the H.R Giger Xenomorph is truly a timeless design. Like Ridley said himself; it's the perfect monster.


MemberOvomorphJun-03-2017 11:36 AM

The Alien scenes in the movie are disappointing to me. David is emotionally attached to savage lifeforms. Yes, he feels he created them, but I, too, was a creator, and a most benign one at that, when as a kid I'd order Sea Monkeys from comic books and attempt to build a great army from my Palace of the Brine (AKA a bucket of water in my bedroom). I'm sorry to state the obvious, but David seems to give the Goo very little credit for its part in his evil godhood. And Shaw's corny tombstone? David the Great fashioned a stone worthy of...well, the cheapest ones they sell in my backwater town in the Earth year of our Lord 2017. Look on David's works! A butcher, an undertaker, a Xenomorph maker!

Daniels finds the notebook with the Giger-influenced images of biomechanical Shaw. Shaw is revealed as an eviscerated mannequin that barely looks like Noomi Rapace. David cries speaking of her, says he loved her as he insists Walter loves Daniels. This would be poignant and beautiful if any cohesion could be found in all the facts as presented. Why the Elizabeth Shaw tombstone? Why no tribute on it? Or her middle name, Mary? Why not a chilling "She found her Answers" line? Is James Whale's spirit possessing Ridley Scott? If we really ever get to see David engage in Gigeresque biomechanical "engineering," the surprise is gone as to which Xenomorph brain in a jar got dropped.

While the Aliens are thrown in, the movie is gratuitously about David and Walter. David is eerily compelling. Walter seems a pillar of strength beside his almost manic-depressive, outdated, malfunctioning twin. I like Tennessee; for some weird reason, he feels like a character from the first Alien film. Just a guy. His role might have suffered if we'd seen too much of him, but Ridley nailed this everyday hero. The shower scene was so bad and illogical it felt like a slap to the face of fandom. My God, the not-so-distraught lovebirds even listen to generic pop-rock music no one in the present day would play! It makes the death of the doctor in Alien3 look like a highlight from the proud history of Masterpiece Theater.

Shaw's death, a mystery? The mystery is whether it's a mystery! We truly needed to know if David murdered her, in order to get an accurate feel about him. The tears! The tombstone! The corpse! The art reminding us of Giger's brilliance that the studio has NO interest in exploring despite it being the draw to the titular Star Beast and the Space Jockey Engineers!

Someone watching Prometheus in June 2017 would expect the next story to explore the relationship between Shaw (lead character!) and David. Said person would then, upon viewing Covenant, be forced to feel Shaw was written out for a Hollywood reason, not a good-story decision. Her gutted body and the toss-'em-in mysteries of what happened to her almost redeem the Alien3 portrayal of the deaths of Hicks and Newt.

David equates "never dying" to perfection. The Aliens can easily be killed. Does he even want a "fellow immortal" that is all killer instinct for a companion? I'm sorry to say this again, but why didn't he just head to Earth and drop the vases there if he despises humanity so much? The answer may be that he's running his tests for an ultimate attack on old Weyland's BOA. Sadly, Shaw's death is not only a great loss to this movie, but the very reason David doesn't succeed as a fascinating character in spite of Fassbender's UNCANNY performance(s).

"We'll answer that in the next movie." I have developed a lot of wrinkles in the time between Prometheus and Covenant...

So. Spoiler alert. David and Walter easily steal this show. Scott has Oram give birth to a Ray Harryhausen action figure. (It's more Not Bad But Awful than the shower scene.) There are either too many cooks in the kitchen again, or the health inspector really needs to check this joint.

I vowed to avoid Covenant over Rapace. The Xenomorph got me. It always gets you. Ask Ripley. I'm like her clone now. I woke to a world where I've even sprung for the Covenant novelization (Alan Dean Foster helps...) and a download from the Kurzel soundtrack. Torch me. Do it! I can't handle this cocoon, or the Perfect Organism I can't remove from my imagination in spite of so many subpar movies! (I'm not serious. My Dallas deleted scene is just a thanatotic fan-fantasy. Lower your weapons.)

I have a strong, strong Sigourney feeling re whatever comes next. Prometheus was tossed aside. Watch. Covenant will also be an afterthought.

cabin flutist yacob wagner

MemberOvomorphJun-03-2017 12:41 PM

Hello Existenzable, you seem very emotionally about this movie, dare I say distressed even .

I want to recommend a good way for you to overcome your grief and disappointment by maybe playing and composing a song or mellow melody, for the movie that could have been, on a wooden flute.


MemberOvomorphJun-03-2017 1:32 PM

Greetings cabin flutist yacob wagner - the only mouth organ at which I'm proficient in performance, composition or downtime recreation is the one novelist Tom Robbins called "the hairy harmonica." But yes, I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. I needed saving from myself. Reality check appreciated.


MemberChestbursterJun-03-2017 3:08 PM

Lol (I guess?) 


MemberChestbursterJun-04-2017 6:36 AM

Neomorph :)

Capt Torgo

MemberFacehuggerJun-05-2017 7:48 AM

Existenzàble, you've lost me in your poetry. Just magical stuff you have fingered on that keypad making them strokes of true genius. As that flute fella says, a good fapping will ease the pain of this trite nonsense, us beloved fans have been infected with. Ridleys disease of high nonsense art has no cure, nor route of escape. There is only death here now.or my all time fave " I don't see any method at all"-captain Willard. Alas the pain my never subside, my heart broken, my fandom covered in ****!  

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