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New behind-the-scenes Alien: Covenant set photos shared online!
Scified2017-06-06 10:27:14
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As Alien: Covenant nears the $200 million dollar mark at the worldwide box office, we've got a few new behind-the-scenes set photos to share with you from Covenant's production. Concept artists Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton seemed to have a blast on the various Alien: Covenant sets and now that the film's been released, they've been sharing some of the photos they took during their time on the project. The photos below show off some of the film's practical set pieces including the Juggernaut corridor, the scroll room on Paradise and some props like the Xenomorph head. Check them out:

Be sure to follow our pals Dane Hallett and Matt Hatton on their respective Instagram accounts as well, for more Alien: Covenant goodness! 

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2017-06-06 10:27:14

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MemberFacehuggerJun-06-2017 10:40 AM


Thanks. These are awesome...For a behind-the-scenes guy, you do great work!


MemberXenomorphJun-06-2017 11:44 AM

Very cool!

IF the sets are still intact...I would urge 20TH Century Fox/Ridley to let some amateur film makers use the set(s)!

Give them some space suits and let them film some scenes! Fire up the fog machines...


MemberOvomorphJun-06-2017 12:27 PM

Funny the guy who scratches his nose at the side of the head of the xenomorph


MemberChestbursterJun-06-2017 12:53 PM

This shows the most magnificent sets that unfortunately were skipped by in the film, with little to no acknowledgement. That is such a waste.

But awesome photos ! Really enjoyed the ones with the suits especially. Getting a good view of the size.

Thank You


MemberFacehuggerJun-06-2017 12:55 PM

Now those suits are more like it. They look at least 13+ feet tall. The way it should have been. Even without the base they are on. Hopefully those sets are used in the next film.


MemberXenomorphJun-06-2017 1:14 PM


I'm assuming these sets were built for 2 or 3 movies.

Space Jockey set should be very important in the movie leading directly to A L I E N.


MemberChestbursterJun-06-2017 1:39 PM

Not this space jockey set. It does not match the one in Alien. There are numerous details that are not the same, and they were changed on purpose.


MemberOvomorphJun-06-2017 2:21 PM

Nice sets. But the design is clearly not gigeresque enough. Everything looks too mechanical, missing the organic touch which made the original derelict so creepy.


MemberOvomorphJun-06-2017 2:51 PM

Watering down Giger's sick but brilliant mysteries is going to lead to the death of this film series. Alien was great because it was disturbing. The pace was realistic (making any surprises that much more effective), the people were normal, casually flawed and the ancient Derelict and its perverse cargo seemed to be a kind of cosmic Hell awaiting whoever or whatever found it.

Tell me you'd leave Earth if you knew this awaited you:

(From Tom Colbie Art / WordPress)

Capt Torgo

MemberFacehuggerJun-06-2017 3:47 PM

This is just an absolute tragedy seeing this majesty be reduced to a darkened cardboard box. I almost think Ridley intentionally made this film to piss people off. We don't see the jockey chair at all I'm sure and everything is just so dark, they could have filmed Covenant on a high-school basketball court. Since people are saying China won't see any gore or xenomorphs in their cut I can maybe see a use for some of the "we are Walter" viral marketing. There was nothing filmed this dark in Prometheus so why did he poop the bed in this film? Unbelievable, great job Scott Free productions... at least he is a job creator so i'll slow clap for that. 


MemberNeomorphJun-06-2017 8:03 PM

I don't understand why the "behind the scenes" look much better than anything in the movie.

The Eighth Passenger

MemberOvomorphJun-06-2017 8:31 PM

I'm seeing some condoms on the same table as the alien's head. Looks like the FX team was calling back to Giger's condom/mouth-tendon idea. That or this is some new form of craft services table.

Count me in as disappointed about the demystified origin. I understand Foster's adapted novel indicates David's not the true creator and is only following a recipe, but will that be maintained in the sequels? (If the sequels are still in production. Seen some grim articles about box office returns.)


MemberXenomorphJun-07-2017 5:10 AM


Yeah yer all right...they should have green screened and CGI'ed the whole thing. No reason to do actual sets. They'll moan anyway. Save some cash. *S*

Galaxy Dave

MemberOvomorphJun-07-2017 1:53 PM


I absolutely agree.  Fox and Ridley have watered it all down, minimizing the horrific Gigeresque universe.  I just don't understand why they're doing this?  It saddens me to no end.  


MemberFacehuggerJun-07-2017 6:35 PM

AC has finished its cinema run here in newcastle australia, 4 weeks wow! thats piss poor, looks like wonder woman and the mummy are going to knock it out of the park, shame! 

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