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New Alien: Romulus preview footage description leaked online! (SPOILERS)
Scified2024-07-07 18:57:35
Written by Dark Nebula4,225 Reads3 Comments2024-07-07 18:57:35


Last month a presentation for Fede Alvarez's Alien: Romulus movie was shown at a remote theater in London, England. The footage itself has not leaked online, but thanks to the folks over at AvPGalaxy we now have a detailed description of what was shown. The entire detailed write-up of the event and its footage can be found here while below we've highlighted the major take-aways. Beware however, the following description does contain some spoilers for Alien: Romulus!

Alien: Romulus Preview Footage Description

  • The footage opened with an exterior shot of dirty old USCSS Corbelan. The same vessel shown in the trailers the characters use to flee the gravitational bounds of the planet they come from.
  • While the crew prepares to take off, we discover that Andy and Rain have never left the surface. They soon take off and the vessel disappears into the violent storm. Corbelan breaks through the clouds, and we see a gorgeous view of the planet below.
  • Crew locates their target, the Renaissance station which they speculate may have fallen into their planet’s orbit and is stuck in its gravity. They’re desperate to escape from their life below so they see the derelict station and what’s inside as financial rewards.
  • Characters explore the station, and a number of them somehow get stuck in a flooded laboratory. Rain goes to the other room where they previously found a synthetic that was torn in half, and removes a component from it. Navarro finds the X-Ray device, messes with it and quickly finds out how it functions.
  • Rain rushes back to the flooded room and hands Andy the component through the partially opened door. Andy inserts it into a port at the back of his head and begins to reboot, standing motionless, at a very inconvenient time. The component contains security credentials.
  • The flooded laboratory soon turns out to be an incubation chamber containing many Facehuggers locked in some sort of stasis. Some stasis seems to fail, and Facehuggers drop out into the water and attack the crew. Andy is done rebooting and jumps in to help the crew. Using his new officer credentials, Andy opens the doors and the crew heads out. Facehuggers burst through the glass doors, swarming into the hallway and chasing the characters.
  • The crew attempts to lock themselves in a different room, but one face hugger makes it through the closing door and jumps at Navarro. What happens next judging from the first trailer is the crew removes the Facehugger from Navarro, but it's too late.
  • The next footage shifted to a scene onboard the USCSS Corbelan, Navarro is experiencing severe chest pain and in panic uses the X-ray device, revealing the Chestburster moving inside of her chest as Kay watches in horror. The Chestburster bursts through Navarro’s chest and disappears into the depths of the ship as Kay screams over Navarro’s corpse. Additionally, while Navarro was trashed due to pain, some of the ship’s controls were smashed causing the engines to start, the activated vessel flew uncontrolled around the station, causing damage along the way before crashing into the shuttle bay.
  • In the last footage that wasn’t shown at CinemaCon and CCXP, Kay, still on Corbelan, is seen moving down a corridor where she sees a strange alien growth attached to a wall. Mike from Mike’s Monsters mentioned this in his reaction video, this is a new moment for the franchise of what happens to a Chestburster when it escapes from its host and begins to mature. The Chestburster cocoons itself.
  • Bjorn finds Kay and stabs the cocoon with an electric prod, triggering the electrical pulses. This is shown briefly in the second trailer. The Xenomorph inside the cocoon is heard screeching and trashing. This assault is what caused the Xenomorph’s scarred features. Thinking he had killed the Xenomorph, Bjorn removes the electric prod and backs away when suddenly he is stabbed through the bottom of the chin by the Xenomorph’s barbed tail. Xenomorph exits from its cocoon as Kay runs away in panic and falls off a catwalk. The footage abruptly ends.

There is plenty more divulged in the full write-up, so we encourage you to head on over to AvPGalaxy to give it a read!

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MemberFacehuggerJul-08-2024 11:44 AM

Such a fantastic info. It still feel like a dream knowing that a brand new Alien movie is now becoming reality and we are going to witness this in just one month away. 


AdminEngineerJul-08-2024 11:58 AM

I know the feeling. It seems surreal still for me too, the hype is mounting for sure. The fact the film comes out next month has not sunk in yet.

NCC 1701

MemberOvomorphJul-09-2024 9:55 AM

wow , Eh 

let it sink in , not too many sleeps now 

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