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New Alien: Covenant set photos reveal haunting depiction of an eradicated Alien species!
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Written by Chris14,054 Reads28 Comments2016-05-20 08:46:50

A fresh batch of thrilling new Alien: Covenant set photos have found their way online and depict some pretty powerful imagery. In what would seem like the eradication of a primitive society, Humanoid bodies are seen as charred and burnt, in grotesque positions at the steps of a stone temple as well as battling with each other. At first these set photos could be interpreted as an eradication of the Human race, or possibly a past extinction event, but diving deeper, these new set photos offer more clues which suggest the sequences depicted take place on an Engineer home world, not Human.

Charred bodies at temple steps - Alien: Covenant set photo

According to the DailyMail:

Reflecting a haunting dystopia or end-of-civilization scenario, several huge monuments appear toppled and strewn across the dry landscape and a tremendously large stone structure of a man's face is left cracked and half-decapitated.

Juxtaposed next to the modern film machinery - including a large red and white crane, barricade tape and several work vehicles - the unfamiliar set and perfectly still human forms look disturbing and out-of-place.

Elsewhere, a series of huge, tree-like stumps were shown growing out of a barren rocky landscape - and the sheer scope of the design was highlighted by a solitary crew member.

Alien: Covenant set photo

As seen in the above set photo as well as the one below, Engineer hieroglyphics are printed on the broken stone walls. On Earth, the only indication of the Engineer's involvement were the cave paintings showing giant beings pointing to the stars. So, this would suggest that the place in which the above scenes take place are either the Engineer home world, Paradise, or another planet like LV-223, where the Engineers resided. But if this were to be Paradise, then the above scenes can only act as flash-back scenes, due to the fact that the official plot synopsis indicates the only inhabitant of the planet is Michael Fassbender's David.

New Alien: Covenant set photo

Extraterrestrials battle in new Alien: Covenant set photo

The above set photos show toppled over statues and two pairs of Humanoids seemingly engaged in battle. However, the engaged Humanoids don't seem to be 'transformed' in any way - elongated crested skull, overly long limbs, etc... which would indicate Black Goo infection. Due to this, there are two scenarios this could play out - either the above scenes depict a clash within the Engineer society, which induces a form of civil war, or the Engineers aren't so much battling, but attempting to drag their comrades to safety.

Massive tree trunks spotted in new Alien: Covenant set photo

Finally, the last set photo depicts some massive tree trunks surrounded by uneven stone and patches of grass. This too, could be part of the same planet, where the above scenes are based. Besides the size of the trees, little else is revealed in this photo.

So what could it all mean for Alien: Covenant? Let's consider the most likely scenarios:

Scenario #1: This IS Paradise, or at least was. Upon either David or the Covenant crew arriving on a desolate and barren wasteland of a planet, they discover temple ruins. Like in Prometheus, a holographic recording is triggered and the above imagery is shown. These were the Engineers which inhabited the planet but for some unknown reason, were turned on by their own creator and were nearly eradicated for their transgressions. In an attempt to flee, the Engineers sought refuge on LV-223, devising a weapon to use against their own creators (possibly Space Jockey).

Scenario #2: Those bodies are Human and this is one of the final scenes in Alien: Covenant. The charred bodies are those of the Covenant crew! After finding David on Paradise and discovering the ancient Engineer temple ruins, they begin to learn about David and his agenda. Possibly even after discovering the fate of Elizabeth Shaw, they plan to stop David on his journey, but David in defense, unleashes a horrible weapon upon them.

Scenario #3: They were Engineers, engaged in a feud battle with their own species. Remember those theories about Light and Dark Engineers? This could be their falling out moment - and the Dark Engineers unleash their weapon/discovery on their brothers.

Of the above mentioned scenarios, the first seems the most likely to me. It's the classic tale of created turning on the creator and creator losing faith in their created. We saw it in Prometheus when the crew attempt to connect with their creator, the Engineer - who in turn acted aggressively. When the Engineer race become wise and technologically advanced, to the point of leveling themselves with their own creators, those creators set to "put them back in their place". It's a recurring theme in Prometheus and one which is likely to continue in Alien: Covenant.

As more set photos and details surface, we'll be sure to keep you updated! In the meantime, share your own theories and speculations with us, by starting your own discussion in the Alien: Covenant forum!

Thanks to forum member Necronom 4 for the heads up!

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MemberFacehuggerMay-20-2016 9:16 AM

Chris, with regards to scenario 1 and "creator not happy with created", I immediately thought of how in the Old Testament, God was not happy with his creation and sends a flood to wash them away, saving only certain people and creatures, ie, Noah and the Ark, and God's covenant with Noah and his family.


MemberDeaconMay-20-2016 9:17 AM

Yes interesting Photos... Alien Covenant and the cast and synopsis suggest the crew is not Huge... and its set 10 years after Prometheus... so i think maybe we can rule 2: out..

I remember when the Source informed me of a lot of stuff and they hinted that the connections between Rebellion, Punishment, Forbidden Knowledge and Fire was to be played out on multiple levels..  Engineers are not the first line in the Order, David is not the last i.e Engineers ==> Mankind ==> David 

And they kind of hinted some of the Biblical Elements may not be literal as far as Mankind... and also how Mankind had been to that system prior, they had played a hand in the Xenos creation and then about how we are now 4th/5th Generation of Mankind... by that we are not talking Great Grandfather, Grandfather Father, and Son.

And now with these images its all making sense...

Michael Biehn said Alien Covenant was set thousands of years ago.... the source hinted at a less Alien movie but one that would have some Monsters but have 3 Plot elements as far as how Prometheus had two (Sacrificial Scene in past, and Prometheus Mission 2091-2093).

The source also said the movie would have a much larger cast.... which all never went with the Covenant Synopsis and Shaw does not Technically Die..  movie has Matrix themes to it quite more than other connections and Blade Runner look but also Blade Runner plot as far as connections to Replicants but they would not say if this was with regard to Engineers or David.

Well now a lot of things are sliding into place...

so to me these Scenes are of a Punishment either by God/Gods or by a Rebellious Faction on  their own kind. and its a Scene thats either on Paradise or Earth.



MemberDeaconMay-20-2016 9:19 AM

Yes Membrane the source i had mentioned the movie would cover Punishment and that its not the first time Gods have destroyed life to create a new... and the Prometheus Mission of the Engineers that failed was just another attempt at such a thing.

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterMay-20-2016 9:51 AM

These shots are extremely encouraging because they show that one of the three themes "Paradise Lost" is being given very full measure.

If as seems likely this is Paradise, the artefacts or sizing of the practical effects do not contradict such a view, the question then is, is some of the planet still fertile and lush with beautiful glaciated valleys (The New Zealand locations) and other parts focused around the Engineers society laid waste by the dissension/retribution visited on them.          

The sense of decay and grunge that has been mentioned in recent days also fits in with the notion that the crew will be moving through landscapes which are broken and aged.  

For me this is not the cat out of the bag its the bag is sizing up to be rich in pickings.

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphMay-20-2016 10:00 AM

The black goo would have something to do with the massacre because in the second image the other guy has taller limbs and seems stronger than the other guy because the other guy is barely standing on his feet,and we've seen what the black goo can do.Its simmilar to preserved bodies of eruption victims in Pompeii:

One thing that is confusing me is that Ridley said that Engineers created something on their planet that destroyed them and Janek said that the engineers are not stupid enough to make weapons of mass destruction on their own doorstep.Unless some engineer while returning to the paradise got infected with the black goo and upon arriving he infected others wich led to massacre.Or 10 years before the arrival of the covenant David unleashed the black goo on the engineers.Whats interesting is that Fassbender commented that David 8 will be back in a whole new way.

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterMay-20-2016 10:59 AM

@Dark Nebula Looking at those stills I am seeing them fleeing toward the temple and struck down mid flight as they move toward it. They do not conjure up the Black Goo manifestation this seems like Pompeii/a biblical scene where they are responding to a show of awesome power. It could be the displeased gods, incoming from LV223 and for me less likely David transformed bringing hell. All the sculptures appear intact. if my hunch is right then the divine intervention is because they have stolen the fire and fallen. The wonderful thing is I am not spoilt because I can not be certain.   


AdminEngineerMay-20-2016 11:21 AM

@BigDave - the concept of Humans of Earth being 4th/5th generation is an interesting one. Even more interesting is the thought that the Engineers were created by MANKIND, just an older, more advanced version. As Biblical scripture reads God created Man in his image, perhaps MANKIND was the next of kin to God himself and the Engineers were a result of MAN advancing their knowledge of creation in a manner of imitation? Perhaps that's what throws God over the edge and in response God punishes Man by destroying Engineers, but like DAVID, they feel a sense of purpose, they feel their lives matter (and they do), so they seek to retaliate against those who created them and left them to be destroyed by God - Man. Meanwhile MANKIND seeded the galaxy with remnants of their own DNA in an effort to maintain the existence and evolution of the Human race.

God cannot he destroyed, but Man can be. And so, like David, the Engineers vow to seek revenge on their masters.

The look the Engineer gave David upon realizing what he was, almost looked like sympathy and compassion. Seeing what Humans had created. The Engineer knew what would come of Humanity if they were allowed to continue. History would repeat itself. 

@Membrane, I as well thought of the great Flood, among other punishments do***ented in the Bible. The story will undoubtedly focus on the method of punishment and transgression.


MemberTrilobiteMay-20-2016 11:36 AM

Looking at these set photographs makes me think that this is likely from a fourth scenario that Chris did not imagine... 

I speculate that the planet on which Alien: Covenant is set was once home to a race of aliens that were genetically identical to us, having been created by the Engineers as inferred at the beginning of Prometheus. But unlike us this race worshiped the Engineers, or were possibly even a slave race to the engineers as evidenced by the huge head (similar to that seen in Prometheus) and the toppled statues.

For reasons we will undoubtedly have to wait for the Engineers saw it prudent to eradicate life on this world, using something similar to a Pyroclastic Flow, possibly something akin to the Black Smoke mentioned in H. G. Wells' the War of the Worlds. Although I suspect that maybe this new 'weapon' was used to eradicate these Human Aliens after a black liquid infection was detected, most likely created as a countermeasure in the event of a breakout like on LV-223.

Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphMay-20-2016 11:55 AM

Lol, I was about to suggest something very similar to what Gavin said.

Maybe it is a planet that the elders once seeded, like Earth and these humanoids are much like us. Or maybe I'm just hoping to see another race apart from humans that the engineers have played a part in creating.

Maybe Earth was once full of monuments of the gods and engineer/elder hieroglyphs and this would have been the fate of humans if it wouldn't have been for the out-brake on LV223. 

Whatever it is, it will be great to eventually find out next August! 

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterMay-20-2016 12:21 PM

@BigDave&Chris - the concept of Humans of Earth being 4th/5th generation is an interesting one. Even more interesting is the thought that the Engineers were created by MANKIND, just an older, more advanced version. As Biblical scripture reads God created Man in his image, perhaps MANKIND was the next of kin to God himself and the Engineers were a result of MAN advancing their knowledge of creation in a manner of imitation? Perhaps that's what throws God over the edge and in response God punishes Man by destroying Engineers, but like DAVID, they feel a sense of purpose, they feel their lives matter (and they do), so they seek to retaliate against those who created them and left them to be destroyed by God - Man. Meanwhile MANKIND seeded the galaxy with remnants of their own DNA in an effort to maintain the existence and evolution of the Human race.

When BD talked about current Mankind being Forth/Fifth version I took it to mean that the gardeners/engineers had called out the early versions of mankind and destroyed them and created another variant. The cave paintings had been seen before by advanced forms of mankind and had journeyed to LV223 which had lead to the redacting of that version.  

However we now have another tributary to that thinking that mankind created the engineers and in an earlier epoch the creations turned on their creators. In much the same way that David's evolving story appears to be moving the creation turning on its creators.

So far Ridley through his proxy Shaw has indicated that the Engineers created us, the sacrifice at the beginning of Prom leads to that view, it provides the methodology for our creation.That kind of thinking was all over the explanations of the Engineers off screen.

Their size and power does not conjure up the notion of them being merely created by Mankind. They feel much more powerful. 

For me the third strand of A C is now why the Zeno we need a clear and well developed understanding of the first strand (Paradise Lost) and the new images show thats going to happen "here it is and why" the second strand is the W-T and the Covenant, given the introduction of the second strand and why the zeno I am struggling to see how the elliptical elements of Prom 2 Mankind/Engineers multi layered history adds to the A C strands. Why Paradise Lost because they broke their Covenant and stole the fire and suffered catastrophic failure, Why the Zeno, why Bio Mechanoid , why retribution and punishment well the Eggs and its deadly payload are in the future a response made after the Engineers capitulated, unless its an ancient past the view of  MB but if we are going to see the story told of the Zeno (John Logan) we are going to push a good deal of the narrative and David back into the past and then come forward to the Zeno creating havoc in real time and then we have more movies moving toward the back end of A L I E N which in Prom 2 was never intended.

I am curious how we think we can blend this element of Prom 2 and A C lots of ideas and themes but narrative ?   



Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterMay-20-2016 12:37 PM

@Gavin Singleton.

Gavin its perfectly possibly and reinforces how Paradise has become Lost (we see a vignette showing their misuse of power). We know the Engineers of LV223 have fallen thats the story telling return on Prom, this confirms their brethren on Paradise are equally wicked. However if they are the actual Engineers of Paradise that we are seeing punished that would have the same story telling effect and be more economical, particularly if David is explaining to the Covenant Crew ( and the audience) what he has discovered has happened.    


MemberXenomorphMay-20-2016 1:27 PM

WOW! Fantastic images!

Think I understand them....All but the final image(the large tree stumps). I don't understand why they had to create that set?! What action could they possible need to reenact that they couldn't just go off into the woods? They must have needed to create a dead planet look? I hope!


MemberXenomorphMay-20-2016 1:27 PM

double post


MemberDeaconMay-20-2016 2:06 PM

"Engineers created something on their planet that destroyed them and Janek said that the engineers are not stupid enough to make weapons of mass destruction on their own doorstep"

Yes that was the case we was pushed towards but this would assume we know where the LV-223 Engineers came from... but the Last did say Paradise.

When Ridley said about finding the reasons for Xeno, he did so by also referring to the Evil Biology and so he was not being clear cut...  Thus the Black Goo on LV-223 may not have been created on Paradise. it could be the Sacrificial Goo that was, but it was misused on LV-223 but also we cant rule out anything being sent to Punish the LV-223 Engineers, that failed (Space Jockey) and then the surviving Engineers on LV-223 Worshiped what was unleashed on them and re-engineered it and then sent it to Paradise.

There really is a number of ways this could go down and reasons and we cant be sure, maybe if we try and tie in loosely what Biblical, Sumerian, Greek Mythos all have in common maybe we can get some understanding then.


MemberFacehuggerMay-20-2016 2:13 PM


I would have loved to see War of the Worlds done as a period piece, faithful to the book. It's a shame Spielberg got there first (though he in many ways did a really good job), that would be a great film for Guillermo!

Your ideas dovetail with the third image down, the long shot of the one just below it. Notice how there are two sets of desicated figures, one quite a bit larger than the other. They could just be meant for different shots, or is the scale difference intentional?


MemberDeaconMay-20-2016 2:21 PM

This was the Fantastic thing about all the Mythos with Prometheus the broad ideas... the possibilities and potential.. But AC Synopsis and Cast seemed to hint to them stepping away from this... but these images show that these themes are not forgotten.

Prometheus was as a back theme, about Creation, and Rebelion by Creation, and Forbiden Knowledge and Theft of Fire... in that the use of Certain Knowledge not intended for some will allow them to be on equal footing with their creators and by doing this would mean the creators have to destroy their creation first...  but  we see be it creation using something Horrific or even creators using it or both that playing with certain FIRE gets you BURNT regardless of what Hierarchy you fill on the Creator/Creation Step Ladder.

The Bible, Matrix and Paradise Lost Share common themes.. with Greek Mythos....

What these Scenes show us is in my opinion PUNISHMENT

But on who and what Order and Why, is where its open... this could be on Paradise, Earth, LV-223 or LV-426 in the Past... it could be Paradise or some other World in terms of post David arriving at this place.

This could be Engineers, or those above the Engineers, it could be another Humanoid Race created by them, it could be a First or Earlier installment of Mankind.

Its all pretty open.... The Source said there are links between all those Mythos, but not to take each as Literal....  like assume Adam and Eve where the First Mankind and only ones at the time of the Fall.

So i think just because the Bible  as many understand it depicts God creating Angels, Then he creates Man (Adam) then creates Eve....  then Satan Rebels and persuades Adam and Eve to defy Gods wishes and this ends up seeing Adam, Eve and Satan and his Angels all thrown from the Garden...

This does not mean Literally thats what happened... it depends what Abrahamic Canon you use, to determine did Satan Rebel before creation of Man, or after and so was his Fall because he would not worship Man as Gods Perfection Creation or did God already see Lucifer was rebelling against God prior.

So i think there is a broad theme.... but how this Scene fits is anyone's Guess, like Prometheus we have clues, but we are not given clues so far to Make ONE Definite Theory.

Could Ancient Biblical Accounts attributed to Mankind be based on a re-telling of Actual Accounts that befell a Race before Mankind, or the Engineers.... retold in a way that it affected us....

So could God have punished other creations below him but above us in the past with similar ideas?


MemberDeaconMay-20-2016 2:30 PM

Ridley had hinted at the creation of other life before, when he made comments a long time ago about was Mankind the First Race on Earth these Gods had attempted to destroy?  He then brought up Atlantis and im sure Mermen lol

And so if we look at Ancient Cultures there was not simply Mankind as we are now....  Greek Mythos you have..

Hesiod's Five Ages


Ovid's Four Ages

And its not just in those but other Cultures had it that a Race of Men where on the Earth before Women came along latter.

When we think of Angels we think of Good and Bad as in Fallen/Demons... Depending on which context we look at then in the Abrahamic Religions there are up to 12 Different kinds of Devine beings below God and above Man...

In context to Prometheus the Source said that David is not the last in the ladder of creation and the Engineers are not the first and they claimed there are other levels above the Engineers, that seemed to imply we dont have God==> Engineers ==> Mankind ==>David

As far as the potential and what is going on, well the SCOPE is very Huge and Interesting... but just because we see shots that could more than likely depict a Flash Back to the past....  be that thousands of years ago... or post David arriving on Paradise. (assumes this is Paradise it may not be).  Does not mean the movie would be going in too deep on these Themes.


Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterMay-20-2016 3:05 PM

@BD As you know often a director will explain to actors what they need to know about their character to place it without offering the detailed back story to the audience.

I think Ridley is an unusual director in that he talks freely about his work and that "for actors eyes only" information gets in the public domain.

I am sure you agree that is quite separate from a huge block buster movie which needs to communicate effectively including making it clear something is drawn in only the briefest of details quite deliberately. 

Part of the reason speculation is fascinating with A C and the degree of complexity in the "building of the mythos" is we know there was a mixed reaction to Prometheus and we also know there has been a substantial change of direction with its follow up anchoring it more closely to the A L I E N and making much more direct and relatable connections.

As a result I think whilst everything is up for grabs because of the foregoing somethings are more likely, for instance the engineers story (Paradise Lost) is there to contextual why the zeno and Weyland Yuntani and what happens to the Covenant Crew rather than for its own sake, some things which complicate the back story I think are less likely than would have otherwise been.

What is encouraging from these stills is that A C has not been reduced to a simple A L I E N fan service narrative the mythos is alive and growing to support the core narrative. 


MemberDeaconMay-20-2016 3:18 PM

Yes i think they had to face the fact, that the Audience would care more about being pulled in by better Characters and also more Xenomorphs than these being a back story and to follow a Giant Alien Race and their Creators and other Creations who cant speak English and so do we get Subtitles?

I think delving deep into the Mythos was something some fans did not want to see.... i think they will do it but more as a back story like how it was in Prometheus.

But maybe it can be covered as part of a Multiple Threaded Plot.... the Source suggested the movie had 3 Plots and it would perhaps go back and forth between them and even spread these Plots over 2 movies.

They would not say what these Plots was, just one and only a part would have been about Shaw and David and what happens from LV-223 to Paradise and on after... they said this is not the Main Plot.... there are other two bigger ones..

They said the Plots would be like how Prometheus had 2, with One being Sacrificial Flash Back and the other the Prometheus Mission from 2091 to 2093 and if we take those as TWO PLOTS then the next 1-2 movies would have had 3 Plots at the same time... as in same movie..

They was vague but it got me thinking that One would be Shaw and Davids Mission to Paradise, and another Flash Backs regarding the Engineers... but then what would a 3rd be?  What becomes of Weyland Yutani? another Earth Mission sent after David and Shaw or to LV-223.

And if this is the case then maybe following 3 ideas in one movie would have been a bit of a missmash and taken the emphasis off which Character driven Plot would stand out to tell a tale we can engage with as far as Alien as opposed to Prometheus.



MemberDeaconMay-20-2016 3:28 PM

Back to the Photos...

We cant be sure if they are people being statues as if frozen... this could be just a Photo of a Scene in Action?

We do see Females, and Males and they are in peak physical condition very Athletic as if they are in Prime, Perfect Form.... but they are also all Bald..... is this because their Hair is Burnt?

If we look closer there are Huge Stone Tablets or Walls with Engineer Hierglyphs in the same Cuneiform pattern that we saw in Prometheus.

This tells me the Scene by more than Coincidence is about a Ancient Race Related to the Engineers, or a earlier form of Man. Maybe the Fall of Angels.... but then as the source hinted to me ages ago not to take it literal when things in the Bible refer to Mankind...  as in Man of Today and brings up the Generations of Man.

They hinted that the Biblical references may not apply literally to Man, but to another race..

So was the Engineers a earlier Man, or if not did the source kind of hint maybe the punishments that are told about Mankind are actually warnings to mankind about Punishments for going against God, that were actual events that had been unleashed on the Engineers or other Related Races?



MemberDeaconMay-20-2016 3:47 PM

i have seen some other forums where people are thinking they have seen this Scene as the Black Goo and it changing some of these beings.... also this is the Covenant Crew after David is finished or Engineers after David is finished.

I dont see any signs of mutating like Fifield in these scenes there are one or two sets of people who look distorted but this could be down to angle?

Here is the larger view and its top left there are a few that look like one leg is longer...

Maybe it can be the Black Goo?

But we also have to remember God has used various kind of Punishment upon people like the 7 Plagues, The Flood and the Fire and Brimstone of Sodom and Gomorrah and so we dont know if the Gods of this Franchise have more than One kind of Punishment.

But bare in mind Ridley said Paradise was a Scene of Disaster.... as in prior to the Alien Covenant arriving and if we look at Paradise Lost their was Punishment.

The Source said there are a few things from that Poem but not to take it too Literal, but they did say that yes a Faction of Engineers where Punished... but in Punishment it set them free from Bondage....  and referred to in a non Literal way to Paradise Lost and how some of the Fallen Angels where turned into Serpents.

If i was to take the sources hints as being True, then im drawn to a conclusion that this Scene could back up and that is we are seeing a Bio-Weapon unleashed on some Engineers or Related Beings and what if they are Evolved like Fifield was (unused concepts) to become Organisms like this..

Which is not far off something like this..

And so what if as some theories we discussed about the Xenomorph in that be it the Queen, or Egg Morph eventually what if the Xeno/Queen die as they dont live for ever... then we would have some Eggs left behind... and these are Dormant?  Like the Spores in Star Beast?

Maybe thus a Scene like this can explain as a Flash Back as to how the Xeno came to be if this could be one method... but the Xeno as far as a Progenitor?

We would still have to explain the Space Jockey and Bio-Mechanical Xenomorphs... so this is a theory that may or may not apply.

But still it could be these beings being Punished could be Destroyed to create Something New?  Something that the Xeno traces its DNA to?

If we however go the route of David doing this, well these beings are looking to the Skies.... surely they would have defense against the Juggernaught or be aware of what they are?

Maybe? or maybe not if these are ships created by a Evil Race of Engineers, i cant rule out this but i would still assume this event is Thousands of Years ago.... but it could be either God Punishing Rebel Engineers or a similar Race... or Engineers Punishing their Creators (everyone wants their parents dead).. or fellow kind.


Sci-Fi Lover

MemberOvomorphMay-21-2016 1:11 PM

I have been following this particular web site before it was incorporated into scified, which I am glad it did because Iam anxiously awaiting the Alien:Covenant movie. After having watched Prometheus and initially not being too happy with it, because it just became so dark at one point, too much blood and gore, but later as I thought about all the layers upon layers of thought into the film I began to grow a deep seated hunger for more information. I am so worried that Mr. Scott will relinquish the directorial reigns to another director for part 3, if there will be one and I hope there will be another. If the director chosen is deeply steeped in a passionate desire to continue the Alien saga and will work very closely with Ridley or is someone that Mr. Scott is confident will meet the expectations of the fans long time and new then so be it. Regarding the posters I mean this would only serve to excite the public even more, I dont beleive they would purposely give us spoilers that's just counter productive. Anyway I just want the film to give us long sought after answers that would satisfy the public, the fans and if Mr. Scott has to take a little more time to ensure that the final product will be an Magnus Opus, then I am content to wait, not that I want to mind you, but I would rather  he spun an intricate web of intrigue and wonder that is thought provoking for years to come as have the previous incarnations of this great chronology of films. I want to know more about the engineers, I want to see their world, the native alien life forms, their architecture, technology, society etc. I feel this is in the collective minds of us all, I want to see as much of their world and culture as possible, and ultimately answers that will satisfy, I feel we all do, we are all drawn to the mystery and if done right it will lead onward to even deeper space explorations, and yes different aliens and cultures. I just hope there will be some engineers who are not so dark who do not want to destroy us, this is something that really bothered me, although I understood why he killed Wayland, hopefully there will be good engineers who see it in a more empathic manner, and who would beleive in the good of man, they can't all be of the same mind. I look forward to the completion of this movie and opening day. Mr. Scott I hope some of these suggestions reach you and knowing you, you're probably way ahead of me. Live long and prosper, and may the force be with you.


MemberFacehuggerMay-22-2016 1:47 PM

Wrt the sculpture of the half head. The nose looks very much like David's. I don't know if I have missed any previous comments about this, but I do find it intiguing.


MemberDeaconMay-22-2016 2:44 PM

Some had a theory of what if the Big Head Statue in Prometheus was David and he somehow becomes God and created all.... this kind of Paradox Twist is not something i am a fan of though... but we dont know whats going to be portrayed.

The Source did however say that David wants to be God. Or at least sees himself as being able to Transcend to a Godlike status.

I would say they had a Plan of how the sequels would all connect and to Alien from after Prometheus and over the years they have tinkered with the Plot a bit.

So i would assume they have a idea of what a sequel to Alien Covenant would be, and i also think they would be making the sequel to AC sooner rather than latter, like they are doing with the Star Wars Movies and so i would not be surprised if Shooting for Part 3 of the Prequel movies  would begin around or just after Alien Covenant hits the Screen...



MemberOvomorphJul-09-2016 6:04 PM

Ok ... going back over these set photos ... now we know more details of what battles will ensue, did we miss a big one? ...

Is that now Mr T (Trilobite) in the foreground? ... looks like him ... more so because of the extra info we now have ...

Deep Space

MemberFacehuggerAug-02-2016 5:12 AM

"... and also how Mankind had been to that system prior, they had played a hand in the Xenos creation and then about how we are now 4th/5th Generation of Mankind..."  BD

Been wondering about this, in particular to the origins of the original (ALIEN) Xeno.  The eggs that led to that xeno were already created and on a Juggernaut ship.  It appeared that they needed a human host to complete the life cycle from egg>Face hugger>ALIEN.  We also know from Prometheus that a large cargo of black goo (possible eggs also?) were on there way to Earth 2000 years ago - probably to 'evolve' mankind.  It certainly looked like our days would have been up!  "To create one must . . .etc"

It has also struck me how the face-hugger was a perfect fit for a human face - would it have been too small for an Engineer?  By contrast, the 'face-hugger' in Prometheus was huge in comparison, but came from, we would assume, a different origin than the eggs i.e black goo> male sperm> infertile woman> squiddy!

So, were humans involved in the xeno's original creation?  If so, why, how and for what purpose?

Love these images btw!  The scale looks like it is going to be amazing!  

Oh, it also looks to me as if this could be engineers fighting with morphing engineers or 'newly, created xenos.  Perhaps the outbreak was too severe so either engineers themselves, or a higher power?, pulled the plug, as it were, and fired the whole area/planet?  Interesting idea from CP about humans creating engineers . . .


MemberDeaconAug-02-2016 8:02 AM


The image in the Foreground is a toppled headless Statue of what we can assume is God or the Hierarchy of Engineers and its pretty much like Ancient Greek Gods are depicted..

There is a Large Head Statue in a state of disrepair also, and this Statue is Bald... have no Hair..

But so do the many humanoids in these images which there are over 100 of them....

The source did claim that mankind was 4th/5th Generation and we evolved directly from Engineers rather than Apes.... so these Humanoids could be Engineers or some other related Race that links Mankind and Engineers.


MemberDeaconAug-02-2016 8:11 AM

@Deep Space

I covered some of what i was going to say above in the previous post.... The Source claimed that Mankind is 4th or 5th Generation... and that the Gods have destroyed previous Generations in the past.... then created or upgraded/evolved to create a replacement.

They also said the events of the Bible, as far as Punishment on Mankind are events that have actually happened but hinted that they do not have to be events that happened to our Generation or maybe even on Earth.

Other things they seem to hint at is that things are not in  a literal sense to Heaven/Earth/Hell Paradise and the Garden of Eden.

These things literally are hinted at being on Earth, Paradise a place on Earth, Garden of Eden a place in Paradise... Heaven is above Earth in the Clouds or above the Clouds (Orbiting Space) and Hell is bellow the Earth...

But Prometheus shows us that Paradise is actually far from Earth.... thats what the Source was saying.

And so when i look at the comment about Mankind being in that system before.... it could mean.

*Mankind as in previous incarnations... Generations.

Also we have to remember Mankind was created and placed in Paradise and the Garden of Eden but after the Fall of Man.... they was kicked out of the Garden/Paradise... if we take this in context to Prometheus movie.... then could that mean we was not created on Earth.... but was was kicked out of Paradise and sent to Earth.

A theory i had ages ago is what if LV-223 was a place these Engineers (Genetic Gardeners) conduct experiments to create New Life, and when they have achieved the results... they then seed them onto Worlds.

So LV-223 was a Greenhouse/Nursery and Earth was one of the many Gardens....

This would fit in with the sources comments.. as for Mankinds role in the Xenomorph... who knows...

Thats a topic covered before... but i guess we can touch on it again.


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