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Neill Blomkamp talks more about Alien 5, says Alien 3 & Resurrection "went off the rails"
Scified2015-03-02 13:53:51
Written by Chris1,858 Reads2 Comments2015-03-02 13:53:51

Director Neill Blomkamp is at it again - discussing his upcoming Alien film! This time, sitting down with Dazed Digital, Blomkamp discusses how he felt Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection "went off the rails" and that he also feels as though where the story went after Aliens was "incorrect", to him as a fan.

Neill has already mentioned that his Alien movie will be a genetic sibling to James Cameron's Aliens and following this interview, it would almost seem as though Alien 5 sets out to replace Alien 3 as its direct sequel. Not that that's a bad thing, however, as much of the fan base disregards the third and fourth, mainly the fourth films from the saga. But how will Alien 3 and Resurrection still fit into the timeline if this is the case? Keep in mind, that just recently Neill clarified to fans that his goal is not to "undo" Alien 3 or Resurrection

Here's an excerpt from the new interview:

Alien Neill Blomkamp

“It’s the inverse in that now I get to make the third film of the first two, which I think never happened. I think they made the first two and then went off the rails with these other ones. I wanna try as a fan to fill in that gap. It all stems from being probably one of the most ego-less directors in Hollywood and I think that that plays a big role. If you’re inward focused and narcissistic and thinking about your fans then that’s when weird shit starts happening. If you stay grounded then you can make stuff that actually is balanced and has something to say. I don’t want to give much away but what I can say confidently is that Alien and Aliens are my favourite films and where it went after Aliens was incorrect to me as a fan. I didn’t want that world, I wanted the first two and that’s what I want to go back to.” - Neill Blomkamp speaking to Dazed Digital

Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 will also see the return of Sigourney Weaver as Ellen Ripley and as of yesterday, apparently also Michael Biehn as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks! However, fans have expressed concern that given the age of both returning actors, it will be difficult to incorporate them into this new sequel, while maintaining continuity with the rest of the films in the series. It will be interesting to see how Neill goes about this.


What do you think of the direction Neill seems to be taking Alien 5? Are you pleased with his decision? What are your main concerns, if any, regarding the timeframe for this new movie? Let us know in the comments section!


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MemberOvomorphMar-02-2015 3:13 PM

YES YES OMG YES! Make them more like the second movie... the depictions of technology and future were almost therapeutic in that movie so much so that I watch it regularly for my dose of unparalleled sci fi (Prometheus was pretty good too like that).


MemberOvomorphMar-02-2015 8:13 PM

  I wonder what the actors have in mind for the revival of their characters.  As for undoing Alien 3 and 4 I hope they do undermine them, well it doesn't matter in Scifi alternate universes....that's where the tech part comes in.  Judging from the artistic renderings of Human technology, it will be at it's peak and in confrontation with the Engineers tech.  A dynamo pandoras box of epic reconstruction!  Forget colonial marines or space marines...Intergalactic Marines for one big catastrophe of a War with evil at the edge of the universe....but then again who really is the bad guy?

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