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Neill Blomkamp just shared new Alien 5 concept art of Newt!
Scified2016-04-25 19:47:02
Written by Chris10,619 Reads5 Comments2016-04-25 19:47:02

News on Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 has been relatively slow recently besides Sigourney Weaver's recent comments where she assured fans the fifth Alien sequel was still on its way and would be well worth the wait. But, with Alien Day only a couple hours away from kicking off officially, Blomkamp has decided to use this opportunity to tease some new concept art he created for his vision of Alien 5!

As the hardcore fans know, Alien 5 was and for all we know, is still about the passing of the torch between Ellen Ripley and Newt. Essentially, Newt becomes the series' new Xeno-battling protagonist. The concept art shown below clearly shows a much older Newt which corresponds with earlier reports suggesting she would be in her mid 20s during the time in which Alien 5 will be set.

Alien 5 - Newt Concept Art

Months back, Michael Beihn, who would reprise his role as Cpl. Dwayne Hicks in Blomkamp's Alien 5, shared a rough outline of how Alien 5 could / would / will play out when it does eventually get made.

Alien 5 is currently on Fox's list of upcoming projects, but has taken a back seat while they focus their efforts on Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, which releases next summer. Ridley Scott will executive produce Alien 5, with Neill Blomkamp attached to direct (as of current). As new updates and artwork are revealed for Blomkamp's Alien project, we'll be sure to keep you posted. For the latest, breaking news on all thins ALIEN, keep your motion trackers set on Scified!

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Something Real

MemberTrilobiteApr-25-2016 7:57 PM

Very compelling! :)


MemberDeaconApr-26-2016 12:24 AM

Yes i member Micheal Beihn was the first to break information about Newt being in Alien 5 and a potential passing of the Torch and also set 20+ years after Aliens....

Also of interest is the Concept work prior seemed to be set less than 20 years and it was reported the movie is set more closer to Aliens... but then after Alien Covenant name change and potential Synopsis/Plot Change for the sequel to Prometheus... we see that Alien 5 could well be set at a latter date.

Also i found Beihn's comments on he was informed Alien Covenant was set THOUSANDS of years prior to Aliens as very interesting.

To me it seems that Ridley and Fox have sat down and discussed the Prometheus Franchise Plans and Aliens Sequel Plans and made a few changes to Prometheus 2 and Alien 5 Plots..


MemberChestbursterApr-26-2016 3:21 AM

Nice news, nice Newt.


MemberXenomorphApr-26-2016 5:54 AM

Cool! Can't wait!

So...Alien 5 is set in 2200, turn of the century....the Sulaco made it back to base....everyone is okay...they suffered some nightmares during the return...Hicks has surgery to fix his face. Newt goes to OTC..becomes a space Marine...Ripley takes a day job....Bishop is decommissioned. ?


MemberDeaconApr-26-2016 3:03 PM

MZ we ant be sure what happened... to explain the delay...

We could have it the Sulaco was wandering in Space for so long.. but we done that with Aliens and the Narcissus and Ripley has aged over 30 years since then well Weaver has, but she could pass for 20 odd years older instead...

So i would assume after Aliens Ripley thinks the Xeno threat is done, and goes about her normal life until a Event changes everything....

Which is why i have a hunch maybe the Ship is actually one from Paradise instead?  Maybe Davids maybe not... but it would rule out the Question why does the company wait 20 years to go back to LV-426 or if they go earlier why does the "£!"$ hit the fan so long afterwards and why is Ripley involved then.... surely if the company goes back to LV-426 they would have to cover it up to Ripley as if Ripley is not bothered... why would she be bothered 20 years later. And so if the company return to LV-426 10 years latter how did they contain it for 10 years... or maybe they found a way too?

I have a feeling Alien 5 and Alien Covenant will have some tie in, i think thats why  Prometheus 2 was changed a bit and Alien 5 so that they can make a Peice of the Jigsaw that fits them in as opposed to step on each others toes..

So i think Paradise is far away and this is where the Ship comes from, i would assume also the Covenant ship mission to Paradise takes it some considerable time like 20 years or so at least.

A few things we noticed from the Concept work....

*Ripley looked younger than Weaver does now. (Hicks too).

*The Derelict/Juggernaut looks in some state of despair even more so than the Derelict in Alien...

*We see the Derelict/Juggernaut in a Hanger, but we also see a Queen on the lose and the trees in the back ground look Oriental (Yutani?)

*We see what appear to be none Humans... i.e Synthetics who look less Human, less realistic.... maybe Yutani Androids?

*We see Asian looking personnel and the Korean Flag.

*Some kind of Hive with a person being morphed into the Hive or changing into something.

*Different style of Egg and Face Huger, and a Different style of Xenomorph.

*Ripley in some kind of Bio-Mechanical Space Jockey Related Suit/



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