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Michael Fassbender teases 'massive scope' of Alien: Covenant

Michael Fassbender teases 'massive scope' of Alien: Covenant

Scified2016-08-29 11:43:14
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Alien Covenant continues to be one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. So far we have gotten very intriguing hints about the plot and the characters from various actors involved n production. The latest intriguing details come from Michael Fassbender in an interview with Collider. Fassbender teased his involvement and how it was like working with Ridley Scott:

" I just love Ridley. You know, he’s become a really good friend, and he’s just a natural, he’s one of a kind.  Anybody that works with him in any department is just, you know, totally blown away by him. He’s such a visionary and I think he has such a great, understanding of storytelling. You know, coming from an art background, how referring to something being put in the frame, working with the art department, working with costume design, working with the actors, he’s very vigilant and fun, you know? We have a lot of fun, we laugh a lot, and he’s also got very intelligent but also off-center notes. He would never tell you directly to do something, but just give you little flavors. In the first Prometheus, he just sort of walked over, and he’s like “I imagine David’s like a butler so he runs his finger over the desktop checking for dust.” And that was enough for me to go off and explore elements of the character with that in mind. We work really well together. I have to say, this Alien is going to be – I’m really excited to see it and everybody in the film was saying that there’s a film that we all wanna see, it’s much scarier than Prometheus, but it’s got that sort of same scope as Prometheus, that eminent sort of disaster feel, that Alien had. So it’s kind of a beautiful meeting of both of those films. I’m really excited to see it, I think it’s gonna be super scary, number one. And again, with the massive scope of Prometheus."

Fassbender was then asked how he thought audiences would react to the film: " Yeah, you know once it starts and the ball starts rolling, it’s definitely going to bring chills to the cinema" he replied.

These comments are extremely intriguing, particularly these focusing on the massive scale of the new film. I find it also interesting how he describes the film as a combination of Alien and Prometheus, tying these two elements together in a unique manner. This may prove to be a groundbreaking film which pushes the limits of suspense and horror at the same time. Let us know your thoughts in the comments, what did you think of Fassbender's remarks?

Source: Collider

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Written by MattPublished on 2016-08-29 11:43:14

The future of Alien

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12 Fan responses to Michael Fassbender teases 'massive scope' of Alien: Covenant


PraetorianMember2267 XPAug-29-2016 11:48 AM

I can't wait, what can i say? lol :D

Michelle Johnston

ChestbursterMember763 XPAug-29-2016 12:09 PM

Hi Matt,

Is this not the same article and you are the same Matt or is this an alternative universe ha ha !


EngineerAdmin22714 XPAug-29-2016 3:39 PM

 ^ It is, but at the time of that article, Collider hadn't released the interview in full. Now they've decided to release more of what Fassbender said. 

Michelle Johnston

ChestbursterMember763 XPAug-29-2016 10:12 PM

Chris it is not desperately important this is a "fun" site but if I was posting a follow through rather than just click "update" which didn't register I would say some thing in the text like you did, just to make the link. The points highlighted in the text were in fact made in the previous post. 

As an aside I watched Macbeth a few days ago everything Michael touches seems to be gold to me. 

Finally I watched Resurrection last night and like "SM" immediately reminded of the portable cryo tube "container feel" of the recent reveal with our mysterious woman in. I also noticed the "Betty" was described by Ripley as being as old as Ripley placing the ship in the same technological era as Covenant. 



PraetorianMember4201 XPAug-30-2016 4:10 AM

I can't wait for this Film!


FacehuggerMember127 XPAug-30-2016 5:26 AM

That's interesting insight from someone who has worked with Ridley. 

Patient Leech

FacehuggerMember158 XPAug-30-2016 6:43 AM

It is very exciting to hear this stuff coming from Fassbender. He's such a great actor, very good at his craft.


OvomorphMember3 XPSep-21-2016 1:03 AM

I wanted it to literally carry on with David and Shaws story, but this all sounds good.

David's gonna be an evil bastard.

Patient Leech

FacehuggerMember158 XPSep-21-2016 6:24 AM

See I really don't think David is evil. In Prometheus he was just following Weyland's orders and would find reasons to justify certain questionable actions that other people with stricter moral principals wouldn't do. Now that he doesn't really have a master giving him orders I think he might become more like a curious child, playing with his surroundings just to learn, because that's more like his programming. I don't think he's programmed to be bad. He's more programmed to interact and learn. But that of course could lead to more questionable behavior...


NeomorphMember1686 XPSep-21-2016 8:21 AM

 Dentzel TH:


I am not sure if it is a matter of being evil when it comes to David. In order to have morals we got to have a free will (see Kant on this one) but since robots don't have a free will then they can not be evil. Sure they can do bad things depending on their programming (if we say that there will be robots as advanced as David) but that is not to say that they are evil the way we consider it to be.

As far as David's and Shaw's story I am interested in seeing what David will do, I am less interested in Shaw but I hope that she will be better written in this movie.



OvomorphMember14 XPSep-26-2016 6:46 PM


I have a feeling that we'll deal with many ideas about freewill and morality in Covenant.

When Dr. Shaw asks David what he'll do after Weyland is dead, David says that he imagines he'll be free after that.  This shows that David was kinda thinking ahead...but in reality, he'd still have a ways to go before he's truly free.  

The mythological Prometheus is related to the concept of foresight; whereas, Epimetheus is more about hindsight.  Miss Shaw and Miss Vickers each had a certain degree of foresight.  Both of them knew that there was "only death" down there, and they both tried to warn Weyland that if he went down there he was going to die. David remains silent on this, and DOESN'T warn Weyland about his impending demise.

The W-Y Report mentions that David is a privileged android, who may have been given a little freedom of choice over how to carry out and interpret his orders.  He's extremely intelligent, so he realizes that the "wiggle room" he's been given over his choice of words will allow him to exploit further loopholes.  He "tricks" Holloway into agreeing to a verbal contract.  Holloway claims he will do "anything & everything," thus he can't really complain about the way David chooses to interpret it.  He agreed to their Covenant; he gave permission.

Despite imagining himself to be free after Weyland dies, David can't even possibly begin to imagine the next steps of his adventure without Shaw.  He's still not a "real boy" and only has a little freedom of choice.  So he doesn't even know how to start planning his agenda.  It might take him close to 10 years to even generate his own plans.  He can't even imagine what he would do with the freedom.  It was impossible for David to think that far ahead.  He needed Weyland dead first.  It wasn't a want; he simply realized that he needed to see his father dead before even thinking about freeing himself.

His programming would normally force him to try to return to a company location to receive new orders, but with Dr. Shaw being the sole survivor (and becoming the sole person in charge) he's forced to comply with her request to go the Engineer home planet. (instead of going back to Earth)

The scope and scale of this film could be even bigger than what Fassbender is hinting towards.  There are different directions they can take, because there are a lot of concepts to work with.  Some of the depictions of the ancient past can take us to places and times that may be quite surprising. The scope and scale of the new colony also needs to be considered:  this isn't the type of planet you place a shake 'n bake colony on, so a bigger crew will be needed to lay the foundations of what is to come.


OvomorphMember33 XPSep-30-2016 7:26 PM

Awesome stuff. Can't wait..

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