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Interesting and Terrifying Basements in Science Fiction Horror

Interesting and Terrifying Basements in Science Fiction Horror

Scified2020-06-22 08:29:38
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The worlds of science fiction and horror regularly cross over. It’s common for science fiction movies and TV shows to have elements of horror, and it’s equally common for horror to dip into science fiction as it tries to construct a terrifying world. Basements are another common trope in both science fiction and horror, because they typically create a scene that’s much more terrifying than a similar scene set in any other setting.

Science fiction and horror are all but intermingled at this point, but you may not have really noticed any science fiction horror you love. Consider this list of scariest basements in horror, then delve a little deeper into the movies and TV shows that also have science fiction elements.

Scariest Basements and Crawl Spaces in Movies & TV
Scariest Basements and Crawl Spaces in Movies & TV Created By: OhioBasementAuthority

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

As one of the original cult classics, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has made a huge impact on culture, both in its immediate punk circle and in the general mindset. However, many people think of it as nothing more than a campy cult classic, and have never really delved into what makes it so inviting.

The interest in The Rocky Horror Picture Show partially has to do with the fact that it blends science fiction and horror remarkably well. Sure, it’s got a campy overlay to it, but there are some genuinely terrifying moments in it. Plus, Dr. Frank-N-Furter keeps the Medusa Transducer, a thoroughly science fiction invention that can turn human beings into statues, in his basement laboratory.

Stranger Things

This TV show is one of the most well-loved horror science fiction TV shows out there. This show tends to learn more into the drama elements than the horror elements, building relationships between characters. For example, one of the main characters calls another character from the basement regularly, which is an interesting way to set up continuing character relationships.

The overlap of horror and science fiction, however, is definitely one of the reasons so many people consider themselves giant fans of Stranger Things. Many of the paranormal terrors that occur are the result of scientific endeavors gone wrong. When you watch the show, you feel as though you’re immersed in both horror and sci-fi.

Get Out

The main crux of Get Out is that director Jordan Peele builds up a variety of horror tropes, then subverts them. This way, he’s able to craft a movie that you think you understand, before throwing you into terror by making you realize that you truly didn’t know what was going on in the first place.

Although the terror of racism is an intrinsic part of Get Out, it also utilizes a number of science fiction tropes. When the main character goes into the basement, he realizes that the family he’s visiting uses it in a truly science fiction manner: as a laboratory for transposing human consciousness.

A Quiet Place

The story in A Quiet Place largely revolves around family and caring for those you love. In fact, director John Krasinski got the idea for the story after having his second child and thinking about the distance he would be willing to go so he could keep his children safe.

However, although interpersonal drama is definitely a significant part of A Quiet Place, it’s not the only thing that creates horrifying scenarios. The monster design is absolutely science fiction inspired, and it brings to mind movies with horrifying near-unkillable monsters that typically rest squarely in the science fiction realm.


Whether you love science fiction, you love horror, or you’re already deep into the combination of the two, these are all interesting movies to watch and pay attention to. Science fiction as a concept is one that lends itself well to crossover with other genres, and horror is one of the most prolific. Try out one of these movies for an interesting jump into science fiction horror.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2020-06-22 08:29:38

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