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High Rollers Favorite Games

High Rollers Favorite Games

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Ah, high rollers... We imagine them in carefully tailored suits, Martini in hand, staring at the movements of the roulette wheel after having bet crazy sums in front of a crowd of onlookers. In fact, this type of player weighs heavily in the profits of a non GamStop casino and can therefore take advantage of a multitude of advantages (substantial bonuses, suites, tickets for shows, free nights, etc.). What games tend to turn these extravagant bettors? A little round the table.

What Is a Flamer?

What defines a high roller? First and foremost is the money, of course! The gambler (high roller in English) generally spends between 25,000 and more than one million dollars (about 890,000 euros) per year in casino games. A significant contribution that the establishments intend to benefit from for as long as possible. Moreover, they are recognized by the numerous privileges to which they have access.

These Popular Non GamStop Casino Games

In terms of games, big bettors will most often favor those offering minimum and max bets that are larger than the average. The opportunity to risk more but also to earn much more. It includes in particular:

Slot Machines

One of the most popular games among high rollers with their progressive jackpots that can sometimes reach several million. In land-based casinos, count around $500 per spin to be considered a high roller. Online, on the other hand, you only need about 45 dollars (about forty euros). 

With three progressive jackpots and 20 paylines, NetEnt's Mega Fortune Dreams slot is definitely one of the most popular slots around for high rollers. Its 3 rows of luxurious symbols evoking bottles of champagne and sparkling diamonds immediately announce the color.

The many bonuses available invite you to bet constantly more to try to win the Mega jackpot, the most important of all, which often amounts to several million dollars. 

The very black Mr Vegas (BetSoft) or the Asian 108 Heroes (Microgaming) also attract high rollers with their more than attractive progressive jackpots.


A combination of luck and strategy, blackjack is also high on the list of favorite choices for big bettors. At stake, often thousands, sometimes millions of dollars. The minimum and maximum bets are generally higher online than in land-based casinos but vary from establishment to establishment, ranging from $200 to $30,000. The VIP program dedicated to gamblers allows you to define your own limits, while the "live casino" option now allows you to play in tournaments, against real croupiers.

The Blackjack High Roller designed by NetEnt is precisely ideal for high rollers. Its little extras? A minimum bet of 25 euros and a “Double Blackjack” option allow you to multiply your winnings by 10, 20 or 100!


Extremely popular with high rollers, roulette is available online in many variants and also allows its VIP players to place large bets than usual. The winning record is held by Brazilian businessman Pedro Grendene Bartelle, who in 2017 pocketed $3.5 million in a single round.

Behind its elegant design, the Immersive Roulette offered by Evolution Gaming notably allows up to $10,000 in bets and a most realistic online gaming experience. Playtech's Video Roulette, for its part, pushes the limits with bets authorized up to nearly 280,000 euros!


Also essential for high rollers, craps with its fast rounds and risky bets promises captivating moments of play. If the limit is often between 300 and 5000 dollars, it can sometimes completely disappear in online casinos or in favor of players benefiting from the VIP program.

The Advantages of Non GamStop Casinos

Non GamStop casinos are more attractive than land-based casinos? If the immersion is less there (and again, the games today compete in efforts of realism), they nevertheless have serious arguments. 

Gamblers can enjoy many welcome bonuses including no deposit or reload bonuses of several hundred dollars. As we have seen, the betting limits are also wider there. 

Of course, certain privileges granted by land-based casinos (driver, private gaming room, etc.) to VIP players are still unavailable online. Home high rollers will console themselves with invitations to private parties, numerous gifts and the prospect of considerable jackpots ... without leaving the comfort of their home! 

Why Non GamStop Casinos Are the Best Choice for High Rollers?

If you decide to enjoy your gaming experience on the web and want to get the same treatment that you get in casinos outside GamStop, you should sign up for non GamStop casinos. Unfortunately, all British casinos recently suspended all major player programs. In other words, no more special rewards, account managers, or special treatment. On the contrary, offshore casinos still offer their players their elite players programs with all their usual features and bonuses and much more.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2022-04-23 07:16:03

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