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Giveaway: Space Jockey painting by Alien: Covenant concept artist up for grabs!
Scified2020-07-09 19:50:40
Written by Chris12,233 Reads15 Comments2020-07-09 19:50:40

The Pilot, the Space Jockey, the Engineer - Ridley Scott's attempt at explaining the mysterious being that lay fossilized in the Derelict spacecraft stranded on LV-426. Unlike Prometheus, Alien: Covenant avoided much reference to the Space Jockey / Engineer unfortunately, but the mystery and hopeful enthusiasm that one day the Jockey's story will be properly fleshed out remains.

Ev Shipard, a talented concept artist and one of the many who provided work on Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant created the following painting back in April prior to Alien Day 2020 and now, he's giving one lucky fan the chance to own this unique piece for themselves!

All you have to do is like this post on Instagram, give Ev a follow and comment on the photo! It's that simple! On July 24th, a winner will be randomly selected.

What are you waiting for? Enter yourself to win this remarkable piece now!

Do you want to see more of the Space Jockey story explored in the next Alien movie? Let us know in the comments!

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MemberFacehuggerJul-09-2020 8:08 PM


Awesome art of the Engineer. Still have hope the story of the engineers continues in the next film.


AdminEngineerJul-10-2020 5:34 AM

@BlackAnt, same here! It's the one story angle that for me, has the most intrigue. I'm praying Disney lets Scott finish his prequel trilogy.


MemberNeomorphJul-13-2020 3:21 AM

The Engineers is one of the things that the prequels have done right even though we saw too little of them in Covenant. I don't know how likely it is to get another prequel but if they make one then I hope to see more about them. Give me more about the Engineers and much less about the androids, that would be appreciated. Shipard made a good looking poster if that is what it is supposed to be it reminds me a bit about rain.


MemberFacehuggerJul-13-2020 3:26 AM

Very nice picture. I'd have it on my wall.

But I don't do Social Media and hand my personal information over to large corporations, so that's that.

I refuse to believe that Engineers would construct a helmet quite as daft as this without a very good reason. Which leads me to think it's done as a mark of reverence - to the REAL Space Jockey race.


MemberDeaconJul-13-2020 7:06 AM

I think there is POTENTIAL to had Evolved the Story of the Engineers.

I think the HELMET looks Fine and Works Fine as Prometheus had shown us.... its just that their is QUITE a difference as far as the HELMET does look compared to the Space Jockey Skull/Helmet.   Which with the SCALE difference does leave it OPEN for the Space Jockey to have been a more Ancient Race who maybe were the Creators of the Engineers.



MemberDeaconJul-14-2020 7:03 AM

If we look at the PROP being worked on, then i can see that its a SUIT but then WHY would it have what looks like a SKULL design to the Mask?   That does-not rule out it being a Mask.

But you could Change it... the MOST of the Space Jockey could be a SUIT that Connects to the Chair... just the Occupant has NO Helmet but instead we have its Skeletal Skull that is Connected to the Chair via a Mask!

Just as i have shown in the Image above... that Creature is Interesting, you have to Change its JAW to be more like maybe this Fifield Concept Below.

Or maybe you Base the Skull of this Fifield Concept and add a Suit with a Mask that Connects to the Suit?

I dont think its IMPOSSIBLE to introduce something that is 10-15ft and NOT so Human as the Space Jockey... it then comes down to IS such a Species really ABOVE the Engineers (or Origins of their Tech) or is it a Sub-Creation of the Engineers?


MemberFacehuggerJul-14-2020 4:35 PM

When it comes to Giger, you can’t say that something is a “suit” per se. He likes to mix the organic and the mechanical so that you don’t really know where one ends and the other begins. Indeed, in the world of Giger, even trying to make the distinction is a fool’s errand. He wants us to think of his creations as biomechanoid. That’s why Dallas says it’s grown out of the chair and is fossilised. In so many of Giger’s paintings he has creatures bonded into their environment. Claustrophobic bondage is a staple part of his work.

It’s true that he made a painting with a helmeted “man” lying down on a table, but that’s not the same thing as this creation.

I prefer to think that the Space Jockey really is integrated into the chair, and its bones have fused with it. Indeed, in a thoroughly alien and scary universe, the pilot and chair could have grown together from a single bud. Imagine the life of such a creature and what its motivations would be. Much more like the nightmare creatures of Necrmonicon that are fused into visions of hell.

I’d like to think an SJ race were precursors to the Engineers. And the Engineers wear their clunky stone helmets in respect for them.



MemberTrilobiteJul-14-2020 5:16 PM

It is a nice work. I like to think the SJ was fossilized and that what we saw wasn't a suit. It just looks more alien. The trunk/air hose reminds me a bit of our elephants- large, unlike us but very intelligent.


MemberFacehuggerJul-14-2020 11:37 PM

@BigDave, that’s a good point about the SJ jaw. It’s nothing like an Engineer’s jaw.

The concept of a “mask” on the creature is interesting. If you run with the idea of a SJ being something that can clamber into a seat, the word mask could be appropriate. Artistically, it’s not a million miles from the facehugger concept, meant to imply a smothering, trapped nightmare vision.

Personally, I think, like dk, that it’s more alien and - for me - terrifying if the pilot and seat are blended into each other and considered to be a single biomechanoid unit. That takes us way off into the realms of utterly alien evolution & technology.


MemberXenomorphJul-15-2020 12:13 AM

BigDave, that creature from the top right corner reminds me of the beaked-man from the Head Room fresco in Prometheus.

Maybe that fresco has more meaning in a sense like hox mentioned above: "I’d like to think an SJ race were precursors to the Engineers. And the Engineers wear their clunky stone helmets in respect for them."


MemberXenomorphJul-15-2020 12:26 AM

I'm praying Disney lets Scott finish his prequel trilogy.

Chris, that makes two of us. Anyone else?



MemberFacehuggerJul-15-2020 2:15 AM

@SuperAlien, I know it's easy to make patterns in clouds where none exist, but I find it amusing that the patch of light on the above Engineer's thigh looks a little like this. Is that an egg he's holding? Ha ha...


MemberXenomorphJul-15-2020 3:29 AM

Ha ha, that's obviously an agg and it's the first time I see it. Thanks.

Sometimes I wonder if the Engineer subdued the creature or tries to comfort it.


MemberDeaconJul-15-2020 2:48 PM

"When it comes to Giger, you can’t say that something is a “suit” per se."

Absolutely but i think regarding ALIEN then i think that Yeah we could be seeing a Technology that FUSES with the Body so we have a Fusion of Mechanical and Organic....   

I think there is STILL some ROOM to Explore the Space Jockey as more of a Bio-Mechanical being like the Xenomorph was and SIL from Species etc.

Prior to seeing a Magazine in 1992 i think i DID think the Space Jockey was a Skeleton, but the Magazine had Concept, and Prop being worked on and i then saw that this was NOT a Skeleton but something that looked Bio-Mechanical... more like the Xenomorph but the Color was ODD.

seeing other Concepts in 1997-1998 and DVD i studied these and to me it then seemed the IDEA was a Space Suit.

That does-not mean they cant CHANGE it though... but it seems with HR Gigers Concepts we was looking at Bald Humanoids in Space Suits all along ;)

I think while our Engineers are NOT the same Scale and the Suit and Ship are Aesthetically a LITTLE different then there is ROOM to explore them as being DIFFERENT..

I think they could CHANGE it a bit but i would still STICK with it being a Suit but i would maybe make the Occupant Less Human.


MemberDeaconJul-15-2020 2:51 PM


Yeah i can see the similarity too ;)

That Fresco was ONE of the things that Interested me about Prometheus and is something i was HOPEFUL that we can see WHAT the Connection was.

It always REMINDS me of this.

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