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First Look at Prometheus: Life and Death #1 Cover Art!
Scified2016-02-10 20:39:43
Written by Chris8,467 Reads1 Comments2016-02-10 20:39:43

Following the Fire and Stone series from Dark Horse Comics comes Prometheus: Life and Death. The cover art for the series' first issue, by Dave Palumbo can be seen below thanks to the folks over at, who revealed the artwork last night. The cover for Prometheus: Life and Death #1 features a band of Marines as they stare up in awe at a towering Pressure-Suit Engineer.

As more details and artwork from the new Life and Death series are revealed, we'll be sure to keep you updated!

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MemberDeaconFeb-11-2016 11:12 AM


its as if the Engineer appears from some place cloaked behind a vale of smoke and light, as if he has come out of some refrigerator and so as if he is awoken from something....

But then it could show maybe some collaboration between Engineer and Humans.

Nice to see the sense of Scale is restured and we have a Engineer who appears to be 12-13 Feet Tall.

I hope in the future of the series as far as Comics, but also Movies that they use effects to show our Engineers as being 10ft tall plus...  as in Prometheus the only Illusion created was between 7.5 and 8.5ft tall

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