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Fassbender does an amazing robot run in Alien: Covenant!

Fassbender does an amazing robot run in Alien: Covenant!

Scified2016-11-19 02:57:01
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Not major news, but interesting none the less. Katherine Waterston recently talked about working with Mr. Fassbender on Alien: Covenant and his "amazing robot run":

I'm in awe of his talent. It's difficult to remain in awe of someone when you're working with them, because you need to get through the day and not just sit around drooling! But there are times with him when I look at him and he's doing something so amazing, I forget myself. At one point in Alien we're running and he did the most amazing robot run, I was just staring at him!

We know from this quote that at one point Daniels and David are obviously) running. To or from what we don't know - but it's possible they could be evading an Alien, or attempting to reach the USCSS Covenant to escape.

Source: @BeatlesFass / Twitter

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Written by T MINUS 5Published on 2016-11-19 02:57:01

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9 Fan responses to Fassbender does an amazing robot run in Alien: Covenant!


EngineerAdmin22520 XPNov-19-2016 7:18 AM

Thanks for posting this news up! I added a little but to it, transcribing the interview quote. I wonder if this is the same scene Waterston was talking about in her last interview - where she mentions being chased by enormous Aliens in a ***bersome suit?


DeaconMember10416 XPNov-19-2016 8:51 AM

Well Fassbender is a Fantastic Actor.

This does not have to mean David though, it could be Walter, who knows its either David or Walter thats for sure... and yes Chris it could be the scene Waterston mentioned the other day but then there could be a number of scenes running away.

Comments are starting to paint a picture now, depends if every one who was made comments (Ridley, Production and Cast) are describing the same movie and not previous incarnations or ideas.

Here is the Picture thats painted.

*Covenant and Crew Arrive at Paradise they expect to find a World that is i ideal habitat to start a fresh life and colonize.

*They however at some point find David 8 from Prometheus as the only inhabitant of Paradise, which seems a surprise to most of them.

*The Covenant has its own more advanced Android David called Walter who is a bit distrusting with David 8 and concerned over how he has gone so long with out maintenance.

*David 8 is  a character with a creepy but persausive personality.

*The Covenant crew arrive and find a scene of disaster.

*And there is a Evolving Creature that the Engineers (or their Black Goo) created.

*All Hell breaks Loose, and we see Multiple Chest Buster Events (or similar) we see all stages of the Xenomorph (or similar Organism).

*Crew are being killed off few at a time.

*some survivors attempt to make a Harrowing Escape.

*These Survivors which at this point include at least Waterston, McBride and Ejogo as they are chased on board a Ship by Aliens.

*Some point either David/Walter join Waterston in being chased.

*Waterston and Ejogo are chased while in a Space Suit by Large Aliens.

*Wayne Haag confirmed the movie is set on Paradise and a Ship, they crew arrive and land, and then attempt escape back on the ship.

*Janty Yates says the movie is not a Space Suit Movie (which means the Crew dont need Suits for the most part), as Paradise is Habitable and The Covenant has Life Support. she also said the suits are more similar to Alien ones apart from David 8 who would be in the Prometheus style (we have to assume Shaw too).

so it paints a good picture, where it appears the Crew Land, find eventually David, something related to the Xeno gets out or infects some of the crew... they get picked off and survivors try to escape in A Ship, we have to assume Covenant.

But Aliens get onboard that, and at some point despite the Ship having Life Support (Covenant) and Paradise being Habitable  they would need Space Suits.

To me this means

1) The Atmosphere on Paradise is compromised, related to Black Goo contamination or Spores etc.

2) They are on the Covenant main Ship and its Life Support is Compromised (Shooting Xeno related Organisms with Guns is not safe)

3) Do they get onto a Engineer Ship with no Life Support once its in Space?



Gee W

FacehuggerMember141 XPNov-20-2016 1:48 AM

We also now that The Covenant (or its shuttle craft) gets blown up on the planet. So that could mean option 3, the survivors need to take an Engineer Ship to escape, for which they need the spacesuits.

It is also possible that we get an Alien style ending, where Waterston tries to blow an alien out of the goddamn airlock. Perhaps it doesn't work so she ends up having to run for her life in the suit.

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1204 XPNov-20-2016 7:07 AM

Looks like the character Fassbender is playing with Waterston while running is most likely Walter.And im wondering by what she means "most amazing robot run".

I think that Alien covenant will have David as much darker character, who gained true self-awareness during these 10 years he spent on the engineer homeworld,like in Jon Spaiht's screenplay where he became interested in Engineer technology and the xenomorphs so he wanted to resume their mission.

And Ridley did said in an interview:

"Once that head goes back on,he's really dangerous,but he's also very seductive so maybe you persuaded to help him put the head back on."



OvomorphMember44 XPNov-20-2016 9:57 PM

@Gee W

it is also possible that part of the ship blow up during landing,like in Alien.


DeaconMember10416 XPNov-21-2016 8:38 AM

Looking at the size of the explosion on set i would assume this would do some massive damage to the Space Ship and if the Space Ship was only the size of the Prometheus it would be damage that would render the ship out of action.

It could be some kind of Lander/Shuttle but the part of it in the shot looks like a Landing Section and so the rest would be represented in CGI, looking at it being part of some Landing Gear and Platform section then the rest of that ship to me looks like it could be as big as the Nostromo...

Interesting things are the Bridge Sets as the one set looks like it could be part of a Bridge that would maybe fit the size of the Nostromo or even Prometheus.... But then there is another shot with McBride in a Pilot Seat to something much smaller.


DeaconMember10416 XPNov-21-2016 8:40 AM

As far as the Robot Run, we have to remember in Spaights Draft David performed a Super Human Fast Run in that.

Its going to be interesting to see who is running with Waterstons Character Daniels... but indeed David is going to be a  dark Character but one who is persuasive for sure.

Looking at the comments regarding Walter, i would assume David 8 would have to try and get him on his side... or take him out. As Walter would pose a right Thorn in Davids Side.


NeomorphMember1984 XPNov-22-2016 1:50 PM

Maybe the "Amazing Robot Run" is actually the thing Ash performs in ALIEN. Where he strangely jogs in place, hinting at him being an android.


DeaconMember10416 XPNov-24-2016 12:29 PM


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