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[EXCLUSIVE] Ask author Alan Dean Foster your Alien: Covenant novel questions!
Scified2017-01-12 06:27:16
Written by Rick9,604 Reads7 Comments2017-01-12 06:27:16

Scified reached out to Multi-Award Winner Alan Dean Foster to do a Q&A Interview about his various Alien novels, including his upcoming  Alien: Covenant prequel novelization, which we reported on yesterday. He is the writer that has written the novelizations of the movies we all love and adore and he has graciously agreed to answer some of our questions . There is a lot of background information that is written into the novelizations that you don't see or hear about in the movies. So, if you guys and gals haven't obtained any of the books he's written on our favorite franchise now's the time to do so. Keep in mind, we are currently keeping the questions limited to the Alien Franchise novels and as Mr. Foster's time permits we'll open up some Q&A dialogue into the other franchises.

FYI: I believe the Novelizations are considered Canon.

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MemberNeomorphJan-12-2017 1:32 PM

Two questions for Mr. Foster:

1) Will the new novelizations explain discrepancies in the original ALIEN novel such as the broken urns, the absence of the Space Jockey, and the Facehugger's single eye?

2) Are these new ALIEN novelizations made concurrently with production or after a viewing of the final film?



MemberOvomorphJan-12-2017 2:31 PM

For Mr. Foster: 

Considering your contributions on expanding the mythology of famous franchises, what are your views on the importance of backstory and world building in the "Alien" universe?


MemberOvomorphJan-12-2017 5:19 PM

I have a few questions for consideration: How much creative control did Ridley/the production team have over the upcoming novels? Did they provide an outline or guidelines for what they wanted, or did they let you come up with a pitch yourself that they (or the studio) approved. Did you work in conjunction with the script team at all? Not asking for specifics, just curious as to how interconnected these books will be to the films. 


Did you feel freedom to add to add to the mythology or more restrained? 


Will the prequel novel set out to answer the questions we were left with after Prometheus, and will most of these questions be answered *only* in the book, not the Covenant film itself?


I'm so stoked for these books!


MemberOvomorphJan-12-2017 9:04 PM

Did the lack of a Prometheus novelization (outside of Japan) affect the making of your Alien: Covenant novel in any way? Will it need to compensate by summarising the events of Prometheus even if briefly?

Michelle Johnston

MemberChestbursterJan-13-2017 3:55 AM

Dear Mr Foster, 

Thank you for agreeing to open up to the forum.

Other than actually altering the story a book can :-

1) Explain character and motivation in greater depth, what the characters are actually thinking. 

2) Elaborate on the historical mythos and more generally the perspective of what is going on in the story . 

How closely do you work with the film makers or do you simply have a cut of the film in front of you to work from and send the results for sign off ?

Specifically this is the first time you have written a fresh treatment for the Alien sequences which because of its placement sits after and before the released movies. I would be interested to hear to what extent you worked with Sir Ridley and any of the others who contributed to the Covenant story. Did you create entirely original ideas or take an outline and work with it.

A very simple question on this prequel, why in this instance was it decided to write extensions and back story. Without divulging any material how would perceive this unique need arose.

Thank you coming to the forum I for one and most intrigued by the novelisation and the prequel novel.   


Michelle Johnston



MemberNeomorphJan-13-2017 4:44 AM

the guys and gals have pretty much covered everything but I am wondering when and where we will get to view your replies. look forward to them with great anticipation

again like most of the loyal following I cant wait to get the novels and your insights into the previous movies certainly added to whole wonder of the franchise


MemberChestbursterMay-11-2017 11:15 PM

Did this ever happen or is it still an upcoming event?

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