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Exclusive: Conan Stevens to play an Engineer in the Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant?
Scified2015-12-14 18:06:03
Written by Chris14,807 Reads6 Comments2015-12-14 18:06:03

Game of Thrones actor Conan Stevens is currently being eyed for a role in Ridley Scott's Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant according to an anonymous source who claims to have insight to the film's casting. The role he is apparently being considered for is that of an Engineer - the towering, muscular beings from the first film. 

The actor who portrayed the Engineer for most of Prometheus was Ian Whyte who is no stranger to the Alien / Predator universe, after he played the Predator in 20th Century Fox's Alien vs. Predator and then the "Pressure-Suit" Engineer in Prometheus. 

By comparison, both Conan Stevens and Ian Whyte both stand at a staggering 2.16 meters high, that's just over 7 feet tall. Both also starred in the popular TV show Game of Thrones. However, where Conan has Ian beat is the sheer size. Conan has far more muscularity than Ian which could make for a very intimidating-looking Engineer if he lands the role.

Obviously, without confirmation we must ask readers to take this news with a grain of salt. But, if Stevens does land the role, that will mean we've got one scary Engineer to look forward to!


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MemberOvomorphDec-15-2015 1:40 AM
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Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphDec-15-2015 5:23 AM

This guy would be a badass engineer,I really want to see more engineers in action in the sequel.


MemberXenomorphDec-15-2015 6:05 AM

I hope they have more than just one engineer in the next movie(s)? Are all engineers this big or is this a warrior type?

I'm going to assume this is the LV-426 chest bursted Space Jockey role?

Ridley is probably going back in time 2000+ years and showing the LV-426 juggernaut crash.   ?


@Dark Nebula    


Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphDec-15-2015 12:05 PM

All engineer ships have holographic recordings of past events so I think we wont actually
go back in time but will probably see what exactly happened to SJ that piloted the crashed Juggernaut on LV-426 through holographic recording.
I once had a dream where David and Shaw during their trip to engineer homeworld came across LV-426,picked up a distress signal,landed on LV-426 to see where the distress signal comes from,they then found the crashed Juggernaut and once inside David activated
the holographic recording wich started with SJ boarding then ended with the crash.The rest I don't remember.


MemberXenomorphDec-15-2015 4:17 PM

Wow! Yeah that would work and be very cool! David and Shaw might have set things in motion....might have kickstarted the eggs........or started the growth cycle


MemberDeaconDec-15-2015 6:27 PM

We have to look at what potential is there for Engineers in the next movie..... The synopsis for Alien: Covenant says the crew of the Covenant Colony Vessel arrive at a World they thought would be Paradise, but what they find is a scene of a Disaster and only David (Synthetic) only survivor from the failed Prometheus mission. The Covenant Crew and Voyage is part of the First Act of the movie, i fail to see how the entire movie will revolve around them finding David Alone, with no other scenes of Life.... Surely the movie would not revolve around this Crew having interaction peacefully with David..... at some point we are going to see Death and Destruction and is this at the hands of just David or something he creates or unleashes on them....

Any what of Shaw, we know She play a little role, and then we have to ask how long has David been on Paradise, and was Paradise how it is when the crew of the Covenant touch down, when David first arrived... I find this hard to believe....

Ridley then teased us that "they’re" are going to the world of the Engineers is "they’re" David and Shaw? in which case, we would have to be shown how David becomes alone by the time the Covenant Crew set foot on Paradise... or is they the crew of the Covenant...

Regardless which of the above they discover something Evolving that THEY had made must refer to the Engineers or which ever beings resided on Paradise... but it could mean only as in Biology and so it could be David using the Engineers Evil Biology.  So again we cant assume this means we see Engineers.

But given how much was cut from Prometheus as far as Engineers, and how the premise of the next movie was to find more of these Engineers to ask Questions..... it would be odd to cover the next movie with no Engineers.

Particularly when a lot of information released previous to Alien:Covenant Name Change, seemed to be putting a greater emphasise on the Engineers and Gods, and how they had a hand in such Evil Biology.

Ridleys latest comments had said that they indeed intended to give us Answers to those Questions of the Xenomorph, who made it and why and what about the Space Jockey, Ridley first did say by the time they finish the next 2-3 movies we should have the answers.... but his last comments he implied that we shall indeed find out in the next movie Who created the Monster, the Xenomorph and how the Space Jockey got infected.

With news now of showing all 3 stages of the Xenomorph that would appear in the next movie, which seems to hint at the Original one... on LV-426 but could just as much be same kind of Eggs/Organism on a different location.....  How can they show this without showing us a Engineer/Space Jockey?

I also dont think after everything Ridley said about the Xenomorph being cooked, and how he wishes to introduce a fresher form of the Monster in the 3rd Act of his next movie.. i cant see Ridley who is left with Questions from LV-223 and the Black Goo, and what indeed happens to the Cargo David is carrying with him. I cant see them Drop the Ball with the Black Goo, LV-223 Experiments and Outbreak and Xeno connection... in favour of showing us Xenos Eggs, Face Hugers and Chest Busters...

I cant see such a U-Turn..... and also Ridley said we shall see how the Beast was created.... by Whom... are we to believe the Xenomorph was created after David never mind the crew of the Covenant land on Paradise and then this event has to take place and we end up after this with that ship crashed on LV-426...  so from David leaving LV-223 in 2094 and getting to Paradise and seeing the Xeno created and then getting to LV-426 by the time of 2022 in Alien?  I cant see this happening....

Weyland Viral site shows they detected a Alien Transmision in the Zeta 2 System a long time prior to Prometheus timeline, and also in Prometheus we saw Xeno Egg in the Fresco and Face Hugers in the Mural and so are these a Prophecy of the Future?  The Derelict seemed to be on LV-426 a long time... Ridley even confirmed it had been there within a few hundred years of the LV-223 Outbreak 2000 years ago....

Micheal Biehn let slip that Alien:Covenant was set thousands of years before Alien and Aliens....  David 8 was not created thousands of years prior...

So this all adds up to some kind of Scenes that are set in the past... maybe thousands of years ago, they could either be Flash Back Scene like the Elder/Sacrificial Scene.... or Hollogram playbacks like we saw in Prometheus both in the passageways of the Cave Complex/Outpost and the Juggernaught....

This is very logical and if so IT WOULD REQUIRE..... at least One Engineer/Space Jockey.

So yes the potential to see at least one Space Jockey would be high.... 

As far as Ian Whyte goes, who knows what his schedule is for shooting which now looks set to be held back to start at least March-April as opposed to earlier January and February shooting dates.....  maybe a change of dates is not conflicting with Ian Whytes Scedule?   Maybe Ridley wants to show us a more physically built Engineer?   The Sacrificial Engineer was more Muscular and Defined than the Engineer Ian Whyte played and also John Lebar  who also played extra Engineers in the Ghost/Hologram scenes... Lebar is also not as physically ripped and Muscular  as the Sacrifical Engineer However it is keen to point out that Daniel Twiss is also not as big as the Sacrifical Engineer he played which was prospetic Muscles etc....

so if we are to see a Engineer that they want to show as being Physically Big Muscled as the Sacrifical Engineer and yet also to have the Height of Actors Whyte and Lebar.... then yes Conan Stevens does fit that bill without the need to apply Fake Muscle Prospectics...

Being the same height as Ian Whyte but as Muscular as the Sacrificial Engineer (in Muscle Suit) Naturally does come as a bonus.... and Conan has played similar roles to Ian Whyte in Game of Thrones and has been cast as Big Guy Characters/Monsters in Suits as Ian Whyte has but not as many times...

Ridley does seem to like to take little less known Actors and Cast them in roles within his movies... and while Conan's Acting experience is limited, he is a Physical Specimen to behold and also a Stuntman, and Ridley did cast a number of Stunt Men to play actual minor roles in Prometheus (Mercs) and so this could be a posibility...

If we are to see Engineers, maybe we see one, or more... who knows... and while the rumour is that he is being considered this does not mean that its a done deal...  but certainly the Big Guy does tick all the boxes... especially if the Role does not include much Dialog as the Engineers in Prometheus never.

I am sure we shall hear more news on casting over the next few months and i would assume, that if Shooting starts in March/April then they would have the cast lined up to learn the Draft and Shooting Script at least 2 months prior to shooting... maybe not every cast member, but i am sure Cast Members would be nailed on come by the end of February for sure... maybe earlier but we may not know or have no official word untill just before shooting.

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