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Disney / Fox deal killed an untitled Alien shooter game where players would play as grown-up Newt
Scified2020-02-14 10:56:31
Written by Chris17,921 Reads3 Comments2020-02-14 10:56:31

Previous to the acquisition of Fox and their assets by Disney last year, there was another Alien game (unrelated to the Cold Iron Studios shooter still in development) which would have been focused on the Newt character from James Cameron's ALIENS. Sadly, since the deal, this game was nuked from orbit...

The untitled Alien shooter was being developed by Boss Key Productions (BKP) and would have involved playing as the character Newt, this time all grown up. The setting for the game would have been set on Earth where Weyland-Yutani were practicing weaponizing Xenomorphs. You can only imagine what playing this game would have been like.

Co-founder of BKP took to Twitter (Thanks AvPG for the heads up) to reveal further details about the canceled Alien Newt shooter, by saying:

Before BKP shut down we were in talks to do a new game in the Aliens franchise with Fox. Then Disney bought them and that got lost in the shuffle, darnit. Ripley would be alive and be your “Cortana/Anya.” You’d play as grown Newt. On Earth. Weyland-Yutani are weaponizing the aliens in a Black Mesa style facility and, of course, all hell breaks loose. Your robotic pal i.e. Bishop? A new one named “Casey” after her doll in Aliens.

Would Sigourney Weaver have offered her voice as Ripley again? We're unsure. But having Ripley guide you through an infested and Xenomorph-overrun Weyland-Yutani facility sounds like tremendous fun. It's extremely unfortunate to hear this game was canned after Disney bought out Fox.

What about Cold Iron Studio's Alien Game?!

In related news, Disney recently sold FoxNet Games (Fox's video game development department including Cold Iron Studios) to Scopely - a company specializing in mobile game development. Initially this rose fears that Cold Iron's Alien shooter might fall prey to the deal and would be either canned completely or switched over from a console title to a mere, mobile app.

Fans should not stress yet however, as following the announcement of Disney selling FoxNet, Deadline claims "The transaction does not affect the separate portfolio of Fox IP licensed game titles, which will continue to be a part of Disney’s licensed games business."

We lost one promising Alien game in the Disney / Fox merger, let's hope Cold Iron's Alien game remains active and in development and sees a proper PC / console release!

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ModeratorPraetorianFeb-14-2020 1:37 PM

Sounds like it would have been an over-hyped game kit-bashed with a bunch of pop video game tropes, with an uninspired nostalgia-filled generic plot.

Try Again.




MemberTrilobiteFeb-14-2020 2:48 PM

There are enough shooters out there. An Isolation sequel would be better.


MemberChestbursterFeb-15-2020 1:38 AM

Blackout is A:I sequel. Then comics: Resistance & Rescue.

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