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Danny McBride Shares New Image From ALIEN: COVENANT Set!
Scified2016-07-21 13:55:18
Written by Lone7,733 Reads25 Comments2016-07-21 13:55:18

Danny McBride recently shared a new image on his Instagram account, adding the comment "Ridley is going to scare the shit out of you"

The image shows Danny, wearing a battered cowboy-type hat, in what would appear to be a small cockpit, perhaps a shuttle, escape pod or terraforming/transport vehicle?

There are some blue screens visible outside a couple of the cockpit windows, and it gives us a look at the retro-style tec and screens used in Covenant.

His comment backs up what he said previously about ALIEN: COVENANT being a "dark horror movie."

All of the images we have seen so far from the set and location have teased us, but have not given away much, if anything, regarding the storyline. Of course our members relish any chance to dissect them and speculate about what may be going on! 

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AdminEngineerJul-21-2016 2:05 PM

You beat me to it Lone! Haha thanks for posting, gonna upvote this!


MemberPraetorianJul-21-2016 2:08 PM

Haha, sorry Chris!


MemberFacehuggerJul-21-2016 2:25 PM

That image is brilliant, I normally hate those optics.

I love the way McBride is staring at you from one end and the camera trained on him is staring at you from the other. So much to see, and yet nothing to see. It does seem that security has been effective so far. Thankful for that! And thank YOU,  Lone!


MemberPraetorianJul-21-2016 2:30 PM

It's a very cool image NOOB, lets hope the teasing to come keeps things under wraps! 


Necronom 4

MemberNeomorphJul-21-2016 2:33 PM

Yes, thanks a lot for sharing, Lone!

This is a very interesting image. It gives me a sense of realism. It's the sort of picture you'd get from NASA.

On the screens to the right of the image is what appears to be a man wearing a cowboy hat (probably an inverted view of McBride?)

No idea what's on the screens to the left though.


MemberPraetorianJul-21-2016 2:37 PM

Spot on with the NASA analogy! All that time spent consulting with them during The Martian shoot is sure to have rubbed off on Ridley.

Yeah none of the screens are turned on. Danny's reflection appears on a few of the screens.

Just for fun here's the [vertical] flip side.....



MemberOvomorphJul-21-2016 4:12 PM

A theory that I've had since the release of the official synopsis is that the Covenant is old tech.  It was launched probably around 2035 in the early days of space exploration.

Why 2035?  Hypersleep chambers and FLT are very new technologies.  The David 3 android had just been released internally for evaluation.  My other guesstimate is around 2042 which coincides with the release of the David 4 model.

The Covenant was launched 50+ years before Prometheus on a journey to find a planet that could be colonized.

Either :

1) The ships native course brings it near "Paradise" and the crew awakens.

2) David 8 realizes that the Covenant is within communication range and convinces David 3 or 4 to change course.






MemberDeaconJul-21-2016 5:36 PM

Yes Jeffo ;)

I thought this idea after the movie was announced... that the ship was sent to explore a potential M Class Planet (Star Trek) but yes basically a Planet that would be able to potentially support life, and i think in a more so way than LV-223

So the a ship is set off to explore and set up a colony on this distant world and departed way prior to Prometheus mission to LV-223... i was not sure when this mission would started but i did estimate it would had to have set off at least around 2040 and maybe at latest say 2090...... and just by coincidence this World happens to be the same one that David and Shaw was off to.

I felt the doppelganger would be a scientist who Davids likeness was based off, who with the rest of the Covenant would be in Cryo-sleep for a long 20-50 year journey say....


Once we got the Covenant Badge and Weyland-Yutani this meant this ship has set off after Prometheus events of December 2093



MemberDeaconJul-21-2016 5:42 PM

However... this does not mean the ship is old..

Weyland-Yutani could have re-commissioned a old Ship..

This was the case with the USCSS Nostromo originally a interstellar cruiser commissioned in 2101 but latter re-fitted to be used as a commercial towing vehicle in 2116

So re-using a Older ship is possible.... however we have to consider the USCSS Nostromo  was Newer than the Prometheus Class... yet it looked no where near as Advanced inside..

So the Covenant could still be a ship that was commissioned after the Prometheus Class.

Back to the Image... it looks very realistic.. like something you can imagine a Earth Ship from next 10 years could look like internally, i.e its not as Advanced looking as Prometheus or Star Trek Federation Ships.

Certainly has that Alien USCSS Nostromo  look to it with more better VDUs...


David 7

MemberFacehuggerJul-21-2016 6:01 PM

I love getting spoon fed the tis bits, I just hope we can have a trailer by August...or be a year on the nose of they release a teaser next month or on the release date of the Aliens 30th Anniversary DVD.


MemberDeaconJul-21-2016 6:08 PM

As for the Ship... and the small looking Bridge... Flight Deck... who knows this could be a drop ship... or maybe the Pilot Area is small.... 

McBride did give some clues however.. he has said recently he is the Ships Pilot..... he then said the Ship is full of Couples trying to make a new start and colonize a ideal world.

Well from the cast we have so far we do have a selection of Females and Males...

Males.... X8

Bichir (53) Crudup (48) Rigby (40's?) Dean (40 ish?) McBride (39) England (30 ish?)  Latukefu (33) and Smollett (33)

Females X 5

Ejogo (43) Waterston (36) Seimetz (34) Hernandez (23) Haubrich (26)

Now we could see more than 5 but lets just assume thats 5 couples...  (i am assuming now Daniels is not even maybe as high ranking, but she becomes the lead  due to a event and survivor role or virtue of being related to Ripley).

So i am going to guess those females partners are Rigby, Dean, England, Latukefu and Smollett (33)

And so its a interesting insight.... and well 5 couples and David 8 ****tails makes for some interesting Moments lol



David 7

MemberFacehuggerJul-21-2016 6:50 PM

Romantic moments with a Chestbursting twist.


MemberOvomorphJul-21-2016 7:27 PM

Great image ... but I think it's a pod on top of the Covenant ship ... like a pilot/navigation cubicle (with similar aircraft panel layouts) ... especially if it's that much older and just a cargo type vessel ...

I don't really see this as an escape pod ... for one person only? and having that much tech & gadgetry in it ... plus he's not suited up for an escape (as he's wearing crew clothing ... that's what comes to mind with that image, anyhow ... but it could be just a playtime photo ... who knows ...


MemberDeaconJul-21-2016 7:54 PM


I remember Lindeloff said the Deacon was a Xenomorph Progenitor lol..... 

Alien Covenant there is something Evolving on Paradise prior to the crew arriving....

I remember some of the latest things the Source had said regarding Prometheus 2, but after Alien Covenant name...

Was that Prometheus had clues to the Xenomorph Origin, the clues was there all along... just hard for us to see and make sense of but they was there.

They said that in order to create the Xenomorph, all you needed was the Tools and knowledge of the Process to Re-Create the Xenomorph.... and that David has both of these.. (Tools and Knowledge)

They referred to the Deacon as having a long way to Evolve to become a Xenomorph.

So if the Deacon was the start point of a Xenomorph... but the Prometheus one was not what ends up as the Xenomorph...  as in on LV-426... But Prometheus had the answers.... Black Goo, Mural, Fresco and Black Goo infection leading to the Deacon.  And if the Deacon has a way fair way to evolve before its considered a Xenomorph...

If David has he Tools/Knowledge and you can re-create the Xenomorph and their is something Evolving on Paradise....

Then indeed David could have created something again a re-creation of his experiment on Shaw... but did she not need Holloway? Not if all that was needed was a way to get the Parasitic element (source claimed Black Goo was Parasite) to fertilize a Egg (i.e not Holloways Sperm) he was just the means to pass this Parasite from his body to Shaws.. Womb... (Holoway Eye Worm, and Unused Worm Infection Prop could back up the Sources claims..

Then yes he can re-create the experiment... and maybe as Shaw and David have a head start on the Covenant its enough years to finally evolve from Deacon to Xenomorph......

So also the Covenant Crew could be used to re-create the Organism.... they are couples after all... and too many Bottles of Champagne can lead to some frisky business... in comes Davids extra twist to the Champagne and so even if mutated Sperm is not needed...  maybe Sexual Intercourse can pass Parasite to the Females as otherwise David would have to be pretty invasive to artificially inseminate the females with the Parasitic Black Goo

Another twist could be the scene of Bald Humanoids in a scene of disaster or punishment.... some where Females..

And so the same kind of thing could have happened thousands of years ago on Paradise.. and has evolved.


MemberOvomorphJul-21-2016 7:54 PM

@Bigdave, Jeffo, David007, Lone, and everyone else, big hello again.

Wow I think we are all being taken for a ride again, no pun intended. I just want to clear the air first. Scott had better deliver big in this film. 

I saw the treatment that the 20 foot plus tall Sith got in the new Star Wars film.

As far as I am concerned if this is just going to be a lot of dialog and few new reveals about the alien, on a planet close to whatever, then I am going to be very upset about this film. 

Scott was supposed to introduce us to a much larger, imaginative new thing here with the first Prometheus film of which too many things had to be cut down to size....could not resist that one. And now this, whats going on? How could Scott do this to us again.

I want to find out why the Engineers are doing all the things they do and see a much larger new world of possibilities from the Engineers home world. 

I want to see just how far they can push the special effects for this newly imagined world with all these advanced Aliens. I do not want rehashes of cheap suits and a good make up job!

The whole ending of Prometheus had me in tears it was so bad...

We need to see this more incredible advanced superior species that Scott had intended to reveal from the first film.

A lot comes to mind from the artwork of Alex Kozhanov who is clearly thinking in original classic H.R. Giger worlds and themes.

This is what I'm talking about this organic-machine dark imagery I was hoping for in Covenant and now it looks like we are in for just few big fight scenes with the original Alien...oh feeling so upset!!!



MemberDeaconJul-21-2016 7:58 PM

There is a Pod like Structure in the above image, which is a design by Steve Burg who was the Ship designer on Prometheus and is working on Covenant too

So yes that could work


MemberDeaconJul-21-2016 8:11 PM

Yes Redant that seemed to be the case.... until maybe Alien 5

Prometheus was confusing for some, if you showed it someone who never knew it was a Alien Franchise movie they would find it a odd movie and maybe not even make the connection with the Croissant Ship and Space Jockey influenced Suits... those that did would be left thinking... hang on where are the Aliens and how does this connect.

Prometheus had its problems and the mainstream may have felt it lacked Alien connections, was too ambiguous and other flaws.

We was to be set off to explore who these big Bald Humanoids are... go to where they came from to find some answers.... why they created us, why destroy us... who created them..  and why... and some clues to the Xenomorph....

Along came Alien 5 concept and ideas, and well this gained a lot of Hype and Interest and Anticipation  but the movie while it was giving us Xenomorphs, it was also giving us Engineer Technology and different Xeno strands and maybe Egg Morphing... Alien 5 was treading on the toes of the Prometheus 2 sequel in some way that somethings had to be changed.

Fox seeing interest in Alien 5, knew maybe if they left this movie on hold until Ridley had told his Engineers and Hiearchy and what there Agenda is and what they also created... when Ridley had finished another 2 Alien Prequels....

Would the Anticipation for Alien 5 had died... especially if Prometheus 2 and 3 bombed and never gave enough Xeno or Space Jockey clues.

Miss Weaver is not getting any younger, and so shooting a Alien 5 in 10 years time would be awkward...

Thus maybe they have decided to change elements of Prometheus 2 to now be a Alien: Prequel the new prefix links to the Brand and more recognition and maybe the movie would touch upon the Xenomorph more and earlier.... so that then Alien 5 can be made and not worry about spoiling anything...

Thats what i think... its what the Source feels is the reason for the changes...

I think once Alien C and its sequel have covered the Engineers a bit.. but the Xeno more... and Alien 5 the Xeno but Engineer Technology and Experiments..

And if a Space Jockey movie and his cargo is made...

After all of these Fans would get enough Xeno clues.. and may then start to ask.... I WANDER what other Bigger Role these Engineers and Hierarchy play?

So in future yes, we could see more about them... but it seems for now its the Xeno and Ripley.



MemberOvomorphJul-21-2016 8:11 PM

@Bigdave, one can only hope Scott will do right by the fans who have stuck with all these movies for the past 40 years. The parts where David had the machine to bio interface right into Dr. Shaw's dream should have been just the start of a much more intelligent story telling of just how advanced these engineers were supposed to be. Instead we get these dead pan scenes of a big UFO like saucer leaving and an Engineer doing something to a planet.


MemberDeaconJul-21-2016 8:21 PM

I think the route they went was very interesting the Xeno is maybe just a Bio-Weapon after all....  who wants a story about Mankind and how we created the Gunpowder that was a Game Changer in War and Conflict... surely we did more than that.

And so these Engineers having something to do with our creation and Ancient mankind interpretations that lead to many different Religions and Fables...

It was a Bold Move... started with Spaights (But HR Gigers work hinted such anyway)  which then Lindeloffs they decided to concentrate more on this and tone down the Xeno elements from Spaights draft... The Beast is cooked after all..... but fans still dont have clear answers to how the Xeno was created and why?

But yes a very bold move.... a very interesting Plot, one that has a very large potential... but also a potential poisoned chalice to do justice..

But the risk was if general fans did not want to know about all of this and just want to know HOW the Xeno was Created and WHY and WHEN and how did those Eggs get on the Derelict and where was the Space Jockey going and why?

If this is what most fans wanted... then the Plot they was trying to go to.. (steer further from Alien) is left DEAD in the Water a Bit...

Hopefully we can get our cake and eat it and have both these covered.... please the Alien Fans... but also touch upon the interesting tale of these Engineers.


Having the Space Jockey as a Ancient Being (could still be a Space Suit) who are involved in some intergalactic War, that just ended up on LV-426 would have been a easier thing to tackle....

Like the Predators are Alien they came to Earth to Hunt and take Trophies.... as opposed to the AVP movies Plot for them...... which is similar to the Space Jockey/Engineer Plot Prometheus was showing us.




Patient Leech

MemberFacehuggerJul-22-2016 6:41 AM

Redant: The whole ending of Prometheus had me in tears it was so bad...

Whut? How so?

My only concern with Covenant is that it might get a little old having to be introduced to a new group of characters on a different ship every movie. It would be nice, in my opinion, if the next movie just followed Shaw and David on their journey discovering the Engineer home world in a sort of Laurence of Arabia kind of way, since it was referenced heavily in Prometheus. But apparently that isn't the case.

My advice is to not believe all the hype that Danny McBride keeps building. Hype is only bad for movies. We know how Ridley directs, he builds a mood, an atmosphere with some ideas thrown in and has a slow build with moments of trauma, tension, and horror in small amounts. And it's always a solid ride. So that is what I expect.


MemberOvomorphJul-22-2016 12:51 PM

@Patient Leech, 

OH my what was not to like about the deacon. For me this was horribly executed for one. I know I am a little wore out from all the other chest busting moments and I do not think this offered anything new. 

I did not like the way the deacons characteristics look. I felt it was too far a departure from the original intentions of H.R. Giger. Also look at those teeth this thing looks like it has dentures.

Then there is the general shape of this thing. I call it the dolphin monster because the shape of the head looks exactly like it...LOL

oh well just my 2 cents on the entire deacon thing. Honestly I think they could have come up with something better. I do not know if I could have but I know this is not Scott's best work. I also think he did it on purpose because of the producers.

Here is another funny one. LOL


Patient Leech

MemberFacehuggerJul-22-2016 12:55 PM


Not liking the design is one thing, but I think to call it horribly executed is a bit absurd. The lighting and puppet work was brilliant. Classic Ridley, great use of modern technology and old-school effects.


MemberDeaconJul-22-2016 2:43 PM

A number was disappointed because well this was supposed to be linked to Alien after all, so some are disappointed the design was different and some even thought this creature would lead directly to Alien and the Eggs.

So its a disappointment to see this Deacon lay all those Eggs...


Not everyone looked into the movie deep and saw what was going on... this creature most likely does not lead to those Eggs....

And as far as the Design yes it was not very HR Giger... some call it the biggest disappointment next to the Newborn and there is the KEY!

The New Born was a Hybrid maybe 50/50 Human and Xeno DNA

This Deacon is also a Human Hybrid... all the clues are there...

*The Goo seems to show us Xeno DNA traits are past onto a infected Organism, while evolving the Organisms best traits...  Shaws Egg was infected which was a more base level Organism a Blank Canvas less DNA to Mutate and thus it gave us something more closer to the Xenomorph... which is....

2) The Trilobite this was removed from Shaw via C-Section it had a umbilical cord.  When it was fully grown it had some hairs.... it was for all intensive purposes a Human/Xeno DNA Hybrid Face Huger.

3) This then Face Hugged the Engineer and was born fully formed, not like the Chest Buster, it seemed to be born just as a Mammal is... a smaller cuter version of the Adult.

4) The Deacon had Human like Hands and Feet, its skin was more like a Dolphin/Shark and its Teeth where Enamel like Mammals.... and it was born with a Placenta

But fear not, if this Deacon grows as much as a Mammal does from birth to Adult then our Deacon would stand 18ft tall and it would no doubt look more Aggressive..

Imagine a similar change and being 18 feet tall....

That would make one mean Monster


MemberDeaconJul-22-2016 2:49 PM

Imagine this about the size of a Xeno Queen


MemberPraetorianFeb-03-2017 2:52 PM

I am now thinking that this image could be Danny in a terraforming vehicle?

Perhaps he uses it to crush a Neomorph?

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