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Danny McBride currently in talks to star in Alien: Covenant!
Scified2016-02-10 20:59:29
Written by Chris3,883 Reads5 Comments2016-02-10 20:59:29

Commonly known for his roles in more comedies than action / sci-fi / thrillers, Danny McBride is reportedly being eyed for a role in Ridley Scott's upcoming Prometheus sequel, Alien: Covenant! Likely for the role of one of the crew members on board the vessel COVENANTDanny McBride seems to be attempting to show off more of his acting chops by starring in a high profile sci-fi tentpole. Not to say he couldn't provide some valuable comic relief while on a voyage across the galaxy. Whether McBride scores the role or not has yet to be decided, but rest assured, we'll let you know once that decsion is made!

Originally reported by The WrapFollowing a hilarious run as Kenny Powers on HBO’s “Eastbound & Down,” Danny McBride is preparing to move from comedy to sci-fi, as he’s in early discussions to co-star in Ridley Scott‘s big-budget blockbuster “Alien: Covenant,”

Let us know what you think of McBride's potential casting in Alien: Covenant by sounding off in the comments section below!

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Mr. C

MemberOvomorphFeb-10-2016 10:17 PM

I actually thought this was a joke when I first heard this morning. Maybe Ridley believes the only way he can bag a Golden Globe or Oscar is through sci-fi "comedy", I thought.

But in all seriousness, it's not like we didn't have any form of comic relief in any of the previous movies. Parker/Brett, Hudson, Andrews/Aaron, Johner... And in most cases, they turned out to be some of the most liked characters. So, sure why not?


MemberXenomorphFeb-11-2016 5:52 AM

I'm good with this. I get a Corporal Hudson vibe. 


MemberNeomorphFeb-11-2016 7:16 AM

I haven't seen him in any movie or anything but it is cool when actors are trying different genres.


MemberDeaconFeb-11-2016 10:47 AM

Everyone needs a chance i guess..... and it should be based on the Credentials of the Actor and not the style of Actor roles from the past...

Anyone know about Tom Hanks?  yep he was cast in many a Comedy Family kind of role, and also Romance Comedy roles....... But Tom Hanks has done a sterling job in some more serious none Comedy Roles.

The same can be said with Robin Williams and so just because a Actor has worked mainly in Comedy does not mean they could not do well in other Genres.


MemberDeaconFeb-11-2016 10:58 AM

Saying that every space movie seems to need a certain cast as far as a Crew and we have to assume a Colony ship will not be Small and so its safe to assume larger than the Nostramos but is it as many as Prometheus? could be less or more... but i would assume the ship would have.

1-2X Leader Rolls (Captain/Vice Captain) which Daniels would be one.

1-2 Medical Officer Type Roles

2-3 Science Personel Type Roles (they would need experts to study a Earth like World)

1-2 Mechanical Role someone has to fix the ship etc.

1-2 Company Executive types (People to assess the Planets Assets and Teraforming).

That gives us at least 6-11 Crew....

Then we would need these Roles and these could be extra crew or they could play as one of the above i.e The Hard Man could be the Pilot Too, the Medic the Joker etc.

1x Comedy Joker type... Prometheus Milburn kinda fitted this role most but so did Ravel and Chance.

1X Hard Man Tough Guy figure.

1X Sly Corporate Role... with their own Agenda and little care for fellow crew.

1X Unstable Crew Member..... Fifield was it in Prometheus.

2-4X Canon Fodder Crew with little fleshed out Characters who are going to get it.

If we included them then maybe we could see a crew of 10-12, if some of these are in addition then it could be 15-20

So yes there is plenty of Room for a Character who may add the odd Comedy Factor but we hope this is not overdone... i would prefer a more serious movie... like Alien,  Prometheus was more of a Alien 3, and Aliens and Alien Ressurection more similar to each other as far as types of Character and how they was portrayed....

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