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Cover Artwork for The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant Revealed!
Scified2017-02-03 08:01:07
Written by Chris46,247 Reads23 Comments2017-02-03 08:01:07

The official cover artwork for the upcoming The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant art book has been revealed! The cover art was created by the very talented Dane Hallett, who we interviewed last month about his time and work on Alien: Covenant. The book will include a wide variety of set photos, behind-the-scenes images and of course, plenty of remarkable concept artwork. Priced at $39.95 USThe Art and Making of Alien: Covenant will arrive on May 23rd/24th. You can pre-order your own copy through Amazon here!

The Art and Making of Alien: Covenant Art Book

Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created, with ALIEN: COVENANT, a new chapter in his groundbreaking ALIEN franchise. A beautifully lavish art book celebrates the vision behind the movie. Sumptuous artwork and behind-the-scenes photography reveal the design and development of the movie, including interior sets, outdoor shooting locations, technology - and of course, the Aliens themselves.

Source: Previews World (via AvPGalaxy)

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Movie fan

MemberFacehuggerFeb-03-2017 8:28 AM

Wow, can't wait for the book to come out :)


AdminEngineerFeb-03-2017 8:33 AM

Same here, I know Dane contributed a LOT to this and his work is magnificent. I cant wait to browse through all of his, and everyone else's work.


MemberChestbursterFeb-03-2017 8:41 AM

Thanks for the news, that Alien concept on the cover is something I did not expect in terms of design as it looks so different from the scrapped Prometheus artwork that now seem to appear in AC (The Neomorph for instance)

It looks "ancient" somehow, like if an ancient civilization like the Egyptians, Aztec or Maya decided to draw a Xeno within their temple walls maybe it would turn out something like this. I don't know how to describe what mean XD 

That being said, concept artwork tend to differ more or less from the final prop or rendering so It might not even appear like this at all. 

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerFeb-03-2017 9:17 AM

Anyone else getting some slight Newborn vibes from this? 

David 7

MemberFacehuggerFeb-03-2017 11:07 AM

Nice. I love that design and hope to see this in the film.


MemberFacehuggerFeb-03-2017 11:49 AM

Can't wait for that! Already have the Art of Prometheus Art book. Very inspiring!


MemberPraetorianFeb-03-2017 11:56 AM

Love it!

Could this be from an Elders MORB Anatomy textbook found by David?

Similar to the facehugger designs which reminded me of etchings from an ancient manuscript.

Crew poster

Crew clothing

David 7

MemberFacehuggerFeb-03-2017 3:35 PM

I would make a book that looks like David's journal if he had created one. Add his writing and observations and sketches. I am going to be flat broke by the time this film comes out in May with the many art books and other things coming out...


MemberPraetorianFeb-03-2017 4:03 PM

I like it very much. It looks like Death from a nightmare.

Isn't it an adult neomorph concept?

Similar to the first 1979 aliens:



MemberOvomorphFeb-03-2017 4:05 PM

Looks fantastic! Strong H.R. Giger vibe on this one and appears to have biomechanical elements.


MemberPraetorianFeb-03-2017 9:29 PM

i love and enjoy all of the artwork released so far for these informative books!l


MemberOvomorphFeb-04-2017 2:25 AM

@At Everyone,

Hello did IQ’ s just drop suddenly in here while I was away? I just posted in another article that this thing does not have any eyes.

Let us all start with a theme. That theme is that when you look at the entire Alien franchise even in all the other films do you ever see this Xenomorph with eye sockets on the face.
H.R. Giger, may his ever loving mech-bio soul rest RIP for eternity, was an artistic reference point for the original alien designs. Scott is the one that used elements of these designs to create the Xenomorph.

So no eye sockets are to be seen in any of the movies.  Nope not one, ziltch, zip, nodda, nothing, doughnut, zero.


This is H.R. Giger’s own work. Not all of his alien artistic visions have a visible scull.



Now I don’t want to be the one to bring bad news to such a great forum; however, what is on that cover of that book is not cannon and I just cannot accept it even if Scott somehow let it ride.

Also, when looking at the other creatures in these films going all the way to Prometheus there are still no eyes in any of the creatures. For example, the Face Huger, and the Hammerpede.


Ahh her most royal majesty the Queen.


Here is another perfect example:


This is not cannon.

I think the studios position is clear here what the Xeno looks like as well. We have had a lot of discussion on here about what is cannon and what is not. The studio is saying that the movies after Aliens are not cannon and did not happen.

Let us have a closer look at Aliens and call it a day.


I know there will be a lot of people saying well HR Geiger’s Alien has eye sockets and even early in the production of alien it shows the creature with them.

All of the pictures from the Studio tell a different story. Even work from many other independent artists.

So does the Xenomorph have eyes sockets? Please comment down below.

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerFeb-04-2017 10:20 AM

It actually does. In certain light, under the carapace, you can see s very human skull. But this is obviously concept art, as the book is called THE ART AND MAKING OF, so you've really done nothing but point out the obvious. 


MemberPraetorianFeb-04-2017 3:27 PM

Oh, dear,... Now I understand why he/she is so sad in the images. :)

"I'm not canon, Ripley, not canon..."


MemberChestbursterFeb-04-2017 7:07 PM

*looks at the Newborn and shivers*


MemberOvomorphFeb-04-2017 8:30 PM

Still these examples are not cannon. Ladies, Gentlemen please look more closely in each of the movies. Anything after Aliens is not cannon. Prometheus is cannon, so is Alien-Covenant. 

I like all of these films for different reasons. I guess what I was really getting at is that these are complex films that have to obey some logic. 

We cannot just have characters and things about this environment change in way that would negate truths about these characters.

Look at the drawings of the new aliens. I am sure the protomorph, neomorph do not have eyes. The drawings from the concept art work does not depict them. 


MemberOvomorphFeb-04-2017 8:34 PM



Even other artists are showing the newest aliens with no eyes. There are hundreds of other artists showing the same theme. Nothing in this art looks like it could possibly have eye sockets.


This is supposed to be very advanced nano based, or something smaller mechanoid-bio synthetic structures. Think about a quantum computer mixed with the liquid terminators but even faster than that. These things are very strong they can punch through steel. The aliens can climb through space craft ventilation quite well. I am thinking these are weapons of some kind then. 

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerFeb-04-2017 9:45 PM

Is it so hard for you to grasp that none of us believe this design is actually used??? We are aware that it is a book filled with concept art, so naturally it's no wonder that the cover is merely more concept art. Seems like OUR IQs aren't the ones that have dropped 


MemberOvomorphFeb-05-2017 6:23 AM


What design are you referring to? Yeah the quote from Ripley in Aliens was a joke. Please no hard feelings and if you look closely at the last sentence that I wrote you will see I did try to open this up for a friendly chit chat. You mad bro that I said IQ'S dropped suddenly...ALIENS426, read Ripleys' lips here...I think shes saying please stop.

Take a look at this as well...

Chad Ripley

MemberFacehuggerFeb-05-2017 7:01 AM

This could be the skeleton of a Neomorph or it's just a concept they drew during production. I'm not sure if they would release what one of the new aliens would look like this early but if this design is in the movie, I am guessing it's the Neomorph. The spikes coming out of the back and the jaw/eye sockets are definitely not on a xenomorph. The Xenos don't have visible eyes like this. I swear when I watched the AC trailer and paused it at that part when the girl shoots at the Neo I saw him run to the left super fast and think I saw a black eye on him as the light from the explosion takes over the screen. It's literally a spilt second thing. It's the reason I think this could be a Neomorph. Neos have a similar look to Xenos, but maybe one of the things that characteristically sets them apart are these eye sockets in the front. Of course this is all just a guess, but I think it could make sense. 

A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerFeb-05-2017 11:29 AM

@Chad Ripley

I think you saw wrong. There's a gif going around of the Neomorph during that sequence and it very clearly has no eyes or anything like this. It looks very smooth and organic and pale 

Chad Ripley

MemberFacehuggerFeb-05-2017 2:52 PM


I keep watching it on repeat and pause it right after the explosion and just see an eye for millisecond. It definitely could just be something else and not an eye. I do know that the Neomorph is gonna be whitish with translucent skin, and have those spikes coming out. We definitely can confirm that I think by watching that quick clip. I'm totally just thinking out loud and would be surprised if a Neo had eyes. The Xenos not having eyes made them even scarier in my mind cause you didn't know where they were looking. If the Neo has the eyes I think I saw it still would be scary. I wish I could attach the screenshots I took to show you what I'm talking about, but it keeps stopping me from uploading them. It resembled a big all black fish like eye, located on the side of his head like 2 inches from his mouth. I guess we just have to wait and see if FOX releases another teaser. It would be so awesome, (not to mention smart) to do some kind of ad during the super bowl. Also if u feel like watching the trailer and fast forward to that part where the girl shoots the gas tank, pause it right when she gets blown back and the fire engulfs the screen. You might be able to see what I'm talking about so I don't seem crazy lol. 


MemberOvomorphFeb-07-2017 6:26 AM

I would love to see that creature in the movie, looks badass and somewhat ancient, maybe it existed before the protomorph? Although the thing that sucks though is that this is just concept art and probably won't make to the final film. But hey, anything is possible.

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