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Check out this awesome Prometheus Space Jockey resin kit!
Scified2019-01-24 18:08:39
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The Space Jockey - the mysterious humanoid alien first introduced in Ridley Scott's original sci-fi masterpiece Alien, was re-introduced in the 2012 prequel, Prometheus. Although the mystical nature of this massive beast was chalked up as a pressure suit worn by the Human-creator species known as Engineers, some fans still consider the original Jockey as a separate entity. Alien fan page Aliens vs. Tornado have unveiled an awesome fan-created resin kit which embodies the Prometheus Space Jockey as us fans originally envisioned them. Check it out:

You can order yourself one unpainted (for $159 US) or fully painted ($230 US).

Be sure to let us know what you think of this kit in the comments! We're quite impressed!

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2019-01-24 18:08:39


MemberChestbursterJan-24-2019 8:13 PM

"which embodies the Prometheus Space Jockey as us fans originally envisioned them."How are this guys different than the suits from the "Ghosts" in Prom, or the suits in Covenant?

I never realized that their upper bodies look like the skeksies from the Dark 

The figure looks great and If I would buy it, it would be the in kit form to customize it, as the egg basket is stupid. No cover for the egg opening. And there were no eggs before covenant. The flute/recorder I think would have bee better.


MemberTrilobiteJan-24-2019 8:29 PM

There might be both funny and/or profound Easter jokes here.

I will go with funny. It looks like an Easter basket with an egg the Engineer never had. The Engineer feet look kind of strange too when looking at the hands. Yeah, it might be fussy, but for $200, I would expect more.


MemberDeaconJan-25-2019 3:36 PM

Certainly DK

I noticed some of the Model needed a bit more finishing off, especially the lower legs and feet ;)

Regarding "some fans still consider the original Jockey as a separate entity" i can see some still think its NOT a Space Suit but if they check out the HR Giger Concepts then its NOT-ONLY a Space Suit but its occupants are Bald Humanoids. 

Granted the Scale was WAY-OFF but the models scale in regards to the Egg puts this Space Jockey/Engineer at about 13ft which is approximately how tall i estimate the Original had been.  And indeed our Engineers were intended to be 15ft, then revised down to 12ft, then 10ft (which is how tall they are intended in Prometheus)

The Model Proportions seem to be closer to the Space Jockey apart from the Broadness of the Chest Area... i have edited the image to create one thats more closer to the Space Jockey and also HOW SMALL the Prometheus Space Jockey was in comparison.


MemberTrilobiteJan-25-2019 5:13 PM

The foot is more articulated here.


MemberDeaconJan-25-2019 5:59 PM

Indeed the Pressure/Bio Suit seems to allow more Articulation, but the Space Jockey Suits seem to limit that due to the BOOTS.



MemberNeomorphJan-29-2019 8:21 AM

The egg basket looks a bit dumb but the rest looks alright. Maybe they decided to put in some silly joke there. :D

Speaking of Easter jokes, how about combining the Engineer with the Easter bunny so you get an Engineer with long ears and big teeth?

As far as the SJ goes I still think that it is a bald humanoid kind of thing in a space suit. This is the explanation that makes the most sense to me. I have never understood the thing as just being a space suit, that makes it look like a suit that is programmed as a robot that walks. Having it as a suit with a bald humanoid life-form makes the most sense to me.


MemberTrilobiteJan-31-2019 11:34 PM

Thoughts_Dreams  combining the Engineer with the Easter bunny so you get an Engineer with long ears and big teeth?

I actually brought the same idea up to a forum member who has the chops to pull it off but the individual is afraid of fanboy wrath and probably will not do it.


MemberChestbursterFeb-01-2019 2:34 AM

What are you talking about? The basket is good. Or what do you think an engineer can transport one egg?


MemberNeomorphFeb-06-2019 7:52 AM


Ahaha! I do not laugh at him but the fact that some might be so easily offended is amusing, and sad at the same time. Don’t you think that some of those that were involved with making the franchise (prop-makers, producers, and so on) might have had ridiculous thoughts about some of the alien things some time? My point is that you can not be so extremely serious about a franchise so you can not make fun of it. Hell, look at Star Wars and the parodies and memes that it creates, it is hilarious sometimes.


MemberPraetorianFeb-07-2019 2:17 AM

The Engineer helmet design always reminds me of the Selenites from the Nathan Juran directed First Men on the Moon, rather than Giger's Ganesha-like pilot.

This figures helmet design even more so!


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