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Celestial Cinema: Top 5 Alien Movies on Netflix
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Although, humans have been successful in surmounting outer spacewhen it comes to finding aliens, all we have are speculations. It feels like technology has still miles to cover when discovering human-like creation. Only time will tell if we’re confronted by a supernatural creation in years to come.

With that said, knowing about an existence other than us is fascinating, for sure. And there’s no better source to learn than the thousands of realistic, yet fictional movies we have on aliens.

Besides being pure entertainment, not many fictional movies are rich with sci-fi knowledge at the same time. However, we’ve jotted down some of the finest alien movies that you can find on Netflix.

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Without any delay, let’s get started:

  1. After Earth
  2. We Can Be Heroes
  3. Extinction
  4. Annihilation
  5. The Thing
  6. Bottom Line


After Earth: 

‘If I Am Legend’ wasn’t enough, Will Smith embarked on a journey to star in another blockbuster sci-fi movie. This time, assisted by his son, Jaden Smith.

The movie revolves around the relationship between a father and a son. Forced to live on another planet, Nova Prime, Earth’s no longer humanity’s home. Bravely facing the difficulties on an alien planet, the key is to trust each other to thrive in an adverse climate.

However, things take a sharp turn when they crash land on Earth. They were welcomed with a hostile environment as Earth was totally unrecognizable.

Without a doubt, Will Smith is the main character but Jaden’s role cannot be overlooked. He’s in a constant struggle to walk in his father’s shoes and face the outside enemy at the same time.

We Can Be Heroes: 

It may be a rare sight to watch an alien movie with family. Even so, it’s a bigger task to keep them involved till the end.

However, ‘We Can Be Heroes’ is one such movie that you can watch on a family night. 

The story starts with a bunch of kids with super parents. Until they’re attacked by a foreign force and their parents become hostages. Without worrying about themselves, the kids believe in their strengths firmly. They decide to outdo the enemy and free their parents.

With a beautiful storyline fitting for a family gathering, each character is depicted as a hero. Throughout the movie, every character gets ample screen time to showcase their true potential.


Often, we may not pay heed to random dreams. After all, they’re dreams and, in most cases, not backed up by reasoning at all. However, things get real when those dreams repeat whenever you sleep. And that’s what becomes the biggest worry for a man with a wife and two beautiful daughters.

Dreaming about an alien invasion, things get pretty messy when his dreams become a reality. With aliens violently attacking humans around the world, there’s nothing in the world that could match their advanced technology.

Being responsible for his wife and daughters, he musters up the courage to save them from grave dangers. Apparently, it may seem like standard sci-fi fiction with nothing new. However, we’ve omitted the twists and plots on purpose. Once halfway through the movie, you’ll realize why we recommended this movie.


The story revolves around Natalie Portman slaying the character of Lena in the movie. Being a biologist and a former soldier, she signs up to investigate Area X, home to a bizarre creature.

Driven by the determination to find her husband who went missing from Area X, she hopes to uncover the mysterious creature.

However, once she, along with her group sets foot in Area X, things get ugly. To their surprise, they find the area mutated with an insidious life form, threatening to overtake the human civilization.

The Thing: 

A remake of classical movies often disappoints. However, ‘The Thing’, a remake of a 1982 movie with the same title may be one of the most celebrated alien movies ever.

Exploring the Arctic region, Norwegian scientists found a ship buried several feet in the snow for ages. The main concern for them was the extraterrestrial life form that they found on board. Soon enough, they predicted that it was almost time for the creatures to wake up and start annihilating the human creation.

For anyone seeking out a bone-chilling alien movie this weekend, this movie should be a top contender.

Bottom Line: 

When it comes to offering a thrilling experience with loads of entertainment and reminding humans of their limitless potential, nothing surpasses alien movies. We have gathered the top 5 alien movies you can find on Netflix. Also, if there’s a movie worth mentioning on this list, do let us know in the comments section.

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