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Carlos Huante shares Red Xenomorph artwork!
Scified2019-12-05 08:33:46
Written by Chris17,329 Reads5 Comments2019-12-05 08:33:46

Concept artist Carlos Huante, who provided work for Ridley Scott on both Prometheus (2012) and Alien: Covenant (2017) is notorious for sharing incredible works of art based on the Alien universe to his Instagram and recently the talented artist shared images of a Red Xenomorph! Alien fans will recognize this Red Xenomorph also known as Genocide Xenomorphs or Red Aliens from the popular comic book series released by Dark Horse Comics - Aliens: Genocide.

Essentially the Red Aliens were a mutated breed of Xenomorph who rebelled and attacked their primitive Xenomorph brethren on their home world. Here's a brief history of the Red Alien Hive from Aliens: Genocide:

After the first Queen Mother was killed during the Earth War, the Xenomorph's hiveworld begin to fall into complete and utter chaos due to their leader's absence. The Queen Mother's remaining Elite Guards together decided to form a cocoon in order to produce a new Queen Mother to restore order within the hiveworld. Several deviant guards also created their own cocoon, which eventually molted into the Red Queen. The Red Queen Mother started to breed her own red-colored Drones and soon rebelled against the original hive. A massive warfare begun between the two subspecies over the dominance of their species. Meanwhile, a platoon of Colonial Marines were sent to the hiveworld to retrieve the Queen Mother's prized jelly in order to synthesize a highly addictive drug called Xeno-Zip. The Colonial Marines unintentionally became involved in the war once they have landed on the hiveworld and had to fight off both of the Alien types, suffering massive casualties in the conflict. The remaining crew decided to decimate the Red Queen Mother's hive to distract the Drones of the original hive while the jelly was being extracted. With the Red Queen Mother gone, the remaining Red Aliens were soon wiped out by the original hive.

Interestingly enough, Neill Blomkamp's Alien 5 was originally going to include mutated and genetically altered Aliens... and it just so happens Carlos Huante had provided some artwork for Alien 5 back when it was in pre-production before it was shelved by the studio. Curiously, we wonder if the Red Aliens were at one point a consideration for Alien 5 or a future Alien installment!

Would you be interested in seeing Aliens: Genocide realized on film? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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SciFi Explained

MemberOvomorphDec-05-2019 4:17 PM

I can't say for sure, but I'm betting he did this for fun, and not for alien 5.  I say this because he commented on my genocide youtube video a few weeks back, kinda poking fun at all the EU alien stuff.  He thought they were from a kenner toy, which did have a red alien too.  I said I enjoy the EU as its own seperate thing, and after we spoke, he uploaded the red ultramorph pics!  You can find his comments on my video, and he's going to do an interview with me for the channel!  I'm sooo excited!


MemberDeaconDec-06-2019 9:04 AM

I think the comic was boring heavy on the Cameron's Bug Hive idea, where the Xenomorphs act just like Ant/Bee or Termite Colonies.    In which case then conflict with Rival Hives/Colonies would be likely.... i am NOT the biggest Fan of this kind of take/look at the Xenomorph though.

Regarding the work that Carlos Huante has released, then it merely is one of his ULTRAMORPH concepts for the Alien Prequel (Alien Engineers/Genesis) by Jon Spaights that evolved into Prometheus (after Damon Lindeloff's involvement).  

So we just have the Ultramorph given a Red Color instead of the Grayish Blue...

However forgive me if i am incorrect, but there was reports that one of the Alien 5 drafts/ideas was called Red Harvest?  It would appear that this Concept Work was for that Canceled Alien 4 Project.

If so then the release of a RED Version of his Ultramorph Concept could indicate a Creation of a Red Variant/Faction of the Xenomorph and so IN PART maybe Alien 5 would have borrowed a little off the Aliens: Genocide Comic.


MemberDeaconDec-06-2019 9:07 AM

However it also be that this was done for Fun.. and is NOT in anyway connected to any Project/Concept that he was working on as far as any ALIEN Movie.


MemberDeaconDec-06-2019 6:11 PM

"I think the comic was boring heavy on the Cameron's Bug Hive idea"

I cant Edit my Post...... i meant to say Borrowing not Boring ;)

I do however think potentially exploring a Red Xenomorph, well a Variant thats more Red could be interesting.

Especially when we look at some of the Drafts that William  Gibson had done for Alien 3, regarding the Union of Progressive Peoples Faction, which had a Very Soviet Vibe to them...

So we could add that to some ideas that Blomkamps Alien 5 seemed to have, in that you could have a Company Obtain the Xenomorph but then have another Faction obtain a Specimen or DNA and Engineer their own Version that is RED to kind of represent like the Cold War Vibe that Gibsons Alien 3 Drafts had.


MemberTrilobiteDec-09-2019 10:55 PM

Meh- it looks like a Xeno with a color filter. A green or blue Xeno would look good too. It is a great looking piece- I just agree that it was done more for fun.

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