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Callie Hernandez talks Alien: Covenant's unreal practical sets!

Callie Hernandez talks Alien: Covenant's unreal practical sets!

Scified2016-08-01 13:35:35
10,837 Reads9 CommentsAdd A Comment

Blair Witch's Callie Hernandez stars alongside the likes of Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Noomi Rapace and Danny McBride in Ridley Scott's highly anticipated Alien: Covenant next summer and she recently sat down with SlashFilm to discuss her time on-set. As expected, it was a wild (and thrilling) ride.

During the interview, she recounts the unreal practical sets constructed for Alien: Covenant, similar to the massive hydraulic sets built for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim, Alien: Covenant featured similar sets which would move and shake, with the cast on-board.

Describing Alien: Covenant, Hernandez told me how director Ridley Scott employed practical sets to simulate the intensity of the space mission. “The sets are very real,” Hernandez said. “You’re in this built ship and then he’s like [in British accent], ‘Turn on the hydraulics.’ Then you’re like, what is he talking about? Then it’s suddenly shaking and you’re like, ‘Oh, that’s what he means.’ So the sets were pretty unreal.

Unfortunately, she did not reveal anything more regarding her character - whose name remains a mystery. She added however, how terrifying the experience was - building off of McBride's and Fassbender's comments pertaining to the scare factor Alien: Covenant plans to bring back.

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-08-01 13:35:35

About Alien: Covenant 2 / Alien Awakening

The state of the Alien: Covenant sequel continues to remain uncertain. Ridley Scott has mentioned previously that they have a story already in place and know exactly where the sequel to Covenant will go, however the recent acquisition of 20th Century Fox film properties by Disney have potentially put the rumored-to-be-titled Alien: Awakening on hold for the time being. As new details arise concerning Alien: Covenant 2 we will be your premiere source and you can find information on the Covenant sequel by visiting the About Alien: Awakening page here.

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9 Fan responses to Callie Hernandez talks Alien: Covenant's unreal practical sets!

David 7

FacehuggerMember488 XPAug-01-2016 1:46 PM

Who knows, maybe with August here, about a year out, we might get a trailer in the next few weeks.

Patient Leech

FacehuggerMember158 XPAug-01-2016 1:57 PM

Don't many films show a teaser about 6 months out from release? It still feels too soon. I would expect quite a bit more time would be required after wrapping on principal photography.


XenomorphMember1471 XPAug-01-2016 2:44 PM

I wonder if the picture above is from the movie? The picture looks interesting. Hopefully  they won't be stupid and take their helmets off.


As far as practical effects I prefer that most of the times but if they can do some monsters better in CGI I hope that they use that (take the Fifield Xeno for example).

Something Real

TrilobiteMember5639 XPAug-01-2016 2:56 PM

CHRIS PICARD - Wow! Alien: Covenant is going to be a thrill ride! I can just feel it! :)


OvomorphMember1 XPAug-01-2016 3:32 PM

@ Thoughts_Dreams dude they already explained that the air was clean and breathable its ET for eff sake get over it Alien fans!!


XenomorphMember1140 XPAug-01-2016 3:46 PM

Hopefully some great spaceship action...(I'm afraid it'll be all land based horror)....maybe they attempt to escape the planet...

2 rigged ship..drop ship and the Covenant in orbit.


FacehuggerMember120 XPAug-01-2016 5:08 PM

That's most Excellent to hear that the Practical Effects will have similar symbolism of JohnnyDepp getting eaten by & spewed out by the bed in OG Nightmare Elm Street where John Carpenter had the practical set literally flip 360• with Deppster inside it & describes it as the most Hellish Experience ^_^


TrilobiteMember9800 XPAug-02-2016 7:27 AM

While Scale and the odd detail can be a few mistakes Ridlley makes... he does like to try and make the sets as real as possible as large a scale as possible so that you have to use on set as little imagination (green screen)

And this set descriptions shows Ridley wants to throw the surprise at the cast and have them actually feel what its like to be on a Ship thats being flung about... instead of a set where its about camera movement and a few things on set that move.

Having a whole set rigged up to move just as if you was really there is something that could add to the realism of the scene portrayed by the cast to us.


XenomorphMember1471 XPAug-04-2016 3:15 AM

Something Real: We will see when we get to see the movie. I don’t try to have very big expectations because remember how Prometheus turned out, or the Star Wars prequels, for example.


Anunnaki50: Yes it said that the air was breathable but what about germs? What if the technology missed something? No technology is 100% safe I guess so they should have thought about that especially if they are at another planet. Like I saw in a thread somewhere there can be germs that the human body doesn’t have any defense against.

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