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Billy Crudup in talks for a key role in Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant!
Scified2016-02-25 18:59:42
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The Alien: Covenant movie cast continues to grow this week, with yet another report surfacing this evening from Deadline, which announced that Billy Crudup is currently in talks for a very important role in the highly ancitipated Prometheus movie sequel, Alien: Covenant. The report explains:

Billy Crudup

"Billy Crudup who was part of the killer ensemble cast of Best Picture Oscar nominee Spotlight, has lined up two more big pics. He is in advanced negotiations for a key part in Alien: Covenant, the sequel to Ridley Scott’sPrometheus that is set to begin production next month in Australia. He also joined the cast of Jackie, the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis biopic starring Natalie Portman and produced by Darren Aronofsky."

Source: Deadline

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-02-25 18:59:42

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OvomorphMember23 XPFeb-25-2016 7:36 PM

I only know him as Dr. Manhatten from Watchmen. As far as other actors from that movie are concerned, Jeffrey Dean Morgan would be a more interesting choice for an Alien movie. Or Jackie Earle Haley. 


XenomorphMember1330 XPFeb-26-2016 9:51 AM

The casting has been all over the map, not sure if it's a action cast?

is this the cast for the long haul(3 movies)....or a disposable crew?  

I can see Billiy playing a android.




DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-26-2016 4:30 PM

Potentially that would be good but i think with David having a doppelganger and Fasbender playing two roles would rule out another Android i think?

But certainly he could fit the corperate sly-ball mold with a Agenda...  much like Burke from Aliens..

Oh as far as Androids if they ever introduce another Android in the Franchise here is my pick...

Jeremy Sheffield did well playing a Cold and Callas Character in UK soap Holyoaks, his emotion or lack of in the role he played fits perfectly to play a Android.


OvomorphMember10 XPFeb-26-2016 4:51 PM

Jude Law could very well play an android... but Fassbender really was terrific as David (and his girlfriend Alicia Vikander was also brilliant playing robot in Ex Machina movie), and I agree with Dave that there is not going to be more robots...


DeaconMember10416 XPFeb-28-2016 1:11 PM

Agreed i dont see them, the company swapping and changing Robots all the time, but who knows... if we really advanced to a level to create realistic Robots in the future would we be happy with Adam and Eve Models.... i am sure we would want to variety...

But i do think that Fassbender may play the only Android/Androids...

Ridley seemed to have a big plan for David 8 Character.... the Plot Synopsis seems to highlight towards Synthetic.... and do me this with Fassbender playing Two Roles, and one being a doppelganger kind leads me down Two paths....

1) David will Evolve himself and no longer be Synthetic... but will meet a Synthetic David onboard the Covenant.

2) The Covenant has a none Sythnetic David, or the Person who David was created in their likeness... this idea is interesting.... if we assume David 5, 6, and 7 are all based of same appearence as it would mean the Human doppelganger would be older.....  But not if they are in Cryo Sleep on a Long Journey to a far away Paradise.

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