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Best Games to Play for Alien Lovers
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Written by Chris11,445 Reads6 Comments2020-02-04 08:19:16

This year’s Alien Day is still months away, but for alien (and Alien) fans, it can be said that every day is Alien Day — if they want it to be. Besides rewatching the Alien series, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy all things alien. For those who love both aliens and gaming, here are some of the best alien-themed games you can play right now:

Aliens vs. Pinball

Pinball lovers will be pleased to know that there is an Alien-themed pinball game. Created by Zen Studios, Aliens vs. Pinball features three tables based on different Alien films: Aliens and Alien vs. Predator. It also incorporates the video game Alien: Isolation, which is next on this list. The game is available at the Play Store, Apple Store, and as an expansion pack for the Pinball FX series, which is supported by PlayStation, PC, Mac, Wii, Xbox, and others.

Alien: Isolation

Developed by Creative Assembly and published by Sega, Alien: Isolation takes place more than a decade after the events of the original film. Although published in 2014, the game features a 1970s design inspired by the film, so it’s a great choice for those who love updated takes on retro games. In the game, you’ll have to outsmart an alien and fight to survive while solving the disappearance of Ellen Ripley.

PokerStars VR

For those who love both aliens and poker, PokerStars’ new game, PokerStars VR, has got you covered. In this game, you’ll play a virtual game of poker with people from all over the world in a number of different environments. Besides playing in a futuristic Macau, the game recently added a space-themed poker room called PokerStars’ Galaxy Space Station that includes aliens, robots, and plenty of space gadgets and props.


Aliens Attack VR

Another great alien-themed VR game is Aliens Attack VR, which is available on Steam. Developed by The Game Forger, this game is a classic shooter — but in space — where the object of the game is to fight off an alien invasion. In Aliens Attack VR, you’ll use your skills in battle against three different alien forms. If you’re a huge fan of Ender’s Game, you’ll feel just like Ender in this one.

Alien: Blackout

For mobile game lovers, Alien: Blackout by D3 Go! is one of the best. Available for iOS and Android, the object of the game is to survive aboard a space station while a Xenomorph is on the loose. Like Alien: Isolation, this game follows Ellen Ripley’s daughter and her crew. The game features seven levels and a variety of different challenges, so it’ll satisfy your Alien gaming needs for some time.

StarCraft: Remastered

Based on the beloved StarCraft game from the ‘90s, StarCraft: Remastered features the original gameplay with better graphics, audio, updated features, online gaming, and more. The game was released in 2017 by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s another great option on this list for those who are interested in retro gaming. Like the original game, StarCraft: Remastered takes place in a futuristic world where different alien species are fighting for power over the others. In that way, it’s similar to Aliens Attack VR because players must use military tactics to fight off aliens. The game is available to play on Mac and PC.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts, Mass Effect: Andromeda is the fourth game in the series. It takes place during the 29th century, where humans are exploring new worlds in order to find a new home. You’ll play as one of the humans tasked with finding a new planet. During your adventures, you’ll come across many hostile alien species that you’ll have to fight off to survive.

All of the above games will be sure to please any Alien lover. But stay tuned — Predator: Hunting Grounds is expected to be released sometime this year for PlayStation and Windows. And Predator VR, another highly-anticipated release, will drop next year.

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MemberDeaconFeb-05-2020 4:35 PM

There certainly is a Good Amount of ALIEN games as in based on and around Alien Life Forms or those that are similar to ALIEN Franchise Games.

Regarding Franchise Games though... or others in General i have not really played Games much the Last 4 Years.

My Technology is not up to the Games Mentioned in the OT

I did have ONE GO on Isolation but i only got a bit Further than the Xenomorph Reveal... (killed by Goons while watching the Xenomorphs First Kill).

But many Years ago i did enjoy a Fair Share of Alien Based Games, by that not just the ALIEN Franchise... which include the likes of the OLD SCHOOL versions of X-COM ;)

I was really Impressed by the Game Aliens versus Predator 2 (2001) it was a Improvement on the First One (1999), the Alien Franchise has had a lot of MISS games than HIT though.

The First Franchise Game i remember was ALIENS on the ZX Spectrum.... that was Pretty Hard and quite Intense for a OLD GAME.

ALIENS ZX Spectrum

They still make Games for that OLD SYSTEM... here is a 2019 ALIEN Franchise Game, that is a lot like ALIEN 3 the Game that came out back in 1993.

Aliens Neoplasma



MemberOvomorphFeb-15-2020 9:44 PM

Aliens Colonial Marines and Stasis Interrupted had amazing stories that were a sequel to Aliens and even brought back Hicks.


MemberTrilobiteFeb-15-2020 9:58 PM

Alien CM may have had a great story, but I saw so many reviews that said the game itself was horrible that I skipped it.


MemberOvomorphFeb-16-2020 4:31 PM

Yes, it had many game mechanics problems and was too easy. Thankfully a programmer and fan fixed it and improved it beyond what Gearbox had intended. Look up TemplarGFX mod.


MemberOvomorphMay-16-2020 4:28 AM

I recently watched the movies for the first time and loved them (the first 2 anyway). I was wondering which games the Alien fanbase considers the best. I've heard Isolation is good and Colonial Marine is god awful.



MemberOvomorphMay-19-2020 6:47 AM

They still make Games for that OLD SYSTEM... here is a 2019 ALI EN Franchise Game  that is a lot like ALIEN 3 the Game that came out back in 1993.

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