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An Engineer battles Xenomorphs in epic Prometheus / Alien: Covenant fan art!
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Written by Chris85,965 Reads49 Comments2017-07-02 11:41:29

A suited-up Engineer takes on a horde of ferocious Xenomorphs in this epic piece of Prometheus / Alien: Covenant fan art by concept artist and illustrator Michael Broussard.

The reason for showcasing this particular artwork is because it offers us an intriguing visual for what might come from the next Prometheus sequel. As we now know, Ridley Scott has confirmed the Engineers will make a comeback in Alien: Covenant 2 / "Alien: Awakening" and that they will visit Paradise to discover what David has done - no doubt infuriating the alien race. Scott has also made mention that he sees these new Alien films culminating in some "War of the Worlds" type of event. What exactly Scott means by this we're unsure, but it certainly seems like we could see the Engineers mount an offensive against David (after tracking him down), who will have likely created an army of 2,000 Xenomorphs while en route to Origae-6.

The concept of Engineers battling Xenomorphs dates back to Jon Spaihts' original screenplay for Prometheus, back when it was titled Alien: Engineers. However in that script the battle was fairly short and small scale - having an Engineer snap a Xenomorph over his leg, seemingly effortlessly. That scene was of course left out of the film, but the thought of these two powerful alien species going head-to-head would make for a truly intense cinematic experience. Imagine an Engineer battalion facing off on an alien world against a horde of David's Xenomorphs! Is that something you would be interested in seeing? Let me know in the comments section what you think. 

Also, check out Michael Broussard on ArtStation to see more of his phenomenal work!

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Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphJul-02-2017 12:08 PM

Epic. Would make a great cover for a comic.

The reason the engineer easily killed the xeno in Jon Spaiht's script is because the engineers in it were described as a 15 foot beings as compared to 7 foot xenos.

The engineers in the final film were reduced to 9-10ft, despite there being 7ft actors on the set. And in dark horse comics one engy killed like tons of xenos with his bare hands before taking on the predator.

If there is ever going to be an Engineer vs xenomorph scene in future films, I'd see it.

Thanks for sharing it.


Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 12:12 PM

I hope we see something to this effect in Alien: Awakening, that would be badass to see the Engineers go toe to toe with David's Xenomorphs. Especially with sword in hand lol


AdminEngineerJul-02-2017 12:23 PM

It certainly adds a unique twist to our perception of the Engineers. Perhaps they are keepers of the peace for our Universe? Yes, they eradicate troublesome batches of their seeded offspring if they lose their way, but it's seeming more and more like they really aren't the bad guys. Covenant has shown that David is indeed the antagonist and the true villain. He has crossed a barrier and now threatens the wellbeing of the known Universe and its overseers (the Engineers).

I'm leaning a lot towards the idea that the Engineers are responsible for keeping life in balance and now that David has offset that balance, they will need to aggresively act against it.

Would absolutely make for an awesome visual as well. Even having it set in close quarters, claustrophobic scenarios. These Engineers would deal some serious damage.


MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 12:59 PM

It would be crazy to see the Fallen Angels coming back into the fold to face off against David and his creations(err recreations, whatever floats your boat). Like, it would be sort of a redemption aspect to the Engineers story. So far, from what I understand, they took the black goo and messed around, decided to exterminate some civilizations/create their own, and ended up aying for it big time. It would be even cooler to see the Engineers that possibly come to invesitigate and then find David, die at the hands of an army of demons created by, really at this point, the Devil himself. 

If we were to get a huge battle scene, I could imagine it being a great sequence with Daniels, and whoever else may be with her, running around trying to execute a plan to kill David when he isnt paying attention during a Engineer v. Xeno battle. Could be part of a great final act for the upcoming film. 

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 1:00 PM


That makes a lot of sense. There is still a lot we don't know about the Engineers and their culture and I would not be surprised by that outcome. David has definitely offset the natural balance considering he isn't natural himself and now with his bio weapons in tow he's definitely a danger to life as we know it. I feel the ending to whatever happens will be dark because the Engineers never make an appearance during the original films.


MemberOvomorphJul-02-2017 1:39 PM

Great concept art. The Engineer-looking creatures being eradicated on Alien Covenant was such an undignified end so I'd definitely like to to see the true Engineers return with a vengeance and bring judgment upon David. I'd like to see the return of giger-esque Engineers like the Prometheus one but even bigger in size, like the Space Jockey.


MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 2:32 PM

This fan art is amazing.

Man, this would be such a cool scene to watch. Fights between entities with super-human strength are always awesome (it made the David-Walter fight pretty cool to watch).


@Chris I really like your idea of the Engineers as peacekeepers. Does that make humanity a troublesome batch of their seeded offspring who have lost their way?


MemberOvomorphJul-02-2017 2:44 PM

Sorry can someone illuminate me?

1. Wasn't the xenomorph created by the Engineer long before David experiments ? I remember wall art rappresenting it in Prometheus..

2. Why people keep saying that the planet where David dropped the black goo was Paradise if those humanoid were clearly not the Engineers seen in Prometheus?


thnaks for your help   

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 3:04 PM

1.You'll get a variety of theories and perspectives on this since it has yet to be properly explained but from what I've learned from various commentaries, featurettes, and the recent A:C novel is that the Engineers did in fact make a Xenomorph-like life form but not the one that we know from the Ripley saga. Remember The Deacon at the end of Prometheus? That was the Engineer creation and the precursor/ancestor to the Xenomorph as we know it. That's what you see on the mural. David simply reverse engineered what the Engineers have done and perfected it to make the Xeno.

2.Ridley states in various interviews that Planet 4 (where David dropped the black goo) is indeed Paradise. The reason as to why the Engineers look so different has yet to be explained but then again we do not know a lot about the Engineers atm or their culture aside from the fact that they are the "Gardeners of Space". Ridley said that Planet 4 was a sacred place to the Engineers and ultimately will incur their wrath as we will see in Alien:Awakening.


MemberDeaconJul-02-2017 3:18 PM

Its a very nice piece of ART for sure.

I think we need to be careful what we wish for... on Paper Engineers vs Aliens may sound interesting... but then so did Alien vs Predator and that Merger did well in Comics and Games but it never did to well on Screen... the first action wise we could have no complaints...  but this did lessen the Xenomorph to being just Fodder, and AVPR made them just like in ALIENS.

These movies seemed to down-play the threat of the Xenomorph and while Alien and Alien 3 the creature was up against a untrained and unarmed group of individuals... ALIENS , Alien R and the AVP Movies just made them no more than Star Ship Troopers Bugs.

So i think the Alien Franchise in General Pulled in Fans who liked the Iconic Aliens, but then also in general a lot like Ripley and the Marines....  I feel while fans liked the ALIEN Xenomorph in all its Guises.... it had lost its Fear Factor a little bit.

And i just think a Movie where Engineers in Hand to Hand Combat are beating Xenomorphs with ease, will in effect damage the Xenomorph Reputation a bit more... even though in Hand-to-Hand combat the Prometheus as shown and Comics 8ft Engineers would be a match and more so for a Predator.

I would not like to see them being able to take on Xenomorphs with ease, not in Hand-to-Hand Combat...

Unless we see 12-15ft Engineers armed with some kind of Hand-to-Hand Weapon.

I think a BIG QUESTION is what do the Engineers know of the Xenomorph and related creations from the Black Goo? If they are aware this stuff can create a Organism that is about 25% Larger than its Hosts and has Acid Blood you can assume the Engineers would have some long-range weaponry to deal with such a Threat. 

Unless we are shown/led to that the Space Jockey Suit and Pressure Suits are Acid and Sharp Claw Resistant... yet not Chest Buster Proof...

So i think a lot of thought would need to be taken into consideration to make sure its done right.


MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 3:23 PM


You make some good points. Well, do you think an Engineer vs. Xeno battle with the Engineer putting up a good fight and the Xeno ultimately winning would be a fun watch without damaging the Xeno's reputation too much?


MemberDeaconJul-02-2017 3:24 PM

Another thing to consider before we start to get excited about many Engineers vs a Larger number of Xenomorphs... is Ridley Scotts comments about how the Beast was Cooked..

RS felt that Aliens, Alien R and never mind AVP movies really did downgrade the Xenomorph, and he referred to these movies as Shoot-em-ups... even ALIENS was viewed the same by RS.

This tells me RS was not a fan of seeing groups of Xenomorphs in large numbers (certainly than a few) hunting Humans and then getting Taken Out by Mercenaries and Marines etc.

I think AVP was not to bad... as it showed in Hand-to-Hand the Xenomorph was more than a Match for the Predator and that without any Weapons the Predators would be no match.

I think this is how the Xenomorphs should be shown as in close combat they are Deadly...

I just to think RS will want to show a movie where we have say 10-20 Xenos or more, vs 3-5 Engineers vs 20-30 Human Military as this is the kind of Shoot-em-up Flick that RS was not a fan of.

But RS has a habit of back tracking on things he has said he does not agree with... remember the Beast is Cooked... that then became i think we can do a Few more Rounds?

So who knows... and indeed it would be interesting to see our Engineers and what kinds of Defensive and Offensive capabilities they would have.

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 3:26 PM

I'm with BigDave, if it's executed properly it'll be badass. The Engineers can be towering powerhouses but do not regulate the Xenomorph to an easily killable bug. If they can present the Xenomorph as a cunning predator that instills fear it can work imo.


MemberDeaconJul-02-2017 3:38 PM


I think it depends on the Engineers we get... the Elders looks Frail, those beings on Paradise looked less of a threat and some did not appear to be much larger than Humans but as some leaked working on Props showed some were indeed similar to the Prometheus Engineers (7ft odd) looking again and various images i think the Paradise beings varied from about over the 6ft mark to about over the 7ft mark and so i would say 6ft2" to 7ft 4" seemed to be about the variation.

I would think a Race as such would fair better than a Human but would not fair to well... The LV-223 Engineers was intended to be 9-10ft but off course the Illusion due to not using Special Techniques and Effects.. was only about 7.5ft"

Looking at the Engineer in Prometheus i think they could certainly throw a Predator around, and a Xenomorph but i think there Suits would help with some Wounds, but without any Helmets i would think a Xeno Strike could inflict some serious Damage.

I think the main thing with the Xenomorph that movies after Alien seemed to not take into account as much, was the Acid Blood... so you would have to disable a Xenomorph without causing any Puncture Wounds or Breaks that would cause Acid Blood... i feel that this was indeed a Great Defensive Capability that is overlooked in a lot of the other movies.

I think a Engineer Armed with a Sharp Engineer Sword, that may also have some kind of Energy/Heat Field to it (to make it more deadly) would indeed Cut through Xenomorphs like a Knife through Butter.... but then i think Acid Blood would be massive Concern.

If you go and watch Star Ship Troopers again or its sequels (oh dear) and every single Splash of Bug Blood on the Humans you imagine this stuff being as corrosive as the Acid from the Xenomorph  then you count how many more casualties there would be.

So i think a 8-10ft Engineer if they showed their Military like this would with bear hands be able to wrestle and throw a Xenomorph with not much effort, but i think the Xenomorphs Claws, Teeth and Tail would pose a Problem... but i think they could find ways to disable a Xeno with little or no Blood.

Bring in a Advanced Hand to Hand Weapon and the Engineers would surely be able to take care of Xenomorphs, but i am not sure about being out-numbered as the Xeno is fast... the concern would be how much Acid Splash Damage a Engineer can take.

I would assume a Military component of such a Ancient Race as the Engineers would not be going around killing enemies with their bear hands.... i see the Engineers as being a Race that like to take care of things the simple way with less effort.. while a Lot of Time and Effort may go into Creation.... i think with regards to Destruction they would choose the quicker and more easy route... hence the Juggernauts.

And so i would think the Engineers would use Advanced Technology that could take out a enemy without the Engineers getting their hands dirty so to speak.


MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 3:46 PM


"I think a Engineer Armed with a Sharp Engineer Sword, that may also have some kind of Energy/Heat Field to it (to make it more deadly) would indeed Cut through Xenomorphs like a Knife through Butter.... but then i think Acid Blood would be massive Concern."


Hey...wait a minute! ...What about if the Engineers have a heat-sword that CAUTERIZES the xeno's wound as it cuts!? That way, the Engineers can inflict damage without getting acid on themselves!


MemberDeaconJul-02-2017 3:47 PM

If the Engineer Culture are as Advanced and Ancient as we are led to believe and they are aware that the Black Goo can create similar Organisms to the Xenomorph, Deacon and Neomorph and are aware they have Acid Blood.

Then if the Engineers are aware of this and are off to knowingly encounter such a threat then i would assume they would have the Technology to take care of it.

Hand-to-Hand Weapons that Project Heat/Energy (erm like Light-Sabres) to a degree... so that Wounds caused are healed up by the Energy/Heat of the Blade.  Thus lesson the potential of Acid Blood.

Long-Range Weapons that are either Energy Blasts, where a high powered Super Hot Projectile hits the Target and in effect incinerates it (but we dont have to go all Star Trek).  Or that have some other Effect to Disable a Organism such as a Large Microwave/Radioactive Blast that causes iInternal Organs to just Shut Down.  Or somehow Render the Xenomorphs Brain dead so they just drop to the ground in a Pile... No Acid Blood...

Are what i think the Engineers would deploy.  But then we have to wonder what kind of Defensive options they have.. The Predators have the Cloaking Device... maybe Engineers could have some device that gives them a Shield of Sorts.

But then why did the Juggernauts not have Offensive Weapons and especially some kind of Shield if the Engineers had this capability.

I think because the Juggernauts are simply Gardening/Seeding Ships that by its Method can eradicate life too... we have to assume if say 5 Engineers on every continent performed the Sacrificial Scene the resulting Material would infect all life and Mutate it into more Engineer DNA Lifeforms.

I think the LV-223 Engineers just decided to use Xeno-strain DNA in their Gardening Seeding Urns as opposed to Engineer/Humanoid DNA.

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 3:48 PM

VivisectedEngineer brings up a valid point.


MemberDeaconJul-02-2017 3:49 PM

"Hey...wait a minute! ...What about if the Engineers have a heat-sword that CAUTERIZES the xeno's wound as it cuts!?"

I was doing my reply before i noticed this.. and indeed i touched upon this.. i would think the Engineers would use such a Weapon, especially if they was aware of the Xenomorph or related Organisms in the past ;)


MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 3:56 PM

@Lawrence of Arabia 



Awesome points!

How cool would that be!? To see Engineer weapons specifically designed for use against Xenomorphs???


MemberDeaconJul-02-2017 4:02 PM

@Lawrence of Arabia

Indeed the Engineers/Space Jockey were never a part of the Alien Franchise or their Technology.. only as far as the Dead Pilot and his Cargo.

So indeed they had to think of a way to cover the Engineers that did not contradict what the Franchise showed us.. Prometheus had all those Engineers dead to show us a GOOD REASON none of them got involved with Humanity in the Franchise.. apart from Prometheus.

We had to ask why those from Paradise or other Home-worlds never came back to LV-223 but this is a whole different subject for debate...  we know the ones on Paradise are no threat because David Bombarded them.

And so indeed if the Engineers come back into the next few movies we have to wonder what role and do they all die at the end of it?  Or once they have dealt with the Xeno and David and maybe destroy LV-223 they ride off into the Sunset never to return.

I have a feeling One Ship will go and investigate and its crew all die by the Xenomorph and maybe other threats... but then the Last Engineer will try and take the Ship some place but get infected HENCE the Space Jockey... i really hope this is the route they are taking.

Another Consideration.... 

We do-not know how far RS is going with the Franchise, i think Alien will be kept as Canon and i think if any Engineers intercept David it will likely be after he arrives at Origae-6 which would mean after the year 2112 and so the Derelict could be on LV-426 for up to 10 years before Alien.

IF.... RS Reboots a Sequel to Alien and so removes Aliens from Canon (which will anger a lot of people) then he could bring Engineers back into it, as they go in search of the SOS Space Jockey Signal and set a Sequel directly after Alien or few years or even 10 years after.

If RS keeps Aliens and Alien 3 as Canon... then indeed we would have to think why the Engineers never returned some 60 + years or up to say 70+ after discovering the aftermath of what David had done on Paradise, and then what ever role they play in Alien Awakening.

I hope they cover some aspect that would explain why they dont return in the Alien Movies... again if Aliens is ignored from Canon they can indeed be brought almost directly back


MemberDeaconJul-02-2017 4:17 PM


I think Lawrence of Arabia answered those Questions well

The Mural was not a Xenomorph, Prometheus set up the clues to show is the Xenomorph was a related Event/Experiment that had a connection to the Black Goo... the Xenomorph either came from the Black Goo, or it was the Source of the Black Goo or the Xenomorph and Black Goo came from another Parasitic Organism the Engineers had encountered/experimented on or created/experimented on.

Alien Covenant changed things a bit, to show David creates the Xenomorph, or he starts the Process of its Creation (The Novel hints that David discovered  a Egg and Face Hugger however).  But we have to consider the Movie as more CANON... as the Prometheus drafts and clues would have taken us on a different route.

My theory is the Engineers was infected by a similar Parasitic Organism, they then looked on in awe at the Chest Busting Organism as a way they can Create Life by giving Birth and so conducted a lot of Experiments on this Organism until they created the Deacon in the Mural... then they used its DNA in those Urns.

Regarding Paradise

Its open for debate this one... RS confirmed them as Engineers, but then he said while Mankind has many different versions, and the Engineers are Genetically related to us, then why cant the Engineers have different varieties... he also said the ENGINEERS are not a RACE... But a Civilization.

And so i think they had Originally lost the ability to Procreate or even lost their Females, so they had to Create in other ways.  I think the Sacrificial Route was a way to try and re-start creation to eventually lead to a Humanoid Race that can Procreate or has Females so the Engineers can then Procreate its Kind and so Paradise as a number of mixed Race Engineers if thats the right word?  Some more Engineer than other some more Human.

I think Paradise is a place that Humanoid life was first Seeded, and where the Engineers Hierarchy use it as a the Gene-pool to collect Sacrifices for Seeding other worlds or maybe some other Purpose.

Another Option is the different looking Engineers are a Oversight, they was not on Screen Long and so for the few seconds up close they felt there was no need to go into as much Detail with Make up as in Prometheus or use Blackout Contact Lenses.

I think we need to also remember Paradise as in its Biblical Connection and Paradise Lost.

*Paradise is not where GOD (Gods) come from.

*Paradise is not where the ANGELS come from.

*Paradise is the Cradle of Human Civilization (Adam/Eve)

*Paradise is where the Garden of Eden was (single place where Mankind was allowed to dwell in peace under Gods Laws)

*Paradise was watched over/guarded by Cherubim Angels.

If you consider this, then it makes a bit more sense.


Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 4:18 PM

@BigDave I really hope RS doesn't reboot after Alien. I love the subsequent films and the Ripley saga and I feel like it'll be a disservice and hurt the franchise. Aside from how I feel I don't think this'll be the case considering the upcoming 6 film collection. It'll confuse audiences.


MemberOvomorphJul-02-2017 5:06 PM

Are we sure the Engineers are male? They might be androgynous and have both male and female traits like the biblical angels did. They most likley dont have sex organs and are as anatomically correct as a Ken doll. No wonder they are pissed.


Also i bet they have plasma based wepons those would seal the wound as it lops off the Aliens limbs. 

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-02-2017 5:37 PM

You make a lot of valid points BigDave, particularly regarding Paradise. It is called Planet 4 and not Planet 1 lol Hmm can't wait till Awakening and hopefully we'll get some answers.


MemberDeaconJul-02-2017 6:11 PM

Who knows why it was called Planet 4, i think it was just the 4th Planet in the System they had detected the signal like Origae-6 i assume is the 6th Planet in the Origae system.

Some have speculated that the next movie which will tie into Alien more, and Origae-6 being maybe a hint at Origin... means the Planet is connected to Alien... some thinking its LV-426 lol but others indeed thinking it would have its own Race who are connected to the Xeno-Saga... could be.. if there are 3-4 Parties...  then if Origae-6 has Engineers i think this is a bit of a coincidence.. maybe even if it has Humanoids too.

The Source i had did suggest as far as Prometheus 2 by Paglen/Green that Paradise was not the Engineers home world, but just more like a Base/Headquarters within our part of the Galaxy and the Hierarchy above the Engineers does not come from here, but visit it now and again. And this Paradise is just where Mankinds Origins came from.

There was debate as to this being Paradise, some looking at the Tag Line... the Path to Paradise Begins in Hell.  But RS had confirmed this was Paradise.

It will be interesting to find the Last Engineers connection to Paradise, as he said he or they had come from this place... but was he a Original Occupant?  Was they rebellious and then cast out and replaced by those beings on Paradise?  Or was the LV-223 Engineers the Cherubim/Watchers over Paradise.

I think there is a lot to consider in that regards that can open up how the explore this..


MemberXenomorphJul-03-2017 1:54 AM

I doubt we will see an epic battle involving 2,000 xenos and lots of Engineers. Not from Ridley Scott. It is hard to imagine and even harder to make it in a movie. Ridley Scott will never make Aliens 2. And personally I would not ask for that, even if that't the final movie of the franchise. I have no idea what we'll get for the next movie but the Engineers have to get out of the picture somehow. 


MemberXenomorphJul-03-2017 1:59 AM

In my opinion asking for a war of the worlds between Engineers, xenos, WY, and who else is like asking Ridley Scott to step down. I wouldn't want that.


MemberFacehuggerJul-03-2017 5:10 AM

It would be interesting if the next film shows a little background and explains the Prometheus prologue (with the teardrop ship) a little more, and depicts something epic like the biotechnology the Engineers supposedly made was merely discovered, like the settlers infecting the locals with Small Pox in human history. This biotechnology was proven to be uncontrollable with a mind of its own, thus the Engineers devoluted the creatures into the Accelerant. David has reanimated it, but the next film shouldn't feature David so much and should focus more on the Engineers and their history with the xenomorphs/xenovirus.


MemberNeomorphJul-03-2017 7:31 AM

An Engineer fighting a Xenomorph could be interesting. I would not like it to be David that created the Xenos, that would be lame. The Engineers would be those that created the Xenos and that their weapons somehow turned against them. Unfortunately, the Engineers have been done in a very lame way this far. No thanks to David as the creator of the original monsters.


I don’t want the Engineers as peace keepers of the universe. I want them to be brutal dictatorial effers. One other thing is that the Engineers shouldn’t have an easy time killing the Xenos, if they would just kill them like that it would make the Xenos loose their threat sort of and that would be lame. The Engineers should rather have the Xeno-mutagen (the start of the Xeno) think that they could control it and then end up getting eradicated because they underestimated them (it turned on them as Janek said).


Chris: Keeping the life in balance could be an interesting way. I wonder how they would do that more practically and how do the Xeno come into this? This could be a really interesting thing to explore in Alien Awakening or whatever the title will be.


Alpharius mentions something interesting about Gigeresque Engineer, I wonder how that would be. They were not very good in Prometheus.


Big Dave: Having Aliens and Alien 3 as cannon wouldn’t be a problem since they are tied to Alien 1 in a way (Alien to Aliens and Aliens to Alien 3). Alien Resurrection is just not necessary.


MemberXenomorphJul-03-2017 3:26 PM


Fantastic art!

Though....If I fought some Xeno's I'd most certainly wear my Space Jockey helmet!

Kinda hoping David doesn't turn the 2,000 colonist into XENO's.

Rather have Zombie Fifields or some HORRIFIC Newborn type humans! Some "oops!" experiments.

Could David even control ONE Xeno?!

David "Okay...go after that human!", David points at running male.

Xeno '?!?'

David"NO!... Not ME! ....AAARGH!!"

David should return to LV223 and re-fill his supplies.

In returning to LV223 we can at least clear up having black goo and Juggenauts laying around.



MemberOvomorphJul-03-2017 3:32 PM

See a prequel to prometheus: Engineers vs. Xenomorphs (without human, Millennium in the past.)


MemberDeaconJul-03-2017 3:56 PM


Indeed i think the Original Trilogy should also be left well alone, and i agree Alien R was a bit flawed and well it leaves a few problems as far as how to deal with Xenomorphs in the Alien Time Line.... we have to consider the company could not obtain any Xenomorphs from any other sources after the events of Alien 3... until they attempted to clone Ripley via DNA for Alien R...  I guess they could have movies set between Alien 3 and Alien R but then they would have to show a movie where there would be nothing left to obtain of the Xenomorph after these movies unless they lead to a sequel.. 

What i am saying is a period between Alien 3 and Alien R (if they did movies between them) must reach a cut off point where the Xenomorph is no more, and thus gives the reasons for Cloning in Alien Resurrection.

Then we have movies set after Alien Resurrection where we have to wonder does Ripley 8 not Age? how do they follow that Story.

So it would be easier to De-canon Alien Resurrection for sure, Blomkamps Alien 5 which was also called Alien Awakening was to take Alien 3 and Alien R out of Canon to bring back Ripley.  Who knows what FOX stance on this is... i think they could consider bringing Ripley back into the Franchise and RS even mentioned you could De-Age her Digitally.

But i do kind of wonder, if RS would be tempted to create his own set of ALIEN Movies, which include Prometheus and Alien Covenant, where RS may be tempted to continue with his own sequel to ALIEN which in effect rules Aliens out of the RS Franchise Canon..  I hope not.. 

I think Alien to Alien 3 are fine and have Ripley as dead from Alien 3 and explore other Human Characters.


MemberXenomorphJul-03-2017 3:58 PM

Looking again at that picture I'm not sure if that Engineer is fighting or leading the xenos. The sword, however, should be replaced by a flute and the soundtrack should include YMCA.


MemberDeaconJul-03-2017 4:05 PM

I am not sure where RS will take Alien Awakening, he did mention he wanted to go for the War of the Worlds... down the line that is...  i wondered before if this meant a Aliens vs AI vs Mankind (in all its corrupt corporate guises) kind of Flick.

But RS comments about the Engineers in the next one, gives us hope that maybe the Engineers will play a role in this, but it depends how this is handled as this could potentially Muddy the Waters of the Franchise, unless this War of the Worlds Scenario unfolds on a distant Colony or Planet that the Company simply performs a Cover Up on... It cant be a Xeno and Engineer threat on Earth or close by systems as this would go against the Story/Plot of Aliens to Alien 3

RS does have a habit of contradicting himself.. so on one hand he was not a fan of the Shoot-em-up movies... basically Aliens, Alien R and AVP Flicks... where we see a large number of Xenomorphs and a number of Humans with Weapons kicking Xenomorph ASS!

So it will be interesting to what kind of a flick Alien Awakens would be, as if it shows a number of Colonist infected and so 5-10 or more Xenomorphs on the Rampage with armed Colonist or a rescue mission/group of Military.. then this would step into that Shoot-em-up Action movie that it seems RS is not pleased of.

I would say Alien Awakening will likely take place on Origae-6, LV-223 or back on Paradise.. or another System that is related to the Engineers.  If David does not go back to Paradise or LV-223 or another Engineer World that has the Black Goo, then all he has is those TWO Face Huggers... and its a case then of how do these Procreate.

I will ASSUME a group of Engineers arrive, take out David but then discover the Creation he has made and these Engineers would then consider taking these for their own Gain.. which proves to be a Hubris leading to the Space Jockey.


MemberXenomorphJul-03-2017 4:21 PM

Aliens has to be knocked out of the franchise canon. I don't know why anyone who saw it recently would want to keep it canon. It is as bad as A-R. We can start a topic on how bad it is.

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-03-2017 5:17 PM


I know I'm of the unpopular opinion but I hope they keep Alien:R in canon. I thought it was a decent film and I liked the Newborn and the fact Ripley was cloned. I also found it humorous that Wal-Mart bought out Weyland-Yutani (they can do something about this though lol). With Ripley 8, they can say because as the result of her cloning that she ages faster. Be it cuz clones have short life spans or because her genetics were mixed with Xeno (Xenos have short life spans). I don't know, I'm just not a fan of retcons, especially of established films/arcs. I guess that is a bit hypocritical since I am a fan of Prometheus and Covenant and they retconned the Space Jockey into an Engineer but that's different, we didn't know anything about the SJ.


MemberXenomorphJul-03-2017 5:36 PM

Lawrence of Arabia what did you like about the Newborn? I did like only one thing, he eliminated the queen from the franchise. 

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-03-2017 5:49 PM


I thought it was kinda cute lol I also wanted to see more of the ramifications of this abomination of human and Xeno. What it's life cycle is like, if it gets stronger, does it have command over the common Xeno. It could think and it had curiosity so I can imagine how smart it could become.


MemberDeaconJul-03-2017 6:04 PM

I think AR could be kept as Canon... just mean how do they tackle other Alien Movies set after this Movie, or any between it and Alien 3.

They could find other means to the Xenomorph but it would have to lead to them losing it and leaving by the time line of Alien Resurrection as the Ripley DNA as the only source.

I never liked Alien R, only just as a bit of Popcorn Flick.. i was not a fan of the whole DNA route, not how it came off... i.e a Ripley who is Pregnant with a Xeno Queen.

I would rather had seen them use the DNA and obtain a Hybrid and then Re-Engineer this DNA over and over until they ended up with One Organism that was 100% or near enough Xenomorph and another Clone that was near enough 100% Ripley so say 90-95% Mark on both....   And not a Clone that was carrying a Chest Buster... it was stupid.

Also the New-Born looked a bit stupid, and acted a bit stupid, for me the whole Ripley/New Born Interaction was really silly, i would have preferred more Sexual Innuendos between David and Walter than just Blow it and Finger it ones... 

Some of the New Born Concepts were Pretty Good however.

I had began work a few years ago on a Parallel Alien movie to Alien Resurrection where they sent the Failed Ripley 7 Chest Buster to another Facility and some of Ripley 8's DNA where another company began experiments...

Resulting in a new kind of Xenomorph that was a Hybrid and i visualized something like the Alternative New Born Concepts for how these Xenomorphs would look, and also introduced a different Procreation Method that was not to far off the Neomorph.

Well they would capture a Host and do similar to the AVP Pred-Alien only the effects are not as fast, i was pondering how they would infect a Female so her Eggs would Produce a Hybrid that would Belly-Burst and look like the Baby-head unused Prometheus designs

But the Speed of Infection was not as fast as the Pred-Alien or Neomorphs.   I pondered even having the Hybrid also infected Males to become Hybrids in a different way by injecting some Virus via its Tail that turned them into more Alternative CGI Fifields.

But i never got to Finish it.


MemberXenomorphJul-03-2017 6:12 PM

Lawrence of Arabia I thought it was rather naive and pathetic for such an abominable creature. At least he understood the queen was from another movie. One thing I liked in that movie, when the aliens decided to sacrifice one of them to escape from the cage. That was team work lol.


MemberFacehuggerJul-03-2017 6:53 PM

Ugh no more Newborns and to hell with A:R! I say set it after Alien 3 and involve a massive conspiracy similar to the one Gavin proposed with the Patna=Sulaco. Have it where the theatrical version of Alien 3 was based on the disjointed and unhinged recounting of the incident by a deranged Morse and how nobody really knows what happened on Fury save his strange tale of a 'Beast' and lone survivor Ellen Ripley (who died). Amanda Ripley could play a role and be involved (unintentionally) in the cover-up.

Galaxy Dave

MemberOvomorphJul-03-2017 10:35 PM


The Alien franchise is going down the tubes!  It's turning into rote moviemaking where the writers just phone it in.  My suggestion is to be daring like David Lynch, get weird and creepy and stay with Giger sensibility in aesthetics and culture.  This will never happen.  So sad.  It's just typical Hollywood drivel.  I'm nauseous just thinking about what's to come.  Utter crap.  Sadly, voices like mine won't be heard.


MemberOvomorphJul-04-2017 6:38 AM

Alien >>> Aliens > Alien 3 >>>.....>>> Prometheus > Alien Resurrection > Alien Covenant.

Not sure why some can hate Aliens. Imo, it is by far the second best movie in the Alien franchise.

Lawrence of Arabia

MemberChestbursterJul-04-2017 8:34 AM

What I liked about the Newborn was it's potential. Could you imagine it talking and what it would say? It felt like the next evolution in Xeno if albeit unnatural. Of course it was pathetic in A:R cuz it was still a baby but it was still pretty creepy with its human features and the way it killed. I wish they kept his genitalia lol The Ripley/Newborn interaction was natural to me, the Xenos are very sexual creatures, the Newborn saw Ripley as it's parent the way the Proto/Xenomorph saw David as his creator and Ripley had Xeno DNA in her so she had a connection with him psychologically. It was so sad watching him get sucked through that tiny hole into space :( That's my opinion though. I personally love all the Alien films but I'm weird. 


MemberFacehuggerJul-04-2017 8:58 PM

Wait, why is this fan art considered front page news?  This is worthy of blogging about?  The forums are filled with fan fiction, will that also get a frontpage news blog?

Chris, I love you man and love this site, but why this blog for a simple fan art project?


MemberOvomorphJul-05-2017 5:28 PM

Engeneers vs aliens EvA? Never gonna happen as RS is strongly against the AvP saga and that staff really remind it...


MemberNeomorphJul-08-2017 3:38 AM

id love to see a one on one xeno v engineer fight. but as many say, do it in a way that the xeno doesn't loose any of its threat or fear factor. id have the opening scenes of the next instalment back on paradise. the existing engineers haven't heard from the planet so an elder ship is sent but so to is a military ship. the elders disembark and investigate. they learn what happened and then the military ship arrives. while the elder and military commander are discussing what happened, a lone engineer, while investigating davids lab, stumbles into the egg chamber and is impregnated (or use the existing neomorph perhaps). a few engineers r taken by surprise by the xeno or neo which is witnessed by the landing parties. the big boss military commander then deals with the threat, showing the engineers real strength but as he is larger than the rest of the engineers, we still get the sense that almost anyone will fall victim to the xeno/neo, thus its threat remains intact. once the threat has been dealt with the commander angrily confronts the elder, suggesting he is telling the elder he was warned about playing god and that it is obvious their original plan to wipe out humanity has obviously been unsuccesfull. he then tells the elder he will hunt down those responsible then deal with the threat of humanity once and for all.


MemberNeomorphJul-09-2017 3:47 AM

Big Dave:


I think that the Ripley clone was a result of them thinking that they could still make a profit of the Alien franchise but they thought that she was so important. With her being dead they probably thought that “how are we able to bring her back in some way?” she was dead so they thought “let’s make a Ripley-clone!” this could have been their way of thinking back then.


They could maybe do a movie that is set between Alien 3 and AR, but I wouldn’t be interested in watching it to be honest and it doesn’t matter if they explain the need for the cloning or not. With AR being a disappointment why would people pay to watch an explanation to a bad alien movie? I don’t think that it is that interesting to be honest.


Since Ripley 8 is a clone then there might be a possibility that she doesn’t age as humans do but then machines also age but in different ways, I don’t know really. There might be a difference between a clone and the original life-form that has been cloned so to speak as far as their life-span is concerned.


Nah, Aliens is OK just keep it in canon (the official time-line). 1-3 are fine, AR is the problem IMO (as long as we are talking about the first four movies that is).


As far as Alien Awakening is concerned they should bring in more action into it compared to AC but I don’t want a new Aliens. AC should have been better with some more action without it then being a sort of Aliens 2.


“I will ASSUME a group of Engineers arrive, take out David but then discover the Creation he has made and these Engineers would then consider taking these for their own Gain.. which proves to be a Hubris leading to the Space Jockey.


I still don’t want David to be the creator of the Xeno, I want the Engineers to be that or that it was something that the Engineers found and developed. Their weapon turned on them and so on so we hopefully so if they will get the Engineers right they might be those that developed the Xeno DNA (which they found somewhere unknown) and then developed as a bio-weapon. David simply re-created it. Since they were not that well done in Prometheus they got to make up for that in the AC sequel if they shall be in it at all. Simply put: they must make more sense for the story in general and be more menacing.


They story shouldn’t be on earth, that would be lame. I don’t want it to be near our planet it should be far away.


Hopefully we will get more action in the next Alien movie, it doesn’t have to be like in Aliens but at least more than Alien Covenant has because AC was too slow even though it was alright in general.


Winona Ryder as Call is one of the few good things about AR. Ripley as a clone was just stupid. As far as AR in canon goes I don’t think that they should have it there. It could work as something that someone could think of when they are high on LSD but don’t have it in the official time-line.


MemberNeomorphJul-09-2017 3:47 AM

Lawrence of Arabia:


"Could you imagine it talking and what it would say?"


I can imagine it talking like someone who is drunk and has a different language compared to what I speak. A drunk Dane? I have tried to listen to Danish and to me it sounds totally incomprehensible.

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