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Aliens: Hadley's Hope - A promising 4 player online co-op game canceled by Disney
Scified2020-02-16 06:42:13
Written by Chris27,742 Reads1 Comments2020-02-16 06:42:13

Another promising Alien gaming title was in development prior to the Disney / Fox merger and this one featured a 4 player online co-op set on the LV-426 Terraforming outpost Hadley's Hope but sadly, following the acquisition of Fox's game assets, Disney decided to can this game as well.

Just yesterday we reported that an Alien game where players would have gotten to play as an adult Newt battling Aliens in a Weyland-Yutani facility on Earth was in active development prior to the Disney deal, but was ultimately canned due to the merger as well. Today, we're learning that a second Alien game, officially (would have been) titled Aliens: Hadley's Hope was also a game in active development.

Vice President of 3D Realms, Frederik Schreiber took to Twitter recently (tipped by AvPG) to unveil that Slipgate Ironworks and 3D Realms were previously developing Aliens: Hadley's Hope - an online multiplayer co-op concept where players would fight for survival against numerous Alien hordes and their "dozens" of Alien Queens on LV-426 (the setting of James Cameron's ALIENS movie):

This is crazy… we were in the talk about the exact same thing. New Aliens FPS, taking place at Hadleys Hope (4-player coop). Almost went through. Happened right around the time at the Disney acquisition, and when that happened, it all fell to the ground.

Yup. Game was called Aliens: Hadleys Hope. We went quite far into pre-production before the Disney/Fox acquisition, and then we had to cancel it, and move on with something else. Maybe some day!

Two images accompanied the tweet, unveiling the game's official concept:

It sounds like Hadley's Hope would have made for a thrilling open world multiplayer - something us Alien fans have been desiring for years. Unfortunately there are no plans of revisiting Aliens: Hadley's Hope anytime soon, however.

That's 2 Alien games to have bitten the dust since Disney took over Fox and FoxNet properties... We're still holding out that Cold Iron Studio's Alien shooter remains in development and will see an eventual release.

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MemberDeaconFeb-19-2020 2:18 AM

I think the PLOT sound more like a Alien Colonial Marines, and would suit something similar (Mission to LV-223 after the Destruction of Hadleys Hope).

I think any Hadleys Hope Game would have worked better as a Survival Horror like Alien Isolation, but with more use of Weapons but NOT a Full Blown Tour to Armed Force like the Majority of the Franchise Games.

However it was nice to see work being done on some Games under FOX and a Concern that Disney has canned them... makes you wonder what LITTLE Plans that Disney has for the Franchise.

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