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Aliens: Fireteam - Cold Iron Studios Online Alien Shooter Trailer & Release Date!
Scified2021-03-02 12:24:25
Written by Chris16,197 Reads6 Comments2021-03-02 12:24:25

After what seems like forever, Cold Iron Studio's online Alien shooter has finally been unveiled and given a release date! Titled Aliens: Fireteam, this new entry in the Alien game saga will pit you against hordes of Aliens with your fellow Colonial Marine squad mates! A trailer for the game was just released, check it out below!

With Aliens: Fireteam, you and your friends will experience stepping into the boots of a squad of hardened Colonial Marines fighting in the ultimate battle for survival,” said Craig Zinkievich, Head of Cold Iron Studios. “This is the action game Aliens fans have been waiting for – hordes of different Xenomorphs swarming over ceilings and across walls, surrounding your team and striking from every angle. Work together, customize your character, utilize tons of weapons and gear and…well, you just might get your fireteam out alive.”

Set 23 years after the original Alien trilogy, Aliens: Fireteam drops players into the role of a Colonial Marine aboard the USS Endeavor, recently tasked with answering a distress call from the outer colonies. Deploy to overrun facilities, abandoned ruins and strange alien landscapes as you battle terrifying enemies across four campaigns with two friends or AI teammates. Stunning visuals, realistic environments, powerful weapons, futuristic equipment, and an eerie soundscape heighten new Alien storylines across a series of replayable missions that evoke and expand upon the blockbuster films.

Facing over 20 intelligent enemy types – from Xenomorphs to Weyland-Yutani Synthetics – players must utilize cover tactics and master team strategy to eradicate extraterrestrial threats that swarm through doors and vents, scramble across walls and ceilings, and strike from darkness with uncanny ferocity. Five character classes, an expansive arsenal of customizable weapons and mods, character progression, and innovative advancement systems help even the odds in this heart-pounding shooter and place Aliens: Fireteam in another dimension of co-op survival shooters. The unique Challenge Card system also lets players mutate each mission, offering a new experience with every playthrough.

What are your initial thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below!

Aliens: Fireteam arrives THIS SUMMER!

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MemberOvomorphMar-02-2021 4:59 PM

To be honest, I'm not very excited for this game to come, because a lot of fans like me have waited for a true Alien: Isolation sequel, not the Blackout mobile and not from Aliens: Colonial Marines. But I hope this will be better than CM, at least. Until then, I will be watching the arrival of the game, which by the way seems to be interesting.


MemberChestbursterMar-03-2021 1:07 AM

I'm really looking forward to it!


Alien will never be cooked.


AdminEngineerMar-04-2021 6:12 AM

I'm on the fence, it reminds me a bit of Colonial Marines, which we know was a disaster. But, I'll remain hopeful and optimistic, just need to keep my expectations in check. Would have preferred more of a horror angle though instead of an action-oriented shooter.


MemberNeomorphMar-06-2021 5:25 AM

What I wonder is if there is a connection between the Xenos, the Engineers, and the SJ. If you look at the rib cage of the Xenos and the SJ they seem to be similar in look.



Compare those to the chest of the Xeno. I don't say that those are necessarily ties but there could be connections, even though just loosely. These are just thoughts, there might just be a coincidence which means that wasn't the intention.


MemberDeaconMar-06-2021 7:12 AM

As i said with the Comic Topic....

The Franchise always has a Market for Comics, Games and Toys/Merchandise.  And Games can give us a bit of FUN if they are done RIGHT.

I think some may want more of a Alien Isolation of other Survival Horror Type Environment... and i think something like that would be GREAT...

But i think that Action Team Based Shooters do Appeal.. and so this could be to the ALIEN FRANCHISE like what the BATTLEFRONT Series was to Star Wars.


This may just be something we NEVER get answers to, but with Games and Comics we may get more Chance of a Explanation than we would on Screen (TV/Movie)

As YES there was a Atheistic Connection between the Space Jockey, Derelict and Xenomorph... with the Engineers we see the Connection still... but seems the Technology is LESS ORGANIC and yet the Beasts are more ORGANIC... its NOT as much a Amalgamation as we saw in ALIEN. (HR Giger).

So there still has to be some Common Connection.... just a case of WHAT/HOW and IF we ever will get any Answers.


MemberNeomorphMar-11-2021 8:49 AM

BD: Yeah but if they answer that then it got to make sense and also bring us to a higher mystery that is interesting, and I am not sure if they would be able to do so keeping in mind how poorly the prequels have handled things this far. Maybe it is for the best that the alien-fandom in lack of a better word will continue to discuss that because it's fun. The thing is that even though it’s not as interesting as the derelict for example it still gives us something to discuss and that is something that is a positive thing if you ask me.

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