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Alien: Covenant extended shower death scene discovered!
Scified2022-04-23 07:44:08
Written by Chris34,064 Reads3 Comments2022-04-23 07:44:08

Apparently there was an extended cut of the shower death scene in Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant none of us were aware of! Thanks to YouTuber Drechsler, the following extended cut was uploaded to YouTube last month which you can read more about below.

The added footage shows more of the Xenomorph's attack on Upworth after killing Jussie Smollett’s character Ricks. The video is age-restricted on YouTube so you'll need to be signed in to watch it (it also has a bizarre music overlay which we suspect was used to avoid the video from being flagged for copyright infringement). Click here to watch the scene!

The extended footage definitely makes the scene better - the way the Xenomorph attacks Upworth and launches through the shower glass - epic.

What do you think of the extended footage? Sound off in the comments below!

Thanks to AvPGalaxy for the find!

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MemberNeomorphApr-23-2022 8:21 AM

It says that you need to sign in because it has an age-limit, or whatever term they use. The scene could have been great, but then you got to give the characters a personality. Unfortunately they have no personality, therefor it doesn't work for me at least.


MemberFacehuggerApr-24-2022 10:27 AM

wow love this extended scene. Why did they cut it? If it was from the original Alien film I can see the reason why it was cut but in Covenant this extended scene is pretty intense and effective. 

and now I wonder if there are more extended scenes or even extended version of the film 



MemberOvomorphApr-28-2022 7:54 PM

aaaaaannnd... its gone. erf. wanted to see that.

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