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Alien: Covenant concept art by Gerhard Mozsi
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While talk about the Alien: Covenant sequel (potentially dubbed Alien: Awakening) seems to be rather nonexistent at the moment, I felt like sharing some lesser known concept work from Covenant would help to keep some of the hype alive for the franchise's progression. Whether you enjoyed Covenant or not, most will agree the aesthetic nature of the film fell more inline with what we had expected from an Alien film, more so than Prometheus.

Previously we've featured concept work by the likes of Dane Hallett, Matt Hatton, Wayne Haag and others. Today, we're highlighting some work by Gerhard Mozsi, another Australia based artist who contributed a number of concepts for Alien: Covenant:

Alien: Covenant had a large number of extremely talented artists on board and despite the overwhelming uncertainty regarding the fate of the Alien: Covenant sequels, we remain confident that Disney will do right by this franchise and continue the saga onward. Assuming they do, we also hope they keep to the dark, claustrophobic aesthetic which made Alien so terrifying and utilize even more of the great work these artists created.

Check out more of Gerhard's work on his ArtStation page!

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MemberDeaconJun-26-2018 4:39 PM

I really  like the Cavernous Corridor piece, its just a shame we never got to explore enough of the Interior of the Engineers Architecture a little more.

It would be nice to see more in another installment, however IF Disney take over, it appears they have COLD FEET over how disapointing Han Solo did at the Box Office, and i think how disapointing Alien Covenant has been and especially the Negative Reaction more than Box Office.

I do Fear we may have to WAIT a long time before we get another ALIEN movie, especially if Disney take ownership, purely because they would only take on a Project that will Guarantee a good Return.

I Moon Girl

MemberChestbursterJun-26-2018 10:53 PM

The thing with Star Wars is that Disney is locked in for Episode 9 and another Star Wars Story.  They locked themselves in on the new trilogy.  It HAS to be done.

I feel like the prequels of the Alien franchise could go anywhere, but I don't think Disney is going to let the franchise, as a whole, sit in limbo.  We're likely to get Alien: Awakening from Disney which would be in line with what Disney thinks an Alien movie should be like.  This way Disney can test the waters before locking into to a new trilogy, much like they did with the Star Wars franchise.  I just don't think Disney can leave a hit franchise alone until their idea of whatever franchise they pick fails and is proven an economic drain.  Disney just has to see that their formula fails before the franchise they own fails.  Plus, I'm sure Scott is pissed about his prequels not being 'green lighted' like he thought they would be.

Hopefully the final prequel will be sooner rather than later.  I hope Scott gets to finish his "baby".  Still, Disney can't wait to long or they could lose more interest in the franchise than what Alien: Covenant did to Prometheus.  This massive space between prequel sequels is just a little much.  I'm afraid the story could get a little lost if there is a big gap.  At the very least, it would be more difficult to connect the dots of the prequels as whole.

We're just gonna have to wait and see who is the winning bidder.  I guess nobody wants to spend money on movies if they don't have to spent until all ownership rights are fair and square.  Makes sense to me.

By the way, I really like the first photo.  It reminds me of Prometheus.  It's kind of creepy and mysterious.  It just shouts what the Alien franchise should be.


MemberDeaconJun-27-2018 4:53 AM

I think Disney would be looking to see what kind of a Movie would Attract the Most Fans to the Box Office.   I feel they may not follow Ridley Scotts plans and intentions IF they feel this route will only please a selection of Fans.

Time is Ticking away.... i mentioned on another post that the Longer any Sequel is left, the Older Micheal Fassbender will become and the Harder it would be to Portray a Synthetic who should look as close to what David did in Prometheus...    The Longer its left the more we maybe have to either see CGI Overlay/Touch up used, Reduce the Role of David or simply just be put down to a Oversight.

Maybe they could give us a Movie that fits with Prometheus..... i have mentioned before that doing a Ancient Set in the Past Movie like a Med-Evil Engineers so a movie showing WHY/WHEN they came to Visit Earth could be on one hand interesting but on another hard to do as it may not appeal to some.

HOWEVER.... the Scope with Prometheus that has somewhat been closed down with Alien Covenant, was these Engineers are Ancient, Long Living Advanced Genetic Space Gardeners who can Travel to Galaxies and not confined to our Galaxy.... so the POTENTIAL for Worlds these beings have Created/Seeded and Visit is VAST.

So we could be given a Engineer Connected World... another EARTH they have visited that is Thousands and Thousands of Light Years away or maybe even in another GALAXY were they could have Humans or Very Close to Humans and show the Relationship between the Engineers and their Creations...  on this WORLD pretty much how it may have continued on EARTH had the Problem that Arose to make the Engineers decide to Eradicate Mankind on Earth 2000 years ago not occurred.

Could set up a Beautiful Majestic World where Ancient Culture/Architecture that was on Earth 2000-4000 years ago meets some Engineer Technology and so a World just like Planet 4 in its Prime, that maybe meets a bit of HR Giger Style Industrial Bio-Mechanical Aesthetic.

The PROBLEM is would such a Movie be something most Fans (inc None-Alien) would want to see, would they know what movie it is and if they know its connected to Prometheus/Alien Covenant would the Stigma that those Movies had, effect Fans wanting to see any such Engineers based movie?

So i think Disney would only want to Tackle a Alien Franchise movie that more connects to the Original Franchise, and Right Now we see a lot of Fans are Disappointed with David his Character the Emphasis on the Prequels being about him and how he CREATED the Iconic Xenomorph.

So i do think thats a Concern....

Maybe Disney would be Safer to make a Movie Sequel to the Alien Isolation Game?  Then they can Gauge if there is a Market for Alien/Xenomorph movies still.


MemberFacehuggerJun-28-2018 7:21 AM

 I think the series is toast due to the utter failure that was AC. I think they will reboot it or give us another CGI bughunt that feels like AVP in 5 years. The golden years are long gone. 


MemberNeomorphJun-28-2018 7:50 AM

One of the pictures reminds me of the alien being in the shadows of the first movie.

The one in the cave reminds me of how they went back and forth in the cave in Prometheus.

“Assuming they do, we also hope they keep to the dark, claustrophobic aesthetic which made Alien so terrifying and utilize even more of the great work these artists created.”

With different posts questioning if they will do I am not sure that it is safe to assume anything at this point. To me that sounds like wishful thinking honestly. At this point we should wait and see, that is probably the best thing to do.

“I think the series is toast due to the utter failure that was AC.”

Maybe, but they have themselves to blame. Making it about a mad android, what were they thinking?


MemberFacehuggerJun-28-2018 7:56 AM

Yea this is what happens when you don't care about your fans opinions. Look at SW. 


MemberNeomorphJun-28-2018 8:22 AM

“Yea this is what happens when you don't care about your fans opinions. Look at SW.”

The Last Jedi? Oh boy here we go again.

I am still disappointed that they made Luke into what he became and also that he got killed in the end of the movie. When Mark Hamill complains about how they made Luke you know there is a problem. I would have liked some of his pupils to have survived that would have been cool but no they were all killed so we could concentrate on a miss perfect and whiny arrogant Anakin 2.

I can honestly say that I will boycott the next one if they do not have Luke in it in some way which it seems that they will not have so F it.

They did not understand the criticism of Prometheus they thought that it was about a lack of Aliens but the main thing was about bad characters. To me it seems like a failure at listening to the audience. Nope, I will not watch another David movie, forget that because it is boring.


MemberDeaconJun-29-2018 11:49 AM

Prometheus suffered a number of Criticisms Ranging from.

*Disappointment the Space Jockey Race are indicated as 7-8ft Bald Humans who created us and are the Gods Blah Blah Blah... for some this was a disappointing direction.  But for some it was interesting and something a Sequel could expand on and steer away from Xenomorphs.

*The Lack of Clues to the Xenomorph Connections and Answers, while some wanted more clues to ANSWER the Space Jockey, many just felt there was a lack of Connection... with Half-Baked clues but leaving  more Questions...  something a Sequel could have covered more!

*Some fans were just disappointed we had NO Xenomorphs, i feel this was a Big Let down for many, while some may have wanted Xenomorphs, i feel most just felt that a Hammerpede Face Rape, a Zombie Fifield, and a Trilobite that leads to the Deacon that then does nothing is what disappointed...  it never had to have Xenomorphs but it needed something similar killing a few crew rather than a Angry 8ft Humanoid and a Zombie Fifield.

THESE were things that let a lot of Fans down....  BUT indeed a MAJOR Problem was the  Characters from Questionable Choices, lack of Depth to Characters....  but every movie needs 3-4 Good Characters the Rest Can be Thrown away...  but in Prometheus a lot of potential was Wasted...  Especially with Charlize Theron her Character should have been more developed... she was executed well but should have had a BIGGER Role...    Idris Elba  again a Support Role and played VERY well, just not a Big Role but it was enough, just executed VERY WELL, the same with DAVID... However... Dr Shaw and Holloway despite being MAIN Characters with David,  Holloway maybe more Supportive like Vickers/Janek...  But Sadly they was not VERY well played or Done.

Characters ARE important... but then you need SOLID Characters who we can relate to, who must SURVIVE to be expanded on in the next movies...  Sadly this is not the case with Alien Covenant.  While Different Characters... i get the same sense of poor execution with Daniels as i did with Dr Shaw and i get the same feeling off needing more Emphasis with Oram as i did with Vickers.

Sadly Tennessee just never came across as good as a JANEK and David while being a bit Freaky he had some Good Moments but to Follow on with him as the MAIN Character i feel Fans will not connect with the Portrayal of him being Wicked/Cruel with no Redeeming Characteristics, Walter could have been used better but was just a PLOT Device to allow David to CHARADE on the Covenant and show the Differences between Free-Will and Slavery.   So he was killed off and came across Gullible like Dr Shaw.

So NOW its how do they Continue and Develop Daniels and Tennessee... this is hard to do with the REVEAL at the end of the movie.... Daniels should have NOT been aware of who David IS.

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