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Alien: Covenant 2 ready to begin production next year!
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Written by Chris52,129 Reads38 Comments2017-03-06 07:45:51

Alien: Covenant 2 is written and ready to begin filming as early as next year, 2018! During another Alien: Covenant set visit report, this time by the Sydney Morning Herald, we learned a bit more about Ridley Scott's highly anticipated Prometheus sequel. This article will summarize these updates.

Another Alien Suit Actor

The report begins by introducing us to Andrew Crawford, a tall, slender dancer who, like Javier Botet, will be representing the Aliens in Alien: Covenant.

The Alien: Covenant Xenomorph / Protomorph

A lean figure in a black leotard is carefully fitted with a new ribbed body. Then a long slippery head inspired by a goblin shark. Still wearing his Nike runners, he climbs onto a high bench to be fitted with two long spindly legs supported by Oscar Pistorius style blades.

As dancer Andrew Crawford magically transforms into a freaky almost-three-metre-tall sci-fi creature – complete with remote-controlled flicking tongue – legendary director-producer Ridley Scott heads over from a tent filled with four giant-screen monitors.

Guy Pearce Confirmed to Return as Weyland

It was rumored months ago that Guy Pearce would be reprising his role as Peter Weyland in Alien: Covenant, for a flashback scene with Michael Fassbender's David - the scene with David in a white uniform next to the piano (from the fist Alien: Covenant trailer). At the time, this rumor was unconfirmed and so I held off on reporting it. However now, we have confirmation that Guy Pearce was indeed on set and will indeed reprise his role as Weyland!

Also in the movie are James Franco, Billy Crudup, Demian Bichir, Danny McBride and Australians Guy Pearce, Nathaniel Dean, Tess Haubrich, Uli Latukefu and Benjamin Rigby.

Alien: Covenant is about evolution

Scott remarks that Alien: Covenant is primarily focused on evolution - the evolution of the Alien and will be an intelligent film, not just a generic slasher/horror:

Alien: Covenant Trailer 2

"There's some good stuff in it," he says. "It talks about evolution really. But that said, it's pretty scary."

Alien: Covenant 2 is written and ready to film next year

Tailing off their report, they revealed that Scott and 20th Century Fox already have the sequel to Alien: Covenant written and ready to go as early as next year! Ridley Scott doesn't wish to wait long between films:

Alien: Covenant Trailer 2

While working on Alien: Covenant, he had the next instalment written so he is ready to keep advancing the saga.

"You've got to assume to a certain extent success and from that you'd better be ready," he says. "You don't want a two-year gap. So I'll be ready to go again next year."

You can read the entire report over on the Sydney Morning Herald's website!


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Movie fan

MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 7:49 AM

OMG so excited! now we have two Alien movies to look forward to :)

Inquisitor Fifield

MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 7:59 AM

By now I am, and we all should be, grateful

that Prometheus was how it was.

Otherwise who knows if all this was even happening?

A:C trilogy might just become the next SciFi epic

the movie world had to wait pretty long for.



MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 8:02 AM

He must be pissed when JC said the franchise is done.


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 8:14 AM

So excited now. 


We might get a ton more answers and story development now :D


MemberPraetorianMar-06-2017 8:15 AM

Fantastic news, just what we were hoping for!

"A lean figure in a black leotard is carefully fitted with a new ribbed body. Then a long slippery head inspired by a goblin shark. Still wearing his Nike runners, he climbs onto a high bench to be fitted with two long spindly legs supported by Oscar Pistorius style blades."

Could Andrew Crawford be playing an adult Deacon?


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 8:36 AM

Nice to have confirmation, but the release of the sequel novelization later this year pretty much made it clear that the next movie was written.

Dark Nebula

StaffXenomorphMar-06-2017 8:39 AM

Sequel already?

What a time to be alive.


MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 8:43 AM


Possibly. But you can bet Ridley won't make similar comments about Avatar.


A L I E N 4 2 6

MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 8:58 AM

"Then a long slippery head inspired by a goblin shark."


This could mean a few things

1. He is playing an adult neomorph, which may have the organic hinge-jaw and not the second mouth. The smaller ones we see in the trailer could still be fairly young.


2. He is playing an adult Deacon. There were reports that Trilobites were seen on set of the film, though I'm not sure if this was ever confirmed. It's possible that he could play one in a flashback sequence, where Deacons have over run the planet when David and Shaw land. This could explain why Shaw is using the hypersleep chamber room as a safe haven.


My educated guess is that he's playing a Neomorph. Goblin sharks, after all, are ghostly white. This combined with my guess that they have the Deacon's hinged jaw make me believe that it's an adult Neomorph


MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 9:00 AM

this is good


MemberPraetorianMar-06-2017 9:45 AM

"You don't want a two-year gap. So I'll be ready to go again next year."_Ridley Scott


MemberPraetorianMar-06-2017 10:06 AM

I can't breathe.


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 11:17 AM

.. I can imagine the full Aliens movies weekend session .. Prometheus, Covenant, Covenant 2, Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, Resurrection .. huh .. almost like SW saga .. AVP has been ignored for personal reason :)


MemberChestbursterMar-06-2017 11:29 AM

PLEASE don't use makeup on guy pearce anymore! Let the poor man be immortally young! #noguypearcemakeupinalienfranchise


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 12:18 PM

As much as I am excited for this, Ridley Scott has pissed me off, big time. Scott said that Blomkamp's Alien 5 would be made after covenant and that he was producing it. Ridley Scott is simply backstabbing Blomkamp so that he can have his agenda put first, even though the majority of alien fans want Blomkamp's alien movie first.


MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 1:20 PM

^Yes because a director of Scott's stature has to stoop to such lowly tactics LOL^. Can we get over this now? Scott didn't decide Blomkamp's future, FOX did. FOX owns the property, not Ridley Scott. 

David 7

MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 1:54 PM

Let's face it, Scott is in his 80's and needs to get this film series done. I'm sure Blomkamp will have an upportunity but as the industry goes, its all about the money and not really about the fan base. I rather see Scott finish his series before he kicks the bucket. Blomkamp is young and has plenty of time. 


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 2:10 PM

Yeahh baby. Just more to be obsessed with.


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 2:10 PM

Wouldn't it be cool if we get to see an engineer fertilise a human... and have offspring... a half human half engineer hybrid .... i wonder what it would look like?


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 2:12 PM

I wanna see an engineer form a relationship with a human and get her pregnant... I want a engineer hybrid human ... 


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 2:14 PM

Maybe Ridley can't afford to put live engineers in this movie due to budget cuts... so he goes with dead engineers that are cheap and easy to make... no need to spend that time and money on make up and costume like in Prometheus 


MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 2:15 PM

I'd be fine if Blomkamp's movie never got made, to be honest.

Anyway, FOX will finance whatever their best bet is, it's not Ridleys decision. For whatever reason, they're fine with putting Alien 5 on hold. Consider the possibility that they don't want Blomkamp to direct such a sensitive property. You can imagine they'd rather entice Cameron with it.


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 2:40 PM

As much as I would've loved to have seen a follow up to my favorite movie of all time I have to say I'm absolutely loving where Scott is taking this franchise. Sigourney  weaver and beihn aren't getting any younger either so not sure how they could even make it work anyways 

Goddamn Tropics in here

MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 2:51 PM

I'm in the really good news camp that Scott is on board and the next script is done, perhaps a firm marker that they are more than happy with AC

I hope it will break the R rated record and bring things firmly back on line


MemberChestbursterMar-06-2017 6:35 PM

Best news I've heard since hearing about A:C! Agree with @David007


MemberOvomorphMar-06-2017 6:49 PM

Awesome Awesome!!!! EPIC for Scott and his fans!



MemberFacehuggerMar-06-2017 7:13 PM

Over the moon like the proverbial cow!

I was saying to my brother on the way back home from seeing Logan and i said "It would be good to see a movie released practically every year instead of waiting, looks like it may happen.


MemberOvomorphMar-07-2017 2:22 AM

This is the type of thing that I want nowadays


MemberOvomorphMar-07-2017 6:53 AM

I want more Engineers, i hope the sequel be about them and less about xenomorphs and etc.


MemberChestbursterMar-07-2017 8:08 AM

This is awesome news! The Goblin Shark looking head makes me think (like others here) the Deacon will make an appearance, which will be interesting if that's really what it is. 

So, the theory that the sequel was filmed or partly filmed along with Covenant was off a little off, but the sort of idea still kind of applies. Hopefully this movie hits a little harder in the box office, so that there is no hesitation like with Covenant in the first place or even the game, Alien: Isolation


MemberOvomorphMar-07-2017 2:05 PM

So would this finish the trilogy or has Scott reset that with a new trilogy with Alien Covenant?


MemberDeaconMar-07-2017 5:13 PM

This was bound to happen it was the most logical way to approach it..  Ridley Scott did say when he was working with Prometheus 2 that he planed a Trilogy Prometheus, and TWO others.

After worked went quiet on that front 2014-2015 he then came out and said they are doing a sequel Alien Covenant and that it would indeed have a Sequels itself... and then hopefully maybe a 3rd movie that would then give us the Space Jockey Story.

But the planned AC and Sequel would drive into the back door of Alien and any 3rd movie if they did one.

So the Plan always seemed to be that they would have TWO Prometheus sequels....  and with Ridley Scotts Age it is the Alien Prequel Saga that he wished to complete and leave a Legacy First.

FOX have faith to back him in this respect and so they deemed a Alien 5 as not being as important.. they want to get AC and its Sequel done first.

Alien 5 is not canceled...

It would seem they want to shoot a Alien Covenant Sequel this year to release late 2018 maybe first half of 2019..

Then after that, maybe Alien 5 can get the Go Ahead?

If Miss Weaver is too old... she can play a smaller role or a older Ripley and the Torch would be passed on more to Newt, than Blomkamps Plans... it would seem his ideas may need to be adjusted to reflect the Age of Actors he wished to play in his Alien 5


If its 10 years time before any Alien 5 is made... i can see them doing the kind of Retcon Alien 3 and Alien R idea still and i think Blomkamps ideas would be evolved to at very least be a Alien 5 movie with a Newt involved... even if its in 10 years time they shoot it..

This does not mean it has to be set 40 years after Alien... and they play a 77 year old Sigourney Weaver, she could be given a more cameo Role with more Advanced CGI overlay to make her younger and i am sure in 10 years they can vastly improve over Terminator Genysis and Star Wars Rogue One

So they could still have a story set 25 years after Aliens with a late 30's Newt in the lead Role.



MemberDeaconMar-07-2017 5:19 PM

If the he can go another 5 or 6 movies comment is aimed at Alien Franchise and not Blade Runner...

Then indeed its likely he wishes to add 2-3 Sequels to Prometheus.

Then maybe he could take on board some Blomkamps Alien 5 ideas with a new 2-3 movie about Newt?

Of even explore the Engineers, as Ridley mentioned regarding Star Wars.... the Alien Franchise could be very huge...

You have...

*Alien Derelict and Eggs and what comes from this.. Alien to Alien R (inc alternative sequels to Aliens)

*Alien Prequels

*Explore the Engineers History more.

*Explore other Worlds and Races the Engineers or Hierarchy had created... potentially opening up a Star Wars/Star Trek Catalogue of Alien Races.

*Weyland-Yutani based movie, around the rivalry.. merger, Terraforming and Androids.

*Colonial Marines, that does not have to be about facing Xenomorph or related threats.


MemberOvomorphMar-08-2017 10:22 AM

If Scott is planning so many additional sequels, where does that leave director Neil Blomkamp's plan for Alien 5?

Robert Aya.

MemberOvomorphMar-08-2017 10:55 AM

Well maybe in this movie James Franco will be sleep the whole time in the mothership and then in the end wakes up to give room for the sequel? 

Grinning & Dropping Linen

MemberFacehuggerMar-08-2017 1:51 PM

Personally i would rather see more of Ridley Scott's prequel films than Blomkamps movie. I do not want to see another movie where Sigourney was shoehorned into the movie, although i do agree with Blomkamp and i pretend part 3 and Resurrection dont exist. Resurrection is an abomination of cheezy and awful dialog that simply is best suited for Asylum Films. Not saying Blomkamp cant do a great Alien film its just that other that District 9 which i love his production has been spotty.  

Gravity .86

MemberOvomorphMar-10-2017 11:50 AM

With this new film in the series and some of the answers or facts about the mission revealed it makes Prometheus much more coherent. I went back and watched it several times and it came together very well. I recommend you try it. 


Good Health


MemberOvomorphSep-26-2017 1:35 PM

1st make a DIRECTOR'S CUT ON Alien Covenant. Stop relying on fans to make stuff for you. Stop trying to fit it (stupidly) in 2 hours. You left out too much as 'deleted scenes'. Poor editing (transitions) in 1 or 2 places. Do that 1st!

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