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A return to Hadley's Hope for Alien Isolation sequel?
Scified2017-08-07 11:35:53
Written by Gavin40,949 Reads20 Comments2017-08-07 11:35:53

With most of the team that developed Alien: Isolation reportedly no longer working for British developer Creative Assembly and with sales of the game disappointing SEGA, despite the overwhelmingly high praise, the likelihood of a sequel to the game that made us fear the Alien again would seem highly unlikely. Yet, with a new dedicated team could Creative Assembly not take what made Alien Isolation good, change what was criticized and develop a sequel bigger and better in all aspects than the original. Of course, anything is possible, and in what is admittedly a bit of 'shameless self-promotion' I would like to bring to Scified's Alien and gamer fans attention a new venture of my own - Snorkelbottoms Gaming Blog.

In one of the articles for SBG, I propose a sequel to Creative Assembly's game called Aliens: Isolation, set on LV-426 in between the Jorden family's discovery of the Derelict and the arrival of the Colonial Marines to the planetoid, depicting the gradual but inevitable subjugation of the colony Hadley's Hope, from the 1986 James Cameron sequel Aliens.

An avid gamer, and somewhat overly creative I have started this blog to showcase my video game ideas and offer my opinions in gamer related rants. There is no need to worry I will not be leaving Scified anytime soon, this is simply just a side venture, but as with my proposal for Aliens: Isolation I may promote it from time-to-time if its content and Scified's align. The eagle eyed of you may also notice that the blue hue on SBG is the same as used on Scified, and together with the orange is a reference to the Yogscast (and co-founders Simon Lane's love for Jaffa Cakes), another great love of mine.

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MemberChestbursterAug-07-2017 1:02 PM

River of Pain is set in that time and place. Also a short story from Bughunt. 

I can well imagine RoP as a storyline for an Isolation game. Colonists getn picked left and right while you (Capt. Brackett?) try to protect them, WY-scientists trying to pull through their own agendas etc etc. I like the idea.


MemberTrilobiteAug-07-2017 2:19 PM

Thanks Tiwaz,

Interesting you mention River of Pain. In researching before posting my proposal I came across this and checked it out on Xenopedia, and while the book might be good, and while I don't want to nit pick, something puzzled me; the following quote...

"On March 15th, 2173, Hadley's Hope welcomes its first newborn in the form of Rebecca Jorden, an event celebrated by the entire populace."

Firstly, in 1985, when Aliens was shot Carrie Henn was 9 years old, not 6 which the book claims Newt would have been in the movie, which was set in 2179.

Secondly, Newt was the not the first child born on the colony. With the colony having been there "almost twenty years now", anyone under the age of twenty would have been born there, and anyone closer to the age of twenty would have been born before Newt and more likely to be the first child born on Hadley's Hope, such as Newt's Brother Timmy.

Schoolboy errors for someone who's enough of a fan to dedicate months writing a novel about it.


MemberDeaconAug-07-2017 2:57 PM

Indeed some in continuity errors picked up there Gavin, sadly they seem to make such things a bit with Movies too, not quite as far as Ages maybe but just not doing their homework in general.

But as far as the OT goes, its a interesting angle to take, i think a Isolation game set around this could work very well, have it tackle a time just before the Colony is overran so we dont have to worry about like the End of the game being faced with 50 Xenomorphs or so...

Do they add a bit more Action this time, where you can kill a few Xenomorphs but you would be limited to doing so, and so it fits more in like the Resident Evil First Game but say less than half the Weapons and Ammo.

They could offer multiple Characters to choose so we get to see the Events from different perspectives and i am sure Newts Survival Tale would be a interesting one that would certainly be more close to the Original Isolation Game.


MemberChestbursterAug-07-2017 5:35 PM

There are a couple of errors. The number of colonists escaping doesn't match in regards to Fire and Stone as well. SM listed them in his (?) "blog".

Personally i don't mind them too much. Since they have no or little impact on the big picture. 

As for the Alien/Marine-dynamics. How bout the Aliens intentionally avoiding soldiers, only picking unarmed or single targets? Luring you to one spot while attacking elsewhere. That happens also in the book, if i'm not mistaken. That way you might not be in danger but are stressed by loosing ppl (distress calls, screams etc). I believe Hadley's Hope is more of an air duct hell than the Nostromo, not to mention the double ceilings.

I don't know if Newt is an option. It would be an interesting approach but we know she survives so there's hardly a twist. 



MemberOvomorphAug-07-2017 6:13 PM

Alien Isolation is the best game I've ever played o_o I hope this happens. We need another one o_o


ModeratorPraetorianAug-07-2017 7:11 PM

Gavin I would welcome an Alien: Isolation experience @ Hadley's Hope. Every other game that has tackled Hadley's Hope has done so with the Action-shooter class game. Rushing about mindlessly shooting masses of Xeno's. On the attack, gun-ho commando style. No time to explore the depths of the facility, or get engrossed in the atmosphere of a colony on the brink and falling apart.

In a strange way it would be a welcome change to be stalked through the bowels of the C-deck, NOT in control for a chance.

Also, in Snorkelbottom a reference to something??



MemberTrilobiteAug-08-2017 12:22 AM

Aliens go for the unarmed, avoiding Colonial Marines would give the players an extra lifeline, which would be needed as their numbers increase and a Colonial Marines DLC with access to the weapons could rub salt in Gearboxes open wound that was A: CM.

And a DLC adapting the Newts Tale comic book would also probably be welcomed by fans too. I will add these to the proposal, my thanks.

Ah, the origins of the name Snorkelbottom...

When my daughter was younger, one morning before school she saw a pile of Christmas presents I had wrapped the night before, but later when she came home from school they had gone. She asked if Santa had taken them. For some reason, I said no because he was too busy and that one of his elves had picked them up instead. When she asked for his name I panicked and threw two random words together Snorkel and Bottom.

Then when finally joining the Internet a few years later I needed a username, a handle, and when I first joined here back in 2011, a "secret identity" and remembering Snorkelbottom, and realizing how unique the name was, I took it on.


MemberTrilobiteAug-10-2017 12:13 AM

I think an interesting dynamic would be for the player to be occasionally armed. You could have the best stuff in limited/finite quantities. The catch would be that there is a finite amount of ammo and it would be fairly minimal. When used, you would be king for a day. When it is gone, you are utterly helpless. Shots with a shaky hand would matter. That coupled with the great AI and stealth nature of Isolation could make for some interesting game play. Another consideration might be blasting a Xeno and having its acid blood burn through a floor giving access to another level you could not access. Then it could have an old school nod to MSG where you could get through the game without firing a shot (except for boss battles). 


ModeratorPraetorianAug-10-2017 12:28 AM

dk did you ever play The Condemned game (Xbox, PC). Survival horror game. Most of the game you ran around with malee weapons you find like rebar, steel conduit, 2x4 etc. Occasionally you got a weapon a .357, double barrel shotgun etc and a handful of shells. You could holster just the one gun, and damn you needed to keep and use that sucker for moments that counted! Made for a real dread survival atmosphere. That would be unreal in an Alien game  

Movie fan

MemberFacehuggerAug-10-2017 5:31 AM

I would LOVE an alien: isolation sequel, but not at Hadley's Hope.


MemberTrilobiteAug-10-2017 4:15 PM

IRaptus I have not played Condemned but that game play style sounds like it could work well with an Isolation follow up especially if it was on Hadley's Hope. It would be interesting to have a couple powerful weapons with limited ammo and be able to only carry one at a time. Like Isolation, using weapons would be a last resort as they make noise. I had quite a bit of ammo at the end since I was too afraid of giving my position away by firing weapons.


MemberOvomorphAug-11-2017 2:57 AM

Alien Redemptions (Alien Isolation 2) Is already in development


MemberOvomorphAug-11-2017 3:00 AM


MemberOvomorphAug-11-2017 3:00 AM


MemberOvomorphAug-11-2017 3:01 AM

Movie fan

MemberFacehuggerAug-11-2017 5:11 AM

@ Alexber127

OMG! Tell me more about this game :)


MemberOvomorphAug-11-2017 6:46 AM

Alien: Hope for the future - is the survival-horror project with elements of tactics.This is not a commercial , fan project, which is being developed by one man ,me. 

Engine: Unity3d.

In the process of developing: 6 months.

The story is about doings which are taking place in "Hadly's Hope" colony , before and during xenomorph incident. 

The game got nothing in common with the plot of the canonical book "River of Pain".

Link in Patreon:


MemberOvomorphAug-11-2017 6:47 AM


MemberDeaconAug-11-2017 7:05 AM


Looking Good.... maybe it can stay in here?

Or maybe you can start your own thread with links and a Synopsis... i really applaud your Effort


MemberTrilobiteAug-11-2017 7:46 AM

@Alexber127 - with my history in modding with unreal engine I can tell that what you have created so far for Redemptions is very early in development and so any judgment would be premature, but it does look a lot like a recreation of Isolation rather than an evolution.

@IIapagokc - despite your claims that Hope for the Future is also early in development much more progress seems to have been made, especially considering it's a solo man job. You obviously have a very clear idea as to what direction you want to take the project.

If either of you want to discuss your projects more in depth message me here and maybe I could help in some way.

P.S. My Gaming Blog is now being hosted on Scified, be sure to check out the updated link in my signature and Scifieds homepage for articles and proposals on videogames, some of which feature everyones favorite alien.

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