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6 New Xenomorphs in Aliens: Fireteam Game!
Scified2021-03-10 17:36:07
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Aliens: Fireteam, the upcoming 2021 co-op shooter set within the iconic Alien universe will introduce 6 Xenomorphs as enemies you and your friends will need to defend against while trying to survive the Hive! Some of these Xenomorphs are well known already, having been featured in films (Drone from Alien, Runner from Alien 3) and games / comic books (Praetorian), but a few new classes of Xenomorph have been added to the mix!

IGN has our first look at these new classes of Xenomorph and you can browse them all below!

Which Xenomorph class are you most excited to see in action? What do you think of their abilities and designs? Let us know in the comments!

Source: IGN

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2021-03-10 17:36:07

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MemberNeomorphMar-11-2021 9:03 AM

I like the Runner and the Drone, the rest look like they are made for a disco or that you have drowned it in ketchup and that it is ready to be eaten. The runner is something that I have a difficult time to take seriously.

The page where I found the picture.


MemberPraetorianMar-11-2021 11:58 PM

The Burster looks like a xenomorph version of a freaking Zerg Baneling!


MemberXenomorphMar-12-2021 9:49 AM


MemberXenomorphMar-12-2021 9:55 AM



MemberXenomorphMar-12-2021 10:42 AM

Another bug-hunt game. The kids of today get to know the Alien from Marvel and such games. Some of them would eventually watch Aliens. But kids, don't be fooled by the lame representations of the Alien from the above mentioned game and comics. They sell you damaged goods. The Alien is nothing like that.


Ash: You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? The perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.
Lambert: ... You admire it.
Ash: ... I admire its purity. A survivor... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.
Parker: Look, I am, I've heard enough of this, and I'm asking you to pull the plug.
[Ripley moves to turn Ash off, but he interrupts]
Ash: Last words.
Ripley: What?
Ash: I can't lie to you about your chances, but... you have my sympathies.


MemberChestbursterMar-13-2021 2:55 AM

tbh, idk what is your problem? Don't want - don't play. The game looks like a clear fun.

Of course, games like Alien: Isolation are also good, but sometimes just want to shoot and relax.


MemberFacehuggerMar-13-2021 3:30 AM

I quite like the idea of the self-destructing alien. That could be nasty.


MemberChestbursterMar-13-2021 2:51 PM

Giger must be spinning in his grave. 


MemberFacehuggerMar-15-2021 12:54 PM


MemberXenomorphMar-23-2021 7:04 PM

Those who have fun shooting and frying everything that moves, read more about this game on IGN..


MemberDeaconMar-30-2021 6:26 AM

I think their is a Market for a bit of FUN set within the Franchise we DONT have to take it too Serious or connected to the Movie Canon ;)

some of these Xenomorphs are a bit Generic... but they have teased there could be other Creatures and so if they are hinting at Deacons and Neomorphs and we see Hammerpedes well the Biology that Connects them to the Xenomorph and Black Goo does allow for a HUGE number of Variants that could STRAY a bit away from the Genetic Xenomorph Aesthetic.

Set in the FUTURE after Aliens... and with them Hinting that we would NOT be Faced just against Xenomorphs and the like.... so we will Face Various Human Factions, and Synthetics.... there is SCOPE to explore other Races too.

Maybe the player will get a Arcturian Ass Whooping or does that Species only have ONE use lol

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