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my nightmares...

Started Dec-25-2015 3:16 AM by MarkVaci

Last reply by Ruhaniya on Dec-29-2015 2:16 AM

The Companies desire for the Xeno?

Started Jun-02-2014 2:05 AM by pulserifle187

Last reply by oduodu on Dec-10-2015 1:05 PM

Alternative Alien Quadrilogy/Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection.

Started Nov-27-2015 11:31 AM by JamietheBastard

Last reply by JamietheBastard on Nov-29-2015 11:00 AM

A Clue to the relationship between Xeno and Human?

Started Nov-09-2015 10:18 AM by JamietheBastard

Last reply by Ruhaniya on Nov-10-2015 9:46 AM

Help with Unfinished and Unstarted Alien movie projects.

Started Aug-17-2015 7:04 PM by BigDave

Last reply by BigDave on Oct-15-2015 5:43 PM

How to get well informed?

Started Mar-10-2015 2:32 PM by mitoand9

Last reply by xeno_alpha_07 on Aug-23-2015 12:19 PM

NIN Trent Reznor Should Do the Score and Soundtrack

Started Jun-15-2015 3:19 PM by bistraung

Last reply by Major Noob on Jul-03-2015 7:57 PM

"Alien 5" Taking Place BEFORE Alien 3? Think About It...

Started Jun-06-2015 2:44 PM by spirit_light_speed

Last reply by MonsterZero on Jun-07-2015 8:27 AM

new alien film set to wipe out 3 and 4 from existence.

Started May-15-2015 4:31 PM by DenzelTH

Last reply by BigDave on May-26-2015 11:46 AM

ALIEN IDENTITY - New Tribute Film

Started May-14-2015 12:20 AM by ALIEN IDENTITY

Last reply by BigDave on May-15-2015 12:55 PM

Aliens Fan art

Started Apr-10-2015 6:57 AM by Iron

Last reply by djamelameziane on Apr-17-2015 6:41 AM

What is the definition of canon - who is the fanbase - and how do I find out wha

Started Feb-16-2013 3:31 PM by oduodu

Last reply by oduodu on Apr-08-2015 2:20 AM

Ripley,Sulaco & Co. encounter/go into orbit around a black hole,somehow creating a paradox in space-time:2 Ripleys,2 Sul

Started Mar-25-2015 4:08 PM by HyperNova

Last reply by HyperNova on Apr-02-2015 12:09 PM

Can anyone help a nooby with how to watch the alien movies?

Started Mar-20-2015 6:51 PM by majjestic

Last reply by BigDave on Mar-28-2015 7:34 AM

confimed: no ripley 8 according to blomkamp: he will “categorically” not feature the Ripley 8 clone from Alien Resur

Started Mar-02-2015 1:17 AM by oduodu

Last reply by Necronom 4 on Mar-03-2015 3:50 PM

Ridley Scott T.V. shows

Started Feb-24-2015 2:21 PM by The First Child

Last reply by BigDave on Feb-25-2015 9:52 AM

Ridley Scott Donates His Career Memorabilia to USC School of Cinematic Arts!

Started Feb-07-2015 2:35 AM by Lone

Last reply by djrees56 on Feb-10-2015 4:10 PM

Alien Isolation. The Movie....

Started Dec-02-2014 1:13 AM by brego

Last reply by brego on Jan-25-2015 4:30 AM

Space Jockey: Strange and Curious findings

Started Nov-04-2014 6:57 PM by shambs

Last reply by DenzelTH on Dec-02-2014 3:48 AM

"Alien" documentary thread.

Started May-03-2012 8:54 PM by Svanya

Last reply by oduodu on Nov-17-2014 3:44 AM

Christopher Walkenthrough plays Alien Isolation (Funny)

Started Oct-28-2014 7:47 AM by djrees56

Last reply by **Al** on Nov-07-2014 9:32 PM

Dark Star: H.R. Giger Documentary

Started Nov-05-2014 3:45 PM by shambs

Last reply by Svanya on Nov-06-2014 7:32 AM

Alien and his Friend

Started Nov-02-2014 4:24 PM by Mateos

Last reply by djamelameziane on Nov-04-2014 1:26 PM

alien isolation...

Started Sep-26-2014 10:34 AM by djamelameziane

Last reply by djamelameziane on Oct-28-2014 2:05 PM

NASA Researching Deep Sleep Tech for Mission to Mars.

Started Oct-07-2014 6:24 AM by Goji

Last reply by NecronomIV on Oct-19-2014 5:30 PM

Alien Isolation: Opening Cinematic and Gameplay Video

Started Oct-06-2014 3:54 PM by Garethvk

Last reply by djamelameziane on Oct-14-2014 3:22 PM

What the Alien in Alien 3 would of looked like!

Started Oct-13-2013 10:36 AM by Ripley Clone 8

Last reply by xeno_alpha_07 on Oct-07-2014 12:43 AM

Suggestion: Alien Franchise Could Continue On After Ressurection-Zombiefied Xenomorph Enduring Parasitic Invasion Itself

Started Sep-24-2014 7:46 AM by HyperNova

Last reply by BigDave on Oct-06-2014 4:31 PM

What did Kane tell?

Started Apr-10-2014 5:13 AM by scrutinizer1

Last reply by xeno_alpha_07 on Oct-05-2014 1:17 PM

Latest Strange Shapes Post: The Life of Bolaji Badejo!

Started Aug-25-2014 12:46 AM by Lone

Last reply by xeno_alpha_07 on Oct-05-2014 12:59 PM

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