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Yay! Fall episode of the Xenomorphing podcast

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NeomorphMember1686 XPSep-24-2022 6:45 AM

This one is about the characters in the alien-prequel Prometheus. This movie is a mixed bag of good and bad things, which you'll hear about in this episode. Some of the deleted scenes get brought up here, many that would have improved the movie.

Janek and his crew gets brought up, Idris Elba did good work with that character. Michael Fassbender as David the android gets talked about a bit. Noomi Rapace as Elisabeth Shaw also gets discussed. Having some of the deleted scenes in there would probably have made me appreciate her character more. More on Peter Weyland (acted Guy Pearce in this movie) as a younger version would have been nice since there would have been a better connection to the older one.

Speaking of deleted scenes, one that would have improved a bit would have been Xeno-Fifield. Instead of the Xeno-version we get a crappy zombie. A lack of Xenomorphs isn't what brought it down. Come on, give them some downloads

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